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Tuesday’s Tantalizing Talk

Ok, I (now) know Tantalizing’s not a good word for this.  But it works with the alliteration of Tuesday and Talk to make a good title (come on, I am terrible at making up titles, at least it’s not something really boring!).  Get me – I actually remembered that was called alliteration, I obviously did learn something in GCSE English!

My boyfriend sent me this link this afternoon to a newspaper article.  The reason being that it was originally written as an online blog, and the author decided to test how good his writing was by sending it in to the Guardian to see if they’d publish it.  They did.  I love stories like this.  Ideas that ordinary people like you and me (presuming you are ordinary!) can get things published and do well for themselves in the writing field.

When I first told my housemate (who incidentally is also my best friend) I was doing a writing course she was so negative.  She asked why and what was I going to do with that.  She thought that only people who studied journalism at uni are able to publish anything.  Unsurprisingly I’ve hardly mentioned the course to her since.  Her negativity and lack of belief in me is going to make it oh so much sweeter when I get an article published, or maybe a short story, or even a novel.  I’ve just remembered she also said she thought I didn’t have a big enough vocabulary to be able to do any serious writing.  Hmmm.  Friends like these… eh!

I’d forgotten she’d said that.  And not really realised how mad it made me – mad or upset, I don’t know.  At least I do have people who do support my plans: my Mum is the main one, she’s encouraged me forever to do writing, saying that she thinks I can do it; my boyfriend, except for the fact he takes up my time when I could be writing (which I love and wouldn’t change for anything – no ideas on seeing me less there Mr!), he tries to encourage me to do my course and sends me things like the article above that he thinks will inspire me; a friend from work who is also quite into writing, she too encourages me and spurs me on.  It’s good to have people who believe in me.  Especially as I don’t always myself.  I’m learning though. 

There is another group of people who inspire me, as much, if not more than anyone else.  Two groups of people really:  the people who read and comment on my blog and other writers here on WordPress.   I’ve had some great comments on my blog, both for building my confidence in myself and for learning more about writing. I’ve been told on a few occasions that people enjoy my blog.  That makes me happy and makes me want to write more and give more enjoyment to people – after all as writers isn’t that our purpose!  Other bloggers here are showing me the trials and tribulations of writing, that there are others going through what I’m going through, and in the case of those published people – we can do it! 

I wasn’t expecting this blog to be so deep.  I was expecting the usual ramblings. 

I decided this morning that I have to do some writing (other than blogging).  Last night I did some timed writing and just rambled.  The same this morning.  But this morning while doing it I decided I’d do some more later on today, but write fiction instead of ‘Brain Dumping’ (a brilliant phrase I got from this blog).  So I started with the plan to just write for 10 minutes.  I decided I’d write a bit from the mind of the secondary character in my novel ‘Holiday’ – the hero who you will never hear from as it’s going to be first person POV (yes, I’ve made that decision).  I wanted to see if his voice was different to the heroine’s – check I’ve got in his head to know his motivations etc.  This is a (slightly modified) exercise suggested in this blog (writing from another character’s POV, not the timed bit).  Well, that 10 minutes ran on and on.  I finished when I’d finished the scene (700+ words later), not when a clock told me to.  How did it go?  I don’t know.  I’m going to leave it for a few days and read it fresh, hopefully it will sound different to the rest I’ve written for the novel.  It’s hard getting into a man’s head.  Never tried that before.  If only it was really easy – could have saved me so much heartache, he he.

I think that’s a long enough blog for today.  Phew!

Left brain vs right brain; Logic vs creativity

I stumbled upon this test to see if you think with the left (logical) or right (creative) side of your brain.  I’d always gone through life thinking I wasn’t really very creative (yeah really, even though I write a lot of fiction – go figure), but this test shows I use the right side of my Brain.  After a lot of trying I was able to see the dancer go the other way, but it was a lot of trying.  I’m quite happy with that.  (I warn you, once I was able to see her dance the other way I became addicted to making my brain see her change direction – maybe that’s to do with the obsessive part of my brain!)

I’ve made a decision.  Well, I’ve made a decision to help me get to the correct decision in the end (not even sure I understand that).  I have been thinking for a while about whether ‘Holiday’ should read in the 1st person, or 3rd but from the main character’s perspective.  Currently everything I have written is in 3rd person, but I think I really want it to be 1st.  But I’m not sure.  So, I’ve decided to make my decision, I’m going to rewrite a scene I’ve written (or 2) in first person and decide which I prefer when I can compare them. 

I think to do this, I’ll read the scene and make notes with the things I need to include.  I think I’ll then leave it for a day or two (to clear my mind of it) then write it 1st person.  Thing is now I’ve got this idea I really want to do it NOW!  we’ll see.

I’ve also just had an idea I think I might come to regret.  People say you should leave your writing for a couple of days before editing it.  What if I wrote something, then rewrote it a few days later (weeks, months…) to see how I changed it etc.  Just as an experiment.  I’m going to try it.

