1837 words – more than NaNoWriMo

That’s how many words I wrote towards ‘Holiday’ yesterday.  It felt like a lot.  But doable.  Doable once anyway, I have no idea how I’m going to manage to do nearly that amount A DAY in November.  Eek.  (Eek by the way is my new favourite word, since I signed up to NaNo I’ve been using it A LOT!).

I think I’ve linked twitter up to this blog.  I think that means when I post this blog it comes up on Twitter (I’m new2writinggirl over there).  No idea if it will or if I’ve actually managed it.  I used to think I was pretty good with computers, but it seems technology and programs have moved on quicker than me (I’m only in my late 20’s it’s not like I’m old and having problems!).

I’m starting to have major worries that my writing doesn’t give enough descriptions of places, people etc.  I’m terrified to go back and read what I’ve written recently now in case I want to re write it now.  Untl now I’ve been quite happy doing this ‘just write’ thing and edit later.  I know people have problems doing it, but I manage it quite well – maybe because I’d read people suggesting to do it that way before I started writing so it’s the only way I know.  It’s only now I’m having doubts.  I’m resisting though.

I’m starting to get more ideas for my novel for NaNo, and nicely they’re just coming to me, I’ve not spent that much time actually sat down plotting.  I’ve also been exploring the NaNo website more – it’s great.  You can register where you live then there are ‘meet ups’.  It’s so exciting.  I’m now gutted I’ve got my operation next Friday as there are a couple of Kick off parties that I think would be fun to go to.  There’s one on Thursday I’m debating going to, not a good idea I know when I’ve got to be in the hospital at 7.30 the next morning (especially as I’ve banned my boyfriend from going out that night – I need a shoulder to worry on!). 

The weekend is nearly here.  Yay!  My last weekend until December that I don’t have to do loads of writing (well, 250 a day for NovelPI is still a lot I guess, but not 1667!) and I’m going to make the most of it.  Happy weekend everyone! 🙂


I’ve done it.  I’ve taken the big plunge.  I’ve signed up for NaNoWriMo.  I think I’m mad, I must be mad.  I don’t think I’ve written 50k words IN MY LIFE, but now think I can do it in a month.  What have I done? 

In all seriousness, although I’m terrified at the same time I’m quite calm about it.  I have 7 working days off work to recover from a minor operation so figure I can do a whole load in those days.  I’m half thinking I might take 30th November off, just in case I need to have the day to complete my word count; I do have a couple more holiday days to take this year! 

I guess if I was going to worry, I should worry more about what I’m going to write.  I have a basic idea for a novel – a Mills & Boon style novel – but only a basic idea.  To write 50k words in a month, I need a lot more that a basic idea.  I also need to do a lot of research of Mills & Boon books – but I love reading so that’s not a problem.

I’m kind of cut up that I’m getting on so well with ‘holiday’ and I’m going to have to leave it in a couple of weeks, but it is only for a month.  As soon as December hits I can get back into it.

Speaking of ‘holiday’ I checked my (and everyone else’s) word status for week 2 of NovelPI yesterday.  I did even better in the second week, I wrote 6,572.  I’m really happy with that.  It’s not the 12,000+ I’ll be needing to write for NaNoWriMo, but it’s much, much better than the 1,750 I’m aiming for during this NovelPI.  Go me. 

I need to go to the library to take some books back today.  I’ve lost track a little with the books I’ve got out and the ones I’ve taken back – oops.  I’m taking back a couple of children’s books I got out for research.  With signing up for NaNoWriMo I’ll put the idea of a children’s book on the back burner!  While I’m there I’m going to pick up some Mills & Boon books.  I love being a library member!

The A – Z game

It’s been really hard getting myself motivated to do some writing today.  First I was reading, then going for a run, then shopping, then cooking.  Now I find myself very slightly tipsy after dinner with 250 words to write.  Damn.  Maybe there will be a rewrite tomorrow.

For today’s blog, I thought I’d post my shot at the A-Z game posted by Merrilee Faber over at Not Enough Words.

