Getting on with it

That’s what this week seems to be filled with.  Unfortunately it’s not the writing course, but it’s the novel so am very happy with that.  I will have to have a count up sometime of how many words I’m up to.  This morning I’ve been working on a scene I was also working on yesterday – but I’d got as far as I had planned.  I did some more planning yesterday and then I’ve been writing it today.  I also added a little bit extra to it which I’m pretty impressed with (the idea of it, I don’t think the ways it’s written is all that good – but that’s fine as it’s only the 1st draft).

I’m halfway through a nugget in the scene describing how the heroine’s grandparents met.  I need to do a lot of research for it (clothes that would’ve been fashionable, where people would’ve been based in the army etc), but the basics of it I really like.  I’ve actually realised how much research I need to do for this novel.  The pages are dotted with red highlighting showing what I need to add to or research. 

Some of the research I need to do is about Westfield shopping centre.  He he.  How cool is that, for the sake of my book I need to go shopping.  Maybe I can combine it with the shopping spree I’ll be having courtesy of my boyfriend at the beginning of December.  To inspire me to lose the stone I’m desperate to lose, he’s said he’ll take me on a £200 shopping spree if I do it by his birthday (7 1/2 weeks away).  How awesome is my boyfriend! 

Names are a big thing I need to add to the story.  I did a family tree kind of thing a while ago (like months ago) with names and all the people in the story.  I may have temporarily misplaced it. A few weeks ago.  I know the main names, but I had a list of potential other names.  Step Dad’s name has gone.  He’s known throughout as Sdad.  However did I think of that? I feel like when I find the right name it will feel right for that character and I can’t settle on one until it feels right. 

I’m going away this weekend (Yes Friday off work – woo hoo!).  We’re going to the Grand Designs show at the NEC tomorrow then visiting my and my man’s family the rest of the weekend.  I am a little worried about when I’ll fit in my words for NovelPI.  I only need to do 250 a day so it’s not a big window I need to find, however I’ve been shooting over 1k a day this week, and I’d really like to stick with that.  Mmmm.

Today I noticed on someone’s blog that they were a participant of NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month for those not in the know).  A regular reader of my blog (McPete) mentioned in a comment a couple of days ago that I should have a go at this, so I thought I’d have a little look on the website.  There is a spark of interest in me.  I think it’s only a spark though.  It’s something like 1666 words a day.  That’s a lot.  Every day.  BUT I do have the advantage of having a week off work for my operation.  However, I might actually be ill for some of that – I guess they don’t recommend 7 to 10 days off work for no reason.  It’s an idea anyway.  I need to think it through more.  I guess see how I get on during this weekend and the next couple of weeks for NovelPI. 

Right, I’ll go back to the novel now.  This is one thing I’ve noticed, I’m really productive on it before lunch.  Then after lunch I seem to lose a little steam and find it hard to get back into.  It might be due to this afternoon lull I get – I’ve been feeling really tired around 3pm this week (*looks at the clock – sees it’s 14.30 – eek*).  But then I’ve not been sleeping too much and had to have a couple of crazily early mornings.  I’ve just started going to the gym again (I know, I’m on fire with positivity this week) so that should help give me more energy.  If I can keep it up.  Which I will. I hope.

Post 618 (cause I can’t think of a better title)

I’ve planned a blog.  How very rarely that happens.  It’s usually what comes into my head when I type.  I’m sure I’ll deviate a little as we go along.

Lets start with how much writing I’ve fitted in during the last two days.  I’ve done nearly 3k – and hope to get to the 3k mark tonight.  Hope to do the same tomorrow – how good would that be.  Kaitnolanwho’s organising the NovelPI is doing a count up tomorrow of how everyone’s getting on – mine’s going to be pretty good.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I know I can count myself, but there’s something kind of exciting about someone else revealing your results.

I am having a few worries about my novel ‘Holiday’.  I know it’s the first draft so I shouldn’t worry too much now, I should just get the words out, but I can’t help it.  Firstly I’m worried about the amount of dialogue.  There’s loads.  Absolutely loads.  I know dialogue’s supposed to be really good, but I’m not too sure.  As it’s 1st person POV I guess it’s ok as that’s the only getting into other people’s head that’s going to happen.

My other worry is that I’ve not got many descriptions in there.  I think that’s just down to the scenes I’m writing not needing that much, but it does worry me.  I’m writing the scenes out of sequence so when I get it all down and together hopefully I’ll see what’s needed where.  For instance I’ve just written a scene with the hero and heroine are driving to go shopping (shopping – how cliché chick lit can you get).  There’s a section in it that would be a perfect time for a description of what he looks like, but I think it’s going to end up pretty far into the novel, so I should have had a description before.  In fact I think writing this I’ve worked out where it will go.  Wow.  I think that just proves I need to get the words down then worry about it later.

