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Holiday Countdown

I don’t think I’ve been very vocal in mentioning my upcoming holiday. Or long weekend should I say. My Aunt and Uncle have a couple of holiday flats in Bournemouth, so this weekend my aunt, cousin and myself are having a girly weekend away. I can’t wait.

I’d really like to read loads. But I’m not sure if they’ll let me. They’ve probably got plans to go for long walks, and runs and even get in a bit of surfing (I’ve been told the sea’s warm cause it’s had the whole of summer to warm up? I’m not convinced). I’d also like to do a load of writing, but again, not sure if I’ll be able to.

No, you know what. I’m going to MAKE time. I might even do some of my writing course too!

I’d like to get the 2 books I’m reading now read by the time I come back. I can’t believe I’m reading two books at once. I hate doing that. But there’s a good reason. The first one is Mini shopaholic. It’s hardback which is heavy to carry round, so I’m reading that at home exclusively. Also, Sophie Kinsella signed it herself (at the How To Get Your Book Published event I went to a few weeks ago), so I don’t want to damage it by carrying it round all the time. I’ve had to therefore, start another one to have on the tube, at lunch etc.

Even though I should be concentrating on my writing course at lunch time… Uh… Yeah.

You know what, I’m going to keep this blog really short. As I’m away on Friday, I’m going to write my Fiction Friday piece now, then post it tomorrow so I don’t miss it. It’s a great prompt this week. Have a look.

I’ll see you the other side of the weekend. Enjoy peeps 🙂