The rules are this: write a story that is 26 sentences long. The first sentence must start with the letter ‘A’, and every following sentence begins with the subsequent letter of the alphabet, ending with ‘Z’.

It’s not my best work, so I’m not sure why I’m posting this as a first piece by me, but it’s the game I guess.  I’d love constructive criticism….

All around her were strange noises;

Birds squawked and squabbled among themselves, small animals moved quickly between the trees, ignoring her. 

Cally wondered what she was doing here, would he turn up, would he actually like her once they got together?

Does she know him well enough to be traipsing about here alone?

Enough to trust he’ll look after her once she finds him, look after her for life hopefully. 

‘Fairies may exist’, she thought, ‘they’ll look after me’. 

 ‘Guide me to him’.

 Hoping this was true she carried on;

 Ignoring the strange noises. 

Jumping suddenly, she heard a bang behind her.

Kneeling down she hid from the threatened danger.

Looking through the long grass she saw nothing.

Maybe he’s changed his mind, she thought.


Over on her bottom she turned to get herself back on her feet. 

Panic came over her as she got closer to the clearing and heard music, could she finally be at the end of her quest?

Queen’s music was playing from an old gramophone so close to her.

‘Racing heart slow down’ she told herself.

Staring through the trees she saw him, leaning away from her over a set dinner table.

Trembling all over she edged closer to him.

Unbeknown to her, he had heard her coming and turned to kiss her.

Vainglory – she’d been through so much, but she’d got her man eventually.

Winking he sat her on the chair next to him.

X-rays couldn’t help her see deeper into his heart right now, she knew it was love.  

Yawn, she was so tired, it had been such a long journey to get to him.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz: She fell asleep in his arms

Climate Change: A blog for Blog Action Day 2009

A bit of a change from the usual blog about writing here guys.  Today is Blog Action Day, where people from around the world unite to blog about one subject – this year being Climate Change.

When I first heard this was the topic it worried me a little, what can I write about Climate Change?  I thought I’d have to do loads of research on it.  But then I realised that wouldn’t be in line with my blog.  My blog is about how I’m feeling, what I’m doing etc.  So that’s what I’ll do.

Climate change is something we should all think about, but do we really?  I’m thinking about my life and how much I do to stop, or help limit climate change.

I live in London, so travel most places by public transport.  I think I must drive about 2 or 3 thousand miles a year – a lot less than the 12 or 13 I used to drive when I didn’t live in London.  That’s quite a substantial drop that must help.

I ALWAYS do my washing at 30 degrees C.  That definitely helps.  If I had a machine that cleaned at a lower temperature (like these new ones that clean at 15) – and they definitely worked – I would reduce it even further.

I’m quite good with my heating in my house, in the winter we use the timer so it’s only on when it needs to be on, and we try to avoid it the rest of the year.  It’s mid October now, and we only have it on in the morning now – we just kind of get on with it in the evenings. 

I still fly – and I think I always will while it remains accessable to the people.  I love exploring new places so that’s one thing I won’t be giving up.  When I do fly, and there is the option to pay for your carbon footprint to be reversed, I always make that payment.  It’s really bad to say, but I don’t know what they do to reverse it.  I feel like I should.  Oops.  That’s something I’ve got from this Blog Action Day – I’ll find out what airlines do when I pay extra for this. 

So that’s me.  A little about me and climate change, or rather what I’m doing to help limit any further drastic climate change.  The point of Blog Action day is to get people talking about the subject.  So readers, do you have anything you’d like to say about it?

*Normal writing blog will return tomorrow – I thought this was an important subject that should be addressed, and blogged about on a day like this!*

Tuesday’s writing

I feel like the words aren’t coming easily today.  However I feel like this having already written nearly 300 words – much more than my goal of 250 per day.  I feel like because I’ve been regularly writing over one thousand words, if I don’t get near that I’m letting myself down.  I wonder if I should be congratulating myself on doing any, or berating myself for not getting up to as many as I know I can do.  I don’t know.