I’m really enjoying being part of the Twitter community (follow me on new2writinggirl).  I’m getting so much help and encouragement from other people – I wish I’d started it months ago 🙂

Early morning blog

I’m doing a different shift at work today, meaning I’ve already been here an hour and a half.  I hate mornings.  But it means I get to leave early – 4.30pm early.  Nice, very nice.

Nothing much happens this early so I’ve been doing some stuff on ‘Holiday’.  I’ve written about 400 words on one scene and put all my different word documents on ‘Holiday’ in one folder.  I thought I’d written more than I have – a couple of scenes I thought were written are actually just in note form.  Damn.  Before I started writing today I had 6464 words.  Although as some of them are in note form maybe that doesn’t count.  Today’s plan is to finish at least this scene and maybe make a start on the other one that is just notes.  I may not have time to do it all, today looks like it might be busy here at work.  Not fair.

I started watching the new TV series Flash Forward last week.  I’m really enjoying it (episode two was last night).  I enjoyed it so much that I was looking on the internet for info about it and stumbled on to the fact it is based on a book of the same name by Robert J Sawyer.  As I love reading so much, I thought I’d have a look at the book and maybe decide if I should get it so I can find out what’s going on.  So I found it on Amazon, looked at the synopsis and it explained what’s happening in the TV programme – explains the big mystery.  So know I know.  I’ve wrecked the TV show for myself all for my love of reading.  At least this means I now get to read the book without an internal debate with myself about whether I want to do this or not.  Also means I’ve found a new author who’s books I’d like to read.

Monday Monday

It’s Monday.  Another five days until the weekend (four actually as I’ve got Friday off – yay!).  How horrible.  I’m trying to think positively though, that’s four days of quite a bit of writing.  I hate my job, but how can I really when it gives me the opportunity to write and do writing related things for at least a couple of hours a day.  Today I’ve written 400+ words on ‘Holiday’, written the daily one minute on, read lots of writing related blogs and am now doing a blog.  I shouldn’t complain. 

I’ve been doing well with NovelPI.  We’re now on day 5 and I’ve written every one of them.  Most of the days I’ve gone pretty far over my set word count (250 words).  I should do a count up of how many I’ve done total – that would be good.  I went away this weekend so thought writing would be hard.  But, we went by train and I managed to do my writing on the train.  250 words really doesn’t take that long, so it’s not that hard to do.  Much easier than I thought anyway.  I’m really impressed with myself for getting on with it.

I did a little reading this weekend.  Not much, but every little helps.

I went shopping with my boyfriend on Saturday.  When we walked past a charity shop, he suggested going in to look at books for me.  I decided that as I’ve got about 3 million books (I may exaggerate – but only slightly) on my To Read pile that I really shouldn’t.  I then had a ten minute rant about how there’s not enough hours in the day for me to do as much writing and reading as I’d like to do. 10 minutes later we walk past one of those cheap book shops and without saying a word he walks in.  15 minutes later I walk out with three books. That’s three more to add to my To Read list.  Sigh.  That’s pretty good though, I wanted five!  They’re all chick lit, so I figure it’s research for the book.  He he.

October’s goals

I hope that I achieve more in October than I ever have before.  I really feel like I’m on a run with my writing course, I seem to be doing lots of reading and now I’ve signed up to the Novel Push Initiative I’ll be doing at least 250 words a day on holiday.  Here we go then:

  • Write 15,000 words.  I’ll be doing at least 7,750 for NovelPI, 20 blogs of at least 250 words gives 5,000 then a few more for other thing’s I’ll do.
  • 20 blogs on WordPress
  • 4 weekend posts.  As I’m going to be writing every weekend for NovelPI I may as well do more posts.
  • Read 2 novels
  • Read 4 children’s books.  I’m quite into the idea of writing a children’s book, so need to do research, research, research.
  • Finish assignment 2 for my writing course.  Hopefully once I get past this project I should be able to fly through the course (maybe not fly through it, but continue steadily with it).

That looks like quite a lot and I’ve actually had to limit myself.  I wanted to set myself much higher goals, but think it’s better to have achievable ones than way far out ones.  As long as I stay motivated through the whole month I should be fine.

Elsewhere.  I’ve now done days 1 and 2 of NovelPI, and done really well on both.  I got just under 450 yesterday and today I’m currently sitting just above 700.  Both days I’ve felt like I can write loads more, and am having to stop myself for fear of burn out.  I’m a little scared that if I write for as long as I want on the project I’ll either get bored of it, or write as much as I can that’s been plotted.  If I get as far as having written everything I’ve plotted, I’ll just have to plot more. 

