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Another book down

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve just been reading a book called ‘Light as a Feather’ by Helen Dunne.  I found the book in Camden market.  I very rarely let myself go to bookshops as I always walk away either much poorer, or with loads of books in my head I want to read but can’t afford.  But, it was my birthday so I let myself look (and my boyfriend was in spending mode so who I was I to stop it.  I’m very glad I got it.  It was the usual chick lit I’m so fat and need to loose weight kind of book.  Loved it. 

I thought it was going to go away from the usual ending, but it didn’t, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Someone (thanks CJ) commented on one of my last blogs about the predictable ending of chick lit books saying that we WANT the predictable ending.  I totally agree. When I was reading this book I started to really like the heroine.  When she lost lots of weight I was happy, and then when she got the guy I was also happy.  It’s like wanting a friend to be happy (just a made up friend!). 

I’ll definately be looking for other Helen Dunne books. 

It’s getting near the end of the month so I’m going to do a count up tonight of how many words I’ve written this month.  Hopefully I won’t be at my goal for this month, so that will inspire me to do some writing over the next couple of days.

The reason I’m not doing much at work at the moment is because I’m looking for another job.  A job that won’t end so late that by the time I get home in the evening and eat I won’t want to go straight to bed.  So I’m using my writing time to search for one and apply.  Obviously the market’s not that good, but at least I’m trying!

There is a little bit of me that thinks I’m mad – I have so much time to write while I’m at work that I really should stay in this job and write.  Especially as I’m doing this writing course.  BUT, the time I spend writing isn’t good time.  It’s interrupted time.  It’s noisy and I am frequently distracted.  Not good.

I hate titles

Honestly I do.  I love writing this blog (it is after all writing).  But every time I start I have this dread, ‘oh no, I have to think of a title’.  It’s much easier when there’s a main point to the blog, you can base it on that.  Today’s has no point, it’s just the thoughts coming out of my head.  I’ve called enough blogs ‘Random thoughts’ etc that I’d probably bore myself to death if I called another one that (and I’m way too young to die!)

If I write the blog, thinking that I’ll make a title up after, I always forget to add one.  No title is worse than having to think of one.  Maybe I could start calling them ‘No title’.  I could have ‘No title 1’, ‘No title 2’…  Could get a little boring though.  And repetitive.  Like I’ve told you before I never repeat myself. 

Moving on.  I read an article in the Independent today about a new machine a bookshop in London is getting.  It will print and bound any one of HALF A MILLION books for you in 5 (yes FIVE) minutes.  They’re hoping to increase that to a million in the next few months.  I’m really impressed with this idea – and surprised no one has invented this before.  Just imagine if every single book ever was on there.  You’d never have to traipse round bookshop after bookshop looking for the book you want/need/desire.  Although I do love book shops.  Walking round looking at all the books I’d like to read.  Adding them to an ever expanding list that I will never get through even if I started now and didn’t stop until I died.

I went hunting on the internet today for ideas of something to write (yes, I could have worked on Holiday, but felt like I needed something else to write at that time).  I decided I’d click on the 1st link and do the 10th idea they had on their 1st page.  1st page had 9 ideas.  The 9th one had 4 sections so I decided to do the 2nd on the 9th, which you could kind of call the 10th idea.  Anyway, it was to start a story with..

Blueberry yoghurt slid unapologetically off the spoon and down the front of…’


It took me a while, but I’ve come up with a short story.  Well, I have 100 words written, but a 500 word plan of a short story (it’s a very detailed plan).  I’m going to try to finish it over the weekend.  I might even put it on here when it’s done (see if that will give me a push to actually do some writing on a weekend – something I’m not managing at the moment!).

I’m doing the magazine analysis for assignment 2 (slowly).  I’m currently counting how many words each article is.  I know there’s cheating ways to do it, like count how many in one line then multiply that by how many lines there are in the article, but for some reason I want to do it accurately.  So I’m counting every single word.  It’s really quite annoying.  This is just magazine one.  I really need to do a few copies of each magazine.  I think for the assignment I only need to do one, but to analyse properly if I’m going to try to sell writing to it, I need to do a few.  At least there’s plenty of adverts in the 150+ magazine.  Imagine if it was front to back articles – ahhhhhhhh!

They say this article I am producing for this assignment may be the 1st piece of work that I try to get published.  I am so scared of that idea.  I don’t feel  like I’m ready to get something published.  I’ve only been doing this for a few months, surely I need longer?  Eek.

Anyway, will move that thought from my head and start thinking about the weekend.  Yay!!!!

Have a good one 🙂