I’ve just had to do some really interesting research for ‘Holiday’.  Research on the brand new BMW Z4 sDrive 35i.  That’s some research I could do any day of the week.  It’s beautiful.  I want one.  I think I’m aspiring to get one.  I also need to do some research on penthouse apartments overlooking the Thames here in London.  I think I might want one of them when I’m finished.  This book will throw up some more interesting research – to be authentic and accurate I need a trip to Majorca.  Damn, what a shame.  Maybe I’ll set my next one in Hawaii or the Bahamas.  He he.

I went to the library during my lunch break to take a book back.  The whole way there I was telling myself that I wasn’t allowed to go and look on the shelves at books; I’ve got more than enough ‘to read’ books at the moment (having bought 3 more last weekend).  I didn’t.  However, on the return’s counter there is a ‘recommended books’ stand and I made the mistake of picking up the recommended book.  And it looked good.  Good enough that I walked round the other side and took it out.  Damn.  Oh well, I’ve got my operation in a couple of weeks, if I’ve not read it by then I’m sure I’ll be able to in that week.

It’s actually a really good way of finding new authors.  I’d never heard of Julia Quinn (the author of the book I picked up) and I imagine looking through the shelves I wouldn’t have picked up this book.  I am quite a loyal reader, if I read your book and I like it I will look out for your other books to read.  I’m also mainly attracted to books by the cover.  If I don’t immediately like the cover, the chances are I won’t pick your book up – let alone read it.  The exception to this is if I’ve been told it’s good – word of mouth is so important. 

I think that’s as much as I can say at the moment.  Back to the novel.

A Sunday post – what a novelty

There must be something wrong with me.  Totally wrong.  I’ve had a three day weekend as I had Friday off too for a Grand Designs event at the NEC.  That’s three days where normally I wouldn’t do any writing in any way, shape or form.  But, because I’ve signed up to write 250 words a day minimum for NovelPI I knew I had to do at least that.  When we packed to come away for the weekend I insisted the man brought his laptop so I could do some writing.  I managed 723 on Friday, 467 yesterday and today  currently sits at 407 (I may squeeze more in after this blog).  How good is that.  My problem has always been motivating myself to actually get off my ass and write.  I’ve found that if I know I HAVE to, it’s not that hard to do.  And as I’ve managed it 2 days where I’ve been really busy, then I really should be able to manage it EVERY day. 

‘Holiday’ is coming on quite nicely.  Before this weekend I’d never finished a scene (except the one short story that I’ve finished).  I still haven’t, but I think I’m only about 100 words away from finishing one.  I’m really happy with that.  Also I think I must have doubled the number of words I’ve written for it this month.  I can’t remember how many I’d written before, but in the first seven days of novelPI I wrote 5354 words towards the novel.   So happy with myself.

I’m very close to finishing reading my current book.  I might have a big push to do that tonight so I can start a new one tomorrow.  My next book is written by Dorothy Koomson, I’ve read a book by her before, My Best Friend’s Girl, and loved it, so I’m really looking forward to starting this one.  I’m meeting up with a friend this week who’s as into reading as me, and who I always swap books with.  She says she’s got a load of books for me.  Oh yes! 🙂

Not too tired to blog

I feel like I am too tired to blog, but want to hit my goal of however many blogs this month so pushing myself to do this.  I’m quite glad I’m doing NovelPI because without it I would have just headed upstairs fro a nap when I got in from the day and not made myself do anything.  I managed 723 words too, not too bad at all.  I got to 200 and felt that was probably enough, but once pushed myself through that barrier started flying. 

I’ve now completed the scene that I only planned fully a couple of days ago.  Half of it really sucks cause I wasn’t that motivated that day, but I hope the rest is ok.  I read a lot of blogs where people say they find it hard to just write and not edit as they go along, but I seem to find it pretty easy.  I guess because I only started writing seriously (yes, I’m now saying that I am) having read these blogs and many many blogs suggesting that is the way to write, that I started doing it that way and have never known any different.  Thanks to every who’s written that and helped me.

