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#ROW80 20th April Check-In

Woo – I’m checking in on time, and have something to write.

Since missing the check-in on Sunday, I’ve actually been really good at the old writing thing.

On Monday, I went to the writing group, but only three of us turned up. Usually they say four have to be there to have a decent session, but as we were there we thought why not. Turned out only two of us had stuff to read, so it was a very short meeting. After that I came home and did some writing.

At the meeting I was telling someone about the prompt from my story being Fiction Friday (I read the one about the teenager regretting), and how I really like writing from prompts, so when I got home that was in my head. I found a prompt I liked, and wrote a little from it. Not loads, but writing’s writing.

Yesterday, I arrived at the Jodi Picoult thing pretty early. Instead of getting my phone out and texting or going on Facebook, or getting my book out and reading a bit, I did some writing. As using prompts was still relatively fresh in my mind, I flicked through the new Jodi Picoult book I’d just been handed and took out three words I found by flicking through and created a little story.

Today though, I’ve not done anything writing wise. But that’s fine because I have weekly goals not daily ones. Weekly goals I’ve not yet met, but I’ll get there. Especially with two four day weekends coming up. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Wills & Kate.