The First Big Step

Have a look at this:

Novel Postiting

Do you know what this is? This is me trying to make sense of my novel in post-it form. I’ve read through it all (most, I’ve still got a couple of pages to go), and now the post-its are summarising what is in each section. The plan is to make that into a plan of what I’m missing – there’s a few chunks I haven’t written, and you know, an ending.

There’s a few scenes I’m sure I’ve written, but I can’t find. I have a bad, bad feeling they may be on one of my old work computers. From an old company. That I left a few years ago. Bad feeling. I wrote the majority of this during NaNo – 2011 (ouch!), so there’s a big possibility, although I thought I’d taken it all. Oh dear. Of course it could also be that I’ve ‘written’ it in my head, but not on paper. Who knows.

I had some goals last week, lets see how I did with them:

2x runs, 2x 20 minute + walks, 2x 10 minute walks (getting off the tube a stop earlier). I did the 2 runs (yay), but only one of the 20 minute walks. I really need to start doing the walks, the running is good, but I need to be exercising more than three times a week.

Find the missing pages of The Man of My Dreams (on the hard drive??). Print them. I didn’t find anything extra, but I looked for it. I think this means I’ve lost some. Damn.

Read 10 pages I currently have, and ones I will hopefully find. Done.

Start with sticky notes of plot points etc. As above, started.

Fast twice – at least. Once. And a half. Still, once is better than not at all.

My goals for this week are the same, except I’ll add

Visit 2 other blogs. I used to visit lots of blogs and really enjoy seeing what other people were doing, and I found it inspiring. I feel like if I’m going to get back into writing/editing properly, I should get back into this too. (Next week I’ll add some Twitter time I think!).

2 book reviews, one for here, one for Novelkicks

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