I’m seriously considering signing up for NaNoWriMo.  There are loads of thoughts, both for and against, going through my head about it.  Here’s a snap shot of them

  • Only in the last week have I started writing regularly and I’ve only gone over a thousand words three times.  How the hell would I expect to hit over 1600 a day – FOR A MONTH?
  • I’m just getting stuck into ‘Holiday’.  That will be nowhere near finished in 22 days, will I really want to leave it and start on another project for a month?
  • If I did do it, which idea would I use?  The Mills and Boon story idea or the black comedy one?  Neither are very well planned out, do I have the time to plan one while also doing NovelPI this month?
  • I’ve always wanted to write a novel – this is a really big push to do it in one month.
  • If I signed up, this would be my first (trying to be full) novel, am I stupid enough to think I can write my first ever full novel in a month?  That’s 30 days.
  • I don’t like thinking about this one too much, but, last year 100,000 people signed up for it.  Only 15,000 actually hit 50,000 words.  If I failed I wouldn’t be alone.
  • I’ve got an incentive to write this month.  I’d have one to write next month.  What would happen to me in December when I had no incentive to write?
  • I’m going to have a week off work because of my operation.  There’s a possibility I won’t be up to writing during this.  On the other side, there’s a possibility I really will so would be able to write all day every day if I wanted to, thousands of words a day.

As you can see, there’s a lot of internal conflict going on there.  If only I was a character in a novel!  We’ll see.  Both my mum and my boyfriend think I should go for it.  I don’t know. 

Anyway.  I think I will have that little kip now.  Have a good weekend everyone 🙂

Getting on with it

That’s what this week seems to be filled with.  Unfortunately it’s not the writing course, but it’s the novel so am very happy with that.  I will have to have a count up sometime of how many words I’m up to.  This morning I’ve been working on a scene I was also working on yesterday – but I’d got as far as I had planned.  I did some more planning yesterday and then I’ve been writing it today.  I also added a little bit extra to it which I’m pretty impressed with (the idea of it, I don’t think the ways it’s written is all that good – but that’s fine as it’s only the 1st draft).

I’m halfway through a nugget in the scene describing how the heroine’s grandparents met.  I need to do a lot of research for it (clothes that would’ve been fashionable, where people would’ve been based in the army etc), but the basics of it I really like.  I’ve actually realised how much research I need to do for this novel.  The pages are dotted with red highlighting showing what I need to add to or research. 

Some of the research I need to do is about Westfield shopping centre.  He he.  How cool is that, for the sake of my book I need to go shopping.  Maybe I can combine it with the shopping spree I’ll be having courtesy of my boyfriend at the beginning of December.  To inspire me to lose the stone I’m desperate to lose, he’s said he’ll take me on a £200 shopping spree if I do it by his birthday (7 1/2 weeks away).  How awesome is my boyfriend! 

Names are a big thing I need to add to the story.  I did a family tree kind of thing a while ago (like months ago) with names and all the people in the story.  I may have temporarily misplaced it. A few weeks ago.  I know the main names, but I had a list of potential other names.  Step Dad’s name has gone.  He’s known throughout as Sdad.  However did I think of that? I feel like when I find the right name it will feel right for that character and I can’t settle on one until it feels right. 

I’m going away this weekend (Yes Friday off work – woo hoo!).  We’re going to the Grand Designs show at the NEC tomorrow then visiting my and my man’s family the rest of the weekend.  I am a little worried about when I’ll fit in my words for NovelPI.  I only need to do 250 a day so it’s not a big window I need to find, however I’ve been shooting over 1k a day this week, and I’d really like to stick with that.  Mmmm.

Today I noticed on someone’s blog that they were a participant of NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month for those not in the know).  A regular reader of my blog (McPete) mentioned in a comment a couple of days ago that I should have a go at this, so I thought I’d have a little look on the website.  There is a spark of interest in me.  I think it’s only a spark though.  It’s something like 1666 words a day.  That’s a lot.  Every day.  BUT I do have the advantage of having a week off work for my operation.  However, I might actually be ill for some of that – I guess they don’t recommend 7 to 10 days off work for no reason.  It’s an idea anyway.  I need to think it through more.  I guess see how I get on during this weekend and the next couple of weeks for NovelPI. 

