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NaNoWriMo – The Last Week

Today’s November 25th. The 25th day of NaNoWriMo. I’m still behind, but getting better. There’s five days left, and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

That’s cause I’ve written 8,442 this weekend – 5,198 yesterday and 3,244 today so far. I’m so happy with that. It means right now, I’m 5,805 behind. It’s not great, but it’s better than the 10,000 I was behind on Friday. In fact, I’ve been way more than this behind for most of the month. It was 9th that I was behind less than today. So yeah, today’s good.

This is my chart:

I’ve formated it so that good totals are green, bad red. It’s not good overall is it. Still I like the last two days of writing.

I really want that the first and last numbers to be green on just one line, one day. I’d like it to not be Friday, the last day. It’s possible. I’m confident. This week’s goal is to finish NaNoWriMo, and ‘win’ (reach 50,000) by Friday at the latest.

I really want to lose some weight before Christmas too, so am going to try to exercise as much as possible, and eat as little as possible. It’s not going to be that easy when I’ve got at least one, maybe three dinners out.

Changing the subject, a few weeks ago, I started posting my writing. It was y boyfriend’s idea to get me used to getting it out there, so when I start submitting work, it won’t feel like such a massive step, and also so I get used to my work being commented on. I took a week or so off doing it, but want get back into the habit. With NaNo going on, I don’t have time to edit anything, so I’m posting below some of the words I’ve written for my NaNo novel, Love Authority, this weekend. It’s not edited. I’ve not done a spell check, so please ignore all that. But, please, let me know what you think, good or bad, that’s what this is for:

            As we drove out of the estate, I told Jason about the email from the person telling me I was doing the wrong thing trying to investigate Amy’s disappearance.

            ‘You know they’re right, don’t you,’ he said.

I looked at him in amazement. ‘If they’re so right, what are you doing here? Surely what you’re doing is worse than me. You’re looking for information to write a story, to publish. If that’s not wrong, I don’t know what is.’ To amaze me again in less than a minute, Jason raised his head back and laughed.

            ‘I’m not saying what I’m doing is the right thing to do, I’m just warning you. This is my job, so I know the risks I’m taking, but I’m not sure you do.’

            ‘What do you mean?’ I had an idea of what he was getting at, but not really. He looked over at me.

            ‘How much do you tell your husband?’

            ‘I already told you, I’ve not told him anything about this search, or you.’

            ‘Good I think it should stay that way.’

He said it innocently enough, but suddenly I realised what I was doing. I was in a car with someone I’d met once before, who told me he was a journalist, but I had no idea, no one knew where I was, he could just abduct me and no one would even know where to look. They’d assume it happened on the way to work. They’d never in a million years think to look in this area of town.

            The police would probably assume I’d disappeared like my sister and do nothing about it. Just like with her. I’d like to think David would do more, but I couldn’t’ guarantee it.

            ‘I’ve got a theory, but it’s just a theory, and I might be wrong. If I’m right I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do about it, but if I’m wrong, and it gets out that I’ve thought that, or been researching into it, I could disappear myself. Heck, I could disappear if I’m right.’

            I was starting to get worried. He sounded like a bit of a madman ranting on like that. I looked out on the street, and decided whatever was going to happen in the car, it was safer that outside the car in this neighbourhood.

            ‘You have to swear not to tell anyone.’

            ‘Yesh, sure.’ I could say it, but if it was too weird I didn’t have to stick to it.

            Jason reached over and touched my hand. I could feel the heat of the touch travel up my body and down to certain parts. I couldn’t believe the reaction my body had, when my mind was starting to get terrified of him.

            ‘I really mean it Claire.’


            ‘Ok.’ He removed his hand, which I have to admit upset me.  I had to get a grip, I was a married woman.

            ‘Ok,’ he said again. I looked over and realised he looked nervous. ‘Ok.’ This time it was my turn to put my hand on his arm. Again the touch of our skins send heat to my sensitive place.

            ‘Jason, you can trust me.’ He swallowed, looking ahead.

            ‘Ok. So, I’ve done some research, and I think it might be the police getting rid of people.’

            I could not have been more surprised if an alien landed in front of us.

            ‘WHAT? NO way. Why would you think that?’

            ‘Come on, don’t you think it makes a bit of sense, all these people keep disappearing, most of them from rough neighbourhoods like this. Overcrowded neighbourhoods like this. I think they’re getting rid of people to reduce the numbers in areas like this.’

            ‘And Amy?’

            ‘She wasn’t in such a great area herself was she?’

            ‘Well, no, but…’ I couldn’t believe he was thinking this. Whatever I thought might have come out of his mouth, that was the last thing I imagined. In fact, I never would have imagined.

            ‘You have to admit it makes sense, who else has the resources available to be able to make someone completely disappear in a few hours. You said Shannon left home with Amy at 8am or something, then 12 hours later, when the police went round, everything was gone. Less than 2 hours later someone else was moving in. If they hadn’t known the place was going to be empty until you called them, how could they get someone moving in so quickly?’

            ‘There’s always people waiting for housing, I imagine it could take 10 minutes.’

            ‘With all the paperwork? You’re kidding. Things like that take days. At a squeeze possibly hours, but at the least. Especially after 6pm. You know nothing happens after 6pm’

            I thought about it. It had seemed a little sudden to me, but I hadn’t thought about it too much, I’d been too focused on Amy’s disappearance to worry too much about what was left behind (except Shannon).

            I couldn’t believe I was even entertaining this idea, it was utter madness. The police were there to protect us, not to do away with us.

            ‘Just think about it ok?’ he pleaded. I nodded. I would.


            As you can imagine, I thought about northing else that day or the next. I’d swing from major extremes of thinking he was an absolute nutter, and I was going to have nothing else to do with him, to thinking he might actually be on to something.

            He called me when I was at work on Tuesday, so on my way to the bus stop when I finished, I called him back.

            ‘Hi Claire,’ he said sing songly.

            ‘Hi Jason.’

            ‘I’m not going to ask if you’ve thought about what I said, I’m going to leave that one to you, and if you want we can ignore that I said anything until we find out one way or another.

            ‘I was just calling to see if you’ve heard anything from anyone else you emailed? And I’ve got an idea.’

            I ignored the first question. ‘What’s your idea?’

            ‘Well, we were saying the other day that the people that have disappeared have come from rough areas, right?’ he didn’t give me a chance to agree. ‘I was thinking that’s what we believe, but we’ve not looked into it have we. I mean, you found posters in Amy’s area, and I found out through a friend of a friend of a friend. Neither of us have been to nicer areas to check for posters, or anything indicating people going missing.’