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All Change This Week

In the whole scheme of things, last week went really well. I was really stressed with work, and crazily busy, but I still managed to pull of my word counting goals, and eat less than the max number of calories I wanted to on quite a few of the days.

If I managed that last week with the work stress, imagine how much better this week is going to go, no that a lot of my stress (and work) has gone. Much.

So much so, that I’m going to mix it up a bit. I’m going to increase my word count goal, and decrease my calorie goal.

The last couple of weeks I’ve played ‘baby steps’ to get me back into writing. It worked, 100 words each day was so manageable, that I rocked it. When I was deciding to increase it, I really wanted to increase it. I thought 250… but then I thought, that’s not quite as manageable as 100. So… 150 it is this week. Next week I might push it up to 250, maybe just 200. I don’t know, I’ll see how I go, and see how I feel at the end of the week.

Likewise, eating 1400 calories each day, somehow seemed pretty easy. The says I managed it, I really managed it, I’m talking less that 1400, including some chocolate. If I was able to do it that well WITH chocolate, imagine if I could decrease it, and decrease the chocolate too. Maybe I’d lose more than 1lb (2 really, but I put 1 back on). I’m dropping it down to 1200. I’d really like to go as low as 1000, but that’s a massive step. If I can manage 1200 for a week or so, then I’ll think about lowering it again.

I went (window) shopping after work, and saw some really nice clothes that would look good a) if I was thinner, and b) when (if) I go on holiday. That’s two reasons right there to lose some weight. Hopefully I’m going the end of May, so I’ve got about 6 weeks to lose as much as possible. I could totally lose 12lb in that time, but I don’t want to take big steps, baby steps remember, I’m DEFINITELY going to lose 6lb. Anything else will be a bonus.

I walked home from work today – 5.16km. I stopped listening to music while I walk a few years ago (tinnitus makes me paranoid about listening to headphones too much, I save my headphone time for the gym and running), so decided to keep myself occupied another way. I used to play a game with my other half, where we’d watch aeroplanes, and I’d get him to make up stories about the people on the flight, where they were going etc. (I think secretly I always wanted him to ask me too, so I could make up somethings too, but if he ever did, I don’t remember). I decided to play that game with people walking past. I’d look at them, and work out where they were going, what they were doing etc. I decided I wasn’t allowed to chose someone whose story I’d want to make up, that would be too predictable, I’d make it up about the 5th person that walked by me…

The 5th person walked by on the phone. That gave me an idea. I developed it a little in my head, and was quite happy about the beginning of a story, or maybe just a scene in a story, seeing as there wasn’t really going to be much story, just character building.

I got home and started writing what I’d thought up, but it changed a little. Well quite a lot – a guy came on the scene (imagine, me a romance writer, thinking up a male lead too), which kind of took the scene off on another direction to the one I was planning.

It’s not much, but I think it’s enough to get me intetested to write tomorrow too. Even if it’s not, it got me WELL over my goal today. Goal = 150 word, Actual = 679 words. Woop!

Lets hope tomorrow goes well too.

My Thursday Rambling

It’s Thursday and for the second week running, I’ve started my FictionFriday piece before Friday. I don’t know what the world is coming to.

I started writing it as Kate – the MC from one of my novels, the character from my last few FictionFriday pieces. But, I had to stop writing from her POV because it sounded like it might be personal. It wasn’t, but I imagine some people reading it could have taken it to be. That’s the pain writing from a POV of a character that’s in the same situation as me. I know that’s a little cryptic, but I’m afraid it’s going to stay that way.

So, I took the same idea and swapped over to using Dan as the character. Dan’s the MMC from the novel – Kate’s best friend. However I’m a bit stuck as to who the girl he’s with should be. There’s an exact place in the novel I want this story to fit in. Although I could never use this in the book (it’s 1st person from Kate’s POV), now I’ve got this idea in my head I NEED to write it. But I don’t know if the girl should be the one that turns into his girlfriend, or just a random girl.

Oh yeah, this piece isn’t going to be a complete story, it’s going to have to be something taken out of something bigger (that probably won’t be written), so sorry in advance. Actually I might be able to make it a self-contained story.

I read about 10k of ‘Holiday’ last week. I quite like it. I want to keep writing it, but think I need to put the bits together before I start on it. That’s why I’m loving these Fiction Friday pieces, little glimpses into Kate and Dan’s lives without getting into the novel.