I need to do that anyway.  So far I have the story planned 90% before the holiday, then once they get on holiday, I’ve only planned about 20%.  The important 20%, but not enough to fill in some blanks and a whole holiday of activities.  I also have made quite a significant change to the family structure of the heroine.  Well, I think I have.  It’s something I can’t decide on right now.

During my lunch hour I’m going to go to the library and send the email (or at least start the email) to hopefully get people to help with my assignment.  I’m not all that confident that will be the way to do it, but that’s all the ideas I got at the moment.  Fingers crossed. 

I’ve started a Twitter account to go in conjunction with this.  I’ve actually set it up so I can check in for NovelPI, but I guess it’s a good idea anyway.  I don’t really know what I’m doing with it, so who knows how much it will be used.  If you want to follow me I’m new2writinggirl. 

I’ve started on novel number one for this month.  I’m going for some chick lit.  Yay.  Cecelia Ahearn’s Thanks for the Memories.  It did that horrible making me cry on the tube thing this morning.  In the first few chapters too.  I don’t even really care about the characters in it yet.  I’m just a soppy so and so.

September’s results

Here we go with how well I did achieving my goals for September:

  • Write 6,000 words.  As per normal in any form: stories, scenes, blogs, comments etc etc. I wrote a total of 13,390.  And remember I was on holiday for 9 days of that.  I was on fire.
  • 14 blogs right here on WordPress I did 18.
  • 2 weekend blog posts Yes, 2 weekend posts
  • Read 2 novels.  I’ve started three, so if I can finish 2 of them that would be good. I did read 2 novels – Meg Gardiner’s The Dirty Secrets Club and Mr Toppitt by Charles Elton
  • Work on my writing course.  Like last month I’m not going to add a specific goal.  I’d like to reread the last module booklet and continue with the next assignment.  Basically if I can do SOMETHING I’ll be happy. Finishing the assignment would be amazing, but lets not hope for too much.  I did lots of research for it, have pretty much written the questionnaire and decided how I’m going to get the interviewees.
  • Continue with the Storyboard for ‘Holiday’.  I didn’t get any further with this. 
  • All in all, that’s a pretty good months work I think.  Considering I was on holiday and did NOTHING while I was away, I’m really happy with this.  I’ve done so much random little bits of writing, which really got my count up.  I also did more writing for ‘holiday’.  Yes, September was a good month.  I want all months to be like September.

    I’m pretty hopeful October will be like it.  I’ve signed up to do a Novel Push Initiative.  You have to say that you are going to write 250 words at least a day on your novel.  (For more experienced people who have done this before, it’s 350 words).  So, I’ve signed up to write at least 7,750 words on ‘Holiday’ in the next month.  No excuses.  No duck outs.  This is serious writing time.  I’m really proud of myself for signing up for this, it’s going to be hard motivating myself to write at weekends, and on ‘holiday’ every day, but I think I’m up for the challenge.  Yay.

    In other news, I’ve started a twitter account for my writing.  It’s called new2writinggirl (original huh!).  I do have a personal account on there too, but hardly use it, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing on there.  I guess now’s the time to find out 🙂

    I think I’ll do October’s goals as a separate post – I find it easier to refer back to it that way.  I’ll even try to get it out today.  No promises though, I do have 250 words to do on ‘Holiday’ too. 

    Do I have to write today?

    I really feel like I can’t be bothered to write a post today, due to the accidental hangover I’ve got today.  But I’m pushing myself through and making myself do one.  Amazingly I’ve got something to talk about too (can you say it’s talking). 

    One of the people’s blogs that I regularly read (Kait Nolan) is ‘hosting’ a ‘Novel Push Initiative’ on her blog here.  The idea is to have a month where you write every day – 250 words at least – on your current project.  I’m tempted to sign up.  I’m terrified of the idea of signing up to it, but sorely tempted. 

    The problem I’ll use as an excuse not to dot it if I decide against it is that I don’t think my novel is planned enough to be able to write 250+ words a day on it.  I guess planning is words so that’s not a valid excuse.  I’m terrified of the idea of having to write daily.  I have so many excuses lined out already to get me out of it, but I think it would be really good for me.  Other than my blog, I’m probably writing about two or three days a week, and usually not on ‘holiday’.  I did however write about 500 words on it yesterday.  And that was pretty easy.  I’d like to write daily – but it’s finding the time daily.  Deep down I know that’s just an excuse. 

    The other problem with this is that I’m having an operation on 30th.  That’s going to be one day where I definitely won’t be able to write.  I figure I can just write double the day before.  250?  I can do that.  It’s just making myself write at weekends and when I’m hungover that will be the problem.  Hmm.  I’ve got a night to think about it.  My horrible boyfriend will read this and push me into doing it.  Hate him (obviously not really – I love that he’s so supportive). 🙂