I had an idea a while ago about having a go at rewriting magazine articles, to see how I’d phrase things and if I thought I was any good at it (seeing as this assignment I’ve been thinking about for months is to write a magazine article).  The problem is, to get the information I have to read the article, and don’t want to do that as I want the writing to come just from me – I don’t want any ideas from anyone else (I don’t want to steel anything).  Obviously I would do this just as an exercise, I wouldn’t use it for anything other than my personal use.  I wonder if I can talk someone into reading an article and writing out the main points I would need to use. Mmmmmm.

Pointless little blog

As you can see from the title this blog is going to be completely pointless.  I have nothing to write about.  I do however want to write something so here I am.

I am struggling to find something (anything) to write about.

I’ve just started to read 2 books (I know, I really should stick to one at a time).  One full on chick lit about a woman trying to loose weight and another Jodi Picoult book.  I’m not too excited about either of them.  I never am about Ms Picoult’s books, I never understand why because I love them when I get into them and find I can’t put them down! 

I do have something else I can ramble on about.  I’ve recently started to think about the way ‘Holiday’ will be written.  It’s always been 3rd person, but from the heroine’s perspective in my head.  But, I;ve just remembered, the first novel I wanted to ever write was going to be 1st person, so I’vebeen mulling over the idea of writing it 1st person.  I want to make my decision before I start writing any more of it.  But I’m not too sure.  If it’s 3rd person it’s only going to be from her perspective, there’s going to be no seeing of anything from other people’s perspectives, so maybe it should be 1st person?  I might try writing a scene about something twice, one 1st and one 3rd person to see which I prefer. 

I like books written in 1st or 3rd person but from just one person’s perspective.  I like discovering things when they do, Ipersonally think it helps me loose myself into the book more, when you know what they are thinking etc you become more involved.

I read a blog earlier by someone who’s writing a chick lit book.  She was talking about how all chick lit novels end happily ever after with the guy you’ve always know she’s going to end up with.   And it’s really predictable.  I had this exact same issue a few months ago (if I can find the blog I’ll link it here).  I wanted to write something a little deeper, something you can’t see from the 1st 100 pages exactly what’s going to happen. 

But I was talking to someone else about this, and they were saying wouldn’t that change what chick lit is?  We want to read it for the happy ever after.  If they didn’t end up together in the end we’d feel cheated?  OR would we? Would it be like sliding doors (the movie) where I thought the wrong Gwyn died?  I love the film, but hate it because there was only a hint of happy ever after, not it right there in your face.  If my novel didn’t end up with the main characters together, would my readers (getting very ahead of myself here) hate the ending?  I don’t know, I can’t decide.  I think I need to go with the fairytale ending for this book, then maybe think something else for the next one?!

Hmmm.  Seems that wasn’t pointless, or little.  That always seems to happen!

Days off… writing

Well, the first of my 2 days off work to concentrate on my writing and course was quite unproductive – in terms of writing and doing the course.  I figure I needed a ‘me’ day though to refresh, so today’s the day!  I did write a list of things I want to do, and did loads of them, so that’s good

I did do some more of assignment 2 – I’ll finish the magazine review today and I’ve got an idea of the article I want to write (along with a subject that’s happy to talk about it).  It’s going to be a lot of research and work – but I’m quite happy about the subject.  in my mind it’s going to be great!

One thing I did do a lot of yesterday is reading. Singletini that I’m reading is pretty good.  The story’s great, the way it’s written slightly annoys me.  It’s a little too casual, colloquial for my liking I think.  Maybe it’s just getting used to it, because I’m finding it easier to get used to as I go along.  Maybe it’s because it’s in the 1st person and I don’t read that many books that are.  I originally wanted to write my 1st novel (the one I’ve did 6,000 words for 5 years ago), but that idea went out with ‘Holiday’.  I’m not sure why.  I do like 1st person as I personally think it pulls you  in more as you’re seeing everything through that one person’s eyes, almost like it’s happening to you.  ‘Holiday’ is currently being written in 3d person, but from the heroine’s perspective.  I want to keep it just from hers so the reader experiences what she does – they don’t have the knowledge of what’s happening to other people until it happens to her.

I had the idea for ‘Holiday’ a few years ago, and had written some notes about it.  I think they maybe had the charachter’s names and a bit of detail about the story.  I’ve been trying to find these notes, but can’t.  It’s really annoying me.  I know I wouldn’t have thrown them away, I just don’t know where I’ve put them (this is why I should have a neat tidy life).

In the process of looking for them, I found loads of notes for ANOTHER novel idea I had when I was at uni (I know it was from then because the application letter for my 1st job was written on the back of them).  I’m quite surprised about this as I don’t remember writing anything until the year after I left.  It had some good ideas of things I can move over to this story – and some (basic, but good) character analysis’.

Right off to do the assignment (maybe something of my to do list 1st)…