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July nearly over – how did that happen?

I’m going to have to do quite a quick blog here as I am dying to work on ‘Holiday’.  After lunch I thought I’d do a little work on the scene I started last week, but before I even started it I got annoyed that I don’t have a name for the main character.  I decided I HAVE to find it today and while I’m there, names for everyone else.  So I found a random name generatorand wrote down all the ones I like with which potential character each could be.  I’ve got a few, but still not the main character.  It’s driving me mad.  The names I like are either from other stories of mine, or I just don’t think they suit the character.  Not that I really know what she looks like, but I think I’ll KNOW her name when I find it.  I hope.  Like naming a baby, I think when I find the right one I’ll know.  I wonder if that’s Naive?  I KNEW the male name was right.  So I hope I will with the female one when I find it.

Last night I was talking about being able to write novels without a day job.  I realise today I was thinking about it in the wrong way.  We were talking (hypothetically) about if my boyfriend got really good pay rise and we stayed together I could give up work and write novels.  Although that is an amazing idea, I really should do some positive thinking and think about it in terms of when I am being paid by a publisher to write novels for a living.  Wouldn’t that be nice.  I’m sure I’ve got enough ideas floating in my head to do it 😉

Guess I should write a little about the of this blog title too.  July is nearly over – how the hell did that happen?  As a kid I was always told that life flies by when you get older; if that’s the case I don’t want to get any older, I don’t want my life to go past any faster!

I got a free book today.  Or so I thought.  I was just walking along the street and someone was giving out free books.  Nice.  Very short ones, but I presumed it was just a short story. But no, it was a couple of chapters from a novel.  I have two conflicting opinions on this:

Opinion number one: As a reader – horrible idea.  I’ll read it then want to buy it, so have to go out and spend money on a book.  Not good as I’m trying to pay for a holiday this month and already have 2 other on my ‘To Buy NOW’ list.  I know I will have to because it’s Adele Parks and I really enjoy her novels. 

Opinion number two:  As someone who will one day (I hope) try to sell novels – great idea.  I’ve always thought giving people part of your story is a great idea – for exactly the reason as number one above.  People will get interested in it and want to read more. 

Smashwords(an online ebook retailer) give authors the options to give the public the first x amount of a novel for free.  It worked for me when I read Brown Girls.  The 1st 20% was great so I had to buy the rest.  I just know this is going to happen from this Adele Parks one too.  I knew that before I started it, having read one of the chapters, I KNOW I will have to now.

I’ve always had a bit of a dream to have a novel written by me given away free in a magazine.  I’ve discovered a few authors that way and think it’s a brilliant idea.  It potentially gives the author a fan base.  Presuming that is that other people are like me and once they discover an author keep reading their books and look forward to new ones coming out. 

So much for quick blog so I can get back to ‘Holiday’!!

I’ve got lethologica

Well,  I don’t really, I just love the word.  If (like me until this morning) you don’t know what it means, it’s an inability to remember the word you’re looking for.  So very soon, when I forget it, I’ll have lethologica about ‘lethologica’.  Love it!  It is a useful word though, I often suffer from it when I’m writing!

Good news!  I found the Blueberry yogurt story.  Yes, I did in fact email it to myself.  Phew.  When I found it though, I was slightly upset!  Only the first 100 or so words  were actually written into a story; all the rest was in note form.  I knew it wasn’t finished, but didn’t realise it was that not finished!  Something for me to focus on.

I’ve just remembered that when I went for a walk at lunch time I thought of how some of a scene for ‘Holiday’ would go.  Two scenes in fact.  Need to write them down!  ASAP.

I also thought of a name for the main character.  It works really well.  I’m very happy about that.  Now they both (the hero too0 have names.  I can stop calling them ‘he’ and ‘her’ etc.  Big relief.

I tried an on-line typing test yesterday.  I thought I’d got really good at it after taking some on-line lessons here a few months ago, turns out I was wrong.  I got a score of 28 wpm.  Damn that’s bad.  It was because I kept making mistakes.  Need to work on that.  A lot.  Now in fact!

Character names

How do you think of names of characters?  Up until now, they’ve always just come to me when I’ve been writing.  As I thought I had names for the main characters for ‘Holiday’ I’ve been writing using X and Y for their names instead.  I decided yesterday that as I can’t seem to be able to find my original notes for this, I need to find names for them – and for the other characters.  It’s hard.  So so hard.  I need names that suit them, but just can’t really find them.  I’ve got his, but have no idea about hers.  Or most of the other characters.  In the end I did a section for female names I like and one for male names. 

I wanted to do some work on it so much last night.  The internet wasn’t working though, so couldn’t.  Honestly it’s a joke, the 1st time I’m desperate to do some I can’t!  I just hope I have the same ‘need’ tonight.

Nothing else to write about.  Work’s really busy so I’m not finding much time to do any writing. 

Oh, I’ve just started a novel by Danielle Steel; I can’t remember what it’s called – Heatbreak, Heartbeat, Heartsomething.  It was really cheap in a shop the other day so I thought why not?  I’m only at the beginning, but it seems quite good.  I used to read a lot of her books when I was younger, I think I stopped because they’re all about women a lot older than me and most of what I read is about women around my age; I identify with them a lot more.  Should be good though, they usually are!