Right, I’ll go back to the novel now.  This is one thing I’ve noticed, I’m really productive on it before lunch.  Then after lunch I seem to lose a little steam and find it hard to get back into.  It might be due to this afternoon lull I get – I’ve been feeling really tired around 3pm this week (*looks at the clock – sees it’s 14.30 – eek*).  But then I’ve not been sleeping too much and had to have a couple of crazily early mornings.  I’ve just started going to the gym again (I know, I’m on fire with positivity this week) so that should help give me more energy.  If I can keep it up.  Which I will. I hope.

Post 618 (cause I can’t think of a better title)

I’ve planned a blog.  How very rarely that happens.  It’s usually what comes into my head when I type.  I’m sure I’ll deviate a little as we go along.

Lets start with how much writing I’ve fitted in during the last two days.  I’ve done nearly 3k – and hope to get to the 3k mark tonight.  Hope to do the same tomorrow – how good would that be.  Kaitnolanwho’s organising the NovelPI is doing a count up tomorrow of how everyone’s getting on – mine’s going to be pretty good.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I know I can count myself, but there’s something kind of exciting about someone else revealing your results.

I am having a few worries about my novel ‘Holiday’.  I know it’s the first draft so I shouldn’t worry too much now, I should just get the words out, but I can’t help it.  Firstly I’m worried about the amount of dialogue.  There’s loads.  Absolutely loads.  I know dialogue’s supposed to be really good, but I’m not too sure.  As it’s 1st person POV I guess it’s ok as that’s the only getting into other people’s head that’s going to happen.

My other worry is that I’ve not got many descriptions in there.  I think that’s just down to the scenes I’m writing not needing that much, but it does worry me.  I’m writing the scenes out of sequence so when I get it all down and together hopefully I’ll see what’s needed where.  For instance I’ve just written a scene with the hero and heroine are driving to go shopping (shopping – how cliché chick lit can you get).  There’s a section in it that would be a perfect time for a description of what he looks like, but I think it’s going to end up pretty far into the novel, so I should have had a description before.  In fact I think writing this I’ve worked out where it will go.  Wow.  I think that just proves I need to get the words down then worry about it later.

I’m really enjoying being part of the Twitter community (follow me on new2writinggirl).  I’m getting so much help and encouragement from other people – I wish I’d started it months ago 🙂

Early morning blog

I’m doing a different shift at work today, meaning I’ve already been here an hour and a half.  I hate mornings.  But it means I get to leave early – 4.30pm early.  Nice, very nice.

Nothing much happens this early so I’ve been doing some stuff on ‘Holiday’.  I’ve written about 400 words on one scene and put all my different word documents on ‘Holiday’ in one folder.  I thought I’d written more than I have – a couple of scenes I thought were written are actually just in note form.  Damn.  Before I started writing today I had 6464 words.  Although as some of them are in note form maybe that doesn’t count.  Today’s plan is to finish at least this scene and maybe make a start on the other one that is just notes.  I may not have time to do it all, today looks like it might be busy here at work.  Not fair.

I started watching the new TV series Flash Forward last week.  I’m really enjoying it (episode two was last night).  I enjoyed it so much that I was looking on the internet for info about it and stumbled on to the fact it is based on a book of the same name by Robert J Sawyer.  As I love reading so much, I thought I’d have a look at the book and maybe decide if I should get it so I can find out what’s going on.  So I found it on Amazon, looked at the synopsis and it explained what’s happening in the TV programme – explains the big mystery.  So know I know.  I’ve wrecked the TV show for myself all for my love of reading.  At least this means I now get to read the book without an internal debate with myself about whether I want to do this or not.  Also means I’ve found a new author who’s books I’d like to read.