Global Reading Challenge 2014

I read so much last year, and took part in 2 reading challenges, but failed as I didn’t review the books. I want to take part in some this year. Every year I do a mystery/suspense/thriller one, and in looking for one, I found this – Global Reading Challenge.


It is, what it is. You read a specific number of novels (1, 2 or 3) from each continent (with 7th continent either being Antarctica, or another setting – space, sea, future etc). How much fun does that sound? I mainly just read British and American authors, so this will spread my wings a bit I hope. From your own continent (Europe for me), you should chose a country, state or author which is new to you. I’m going to add my own challenge, and use new to me authors for each continent. The continents are:


North America

South America (Central can be included in either North or South)




Antarctica/other setting

I’ve chosen The Easy Challenge (because I want to do other challenges too, and really, I was to spend 2014 focusing on my writing, not reading!), which is just one from each.

I’ll complete reviews for each novel I read, and link them here, and on the Global Reading Challenge page, which can be found here.

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