I’m a 20 something ‘new to writing girl’ (it does what it says on the box).  I have recently signed up for a writing course and as a side to this was recommended this website.  My mission in my blogs is to create a daily/weekly log of what I’m doing for the course.

I’ve now signed up for NaNoWriMo 2009 so will use this blog to track my progress all the way to 50k words (fingers crossed everyone please!)

Hopefully as I get more confident in my abilities I will also put up articles and stories/scenes I’ve written for public opinion.  Please check back in the future and let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Since you’re new to writing, you can check out my blog called Writing Secrets Made Simple. The resources I provide might help you a little.

  2. Thanks I’ll stop by and have a look. When I can work out how to find you (posting I can do on here, anything else is a little harder…).

  3. I’m still waiting to read some of your creative writing. I’m tired of polishing my own words. I want to lose myself in the imagination of others. I won’t be mean, only thankful. Promise.


  4. Ok, it will be a big step for me – letting someone read my stuff, but I’ll email a short story over to you. Be honest though!

  5. I arrived here via the comment about Meg Gardiner, I’m a regular on her blog. In fact, I feature as a rather dodgy character in her latest book The Memory Collector. In addition, I’m also new to writing and completed a 116 thousand word manuscript at the end of September. I attempted the NaNoWrimo madness in November and won. I found that the pressure of writing 1600 odd words every day honed my writing skills like nothing I could’ve imagined.

    I’d received some positive comments about my manuscript from a local agency who suggested some changes. I used their suggestions and the NaNo experience to do a rewrite which I’ve just completed.

    I’m interested in sharing experiences with other aspirant authors and maybe we can feed off each other. I live in South Africa where literature is alive and thriving.

    • Hi Ken,
      Thanks for stopping by.
      How exciting you were a character – did you win one of the competitions Meg does on her blog?
      Sounds like some really great things are about to happen to you – do you have a blog, I’d be interested to hear how you get on and how you’ve got to where you are today!

  6. Yes. I won one of Meg’s competitions. I don’t have a blog as yet but I’ve been toying with the idea of starting one. Up till now I didn’t think I was interesting enough to carry a blog.

    I’ll keep posting on your blog if I may. I may also be able to point you to a site where your book can be exposed to readers. I’m busy checking it out at present so I’ll let you know soon.

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  8. It’s been two years since you started this blog and it seems you’ve accomplished a lot! You’re not exactly new to writing anymore 🙂 I hope I can apply myself to writing the way you’re able to; you’re an encouragement!

    • I was thinking the same the other day – but Not-So-NewToWritingGirl is even more of a mouthful!
      I’m glad I could help to encourage you, lets hope I can carry on.
      Thanks for stopping by and your comment.

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