I entered a ‘competition’ to ‘win’ a ticket to Rowan Coleman’s book launch party for The Happy Home for Broken Hearts (which I will review soon, it’s sooooo good). You have to write a short review of your favourite book of hers, then she’ll pick the 40 (yes 40) she likes and they get to go to the party. At the moment there’s only three reviews, so I’m totally going. I may have to warn my friends they won’t see me much this month, I’ll be at loads of author events. Woop!

Before I started writing, there was so much I wanted to say, now I’m here I can’t think of another thing. As soon as I press ‘Publish’ I’ll remember at least one. How annoying.

Ok, got some things…

I started Jane Green’s Girl Friday yesterday – I’m already on p124. I did read A LOT yesterday somehow. Oh yeah, it was raining on my lunch break so I sat in the canteen and read. It’s really good, but I’m having a bit of a problem settling into it being in the present tense. This happens quite often when I read a book that’s past, then straight away swap to one that’s present. I can’t really pinpoint why, but something in my mind just doesn’t like the swap over.

Other than that, I’m loving it – as I totally expected to with a Jane Green novel. She’s definitely one of my favourite authors. Straight Talking is possibly my favourite novel of all time. Oh, after The Time Traveller’s Wife and Twlight (I’m still freaked out a vampire/teen book is in the top 2). I guess it’s possibly my favourite Chick Lit book ever.

Speaking of which, I read something on Simon & Schuster’s Facebook page recommending a survey to find the top 10 Chick Lit novels of the last decade. It’s run by Chick Lit Central on Facebook…. Actually, I’ve just looked and it’s closed. Damn, I didn’t give my opinion. To take part you had to list your top 5 chick lit novels. I couldn’t think of my top 5. I got top three – Straight Talking by Jane Green, Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella and Angels by Marian Keyes. But 2 more? Ooh, that’s hard. So I didn’t add any, and now I’ve missed my chance  *stamps off in a mood*

A few weeks ago one of our computers at work crashed and lost everything that was on the desktops. Yes I had loads of stuff. I had thought that it was probably stuff I’ve emailed myself anyway, but I’m now not so sure.

I’m 100% sure I’ve lost my list of books I’ve read. I was compiling a list of all the books I can remember reading as an adult – just for my own amusement. I was up to 90 odd. And have lost it. I am so annoyed with myself for not saving it somewhere else too.

I think, although I’m not sure, I’ve lost a load of research I did on Italy. Damn.

This should teach me a lesson. I need to buy an external hard drive to save all my stuff on. I know you can get them online and stuff, but I just want one. However I do it, I should do it soon, every 3 days I get a reminder pop up telling me to do it. I’ll be so annoyed at myself if I lose everything and haven’t backed it up. Just another thing for the ‘To be done’ list!

Thursday’s Thoughts

I don’t think this whole 30 thing is working for me – or it’s working too much! Every day since my birthday last week I’ve been either going out, really tired or hungover. It’s zapping my productivity. Today for instance, should be putting the finishing touches to my story for Rowan Coleman’s Short Story Competition, but instead am very tired and a little hungover. Why do I do it?

I’ve done edit number one on it. The ending always makes me smile – I love the idea of it, I just hope the twist isn’t too subtle, I’m slightly worried it is. Probably just me being paranoid!

Oh no. I just finished this blog, and internet explorer died. Along with the rest of my blog 😦 I may cry! Actually I’ll go have lunch and come back and carry on. So upset!

Right, so where was I?

Rowan Coleman’s been running weekly mini story competitions via Facebook. Back in May I was a runner-up to one of the weekly competitions. Rowan said because my story made her laugh. Hopefully my story for this main competition will also make her laugh.

Having had this runner’s up position makes me a tiny bit confident about entering the comp. Hearing 33 people entered yesterday ALONE makes me anything BUT confident. Especially as I’m really struggling with a few sentences. I just can’t get them right. Other than that I’m pretty happy about it.

I think of the best things about entering this competition is it will hopefully give me confidence to enter more competitions, and maybe even submit a story to a magazine.

(I’ve just realised – I lost my blog. That’s great. On Sunday I lost my phone – then found it – last night I got home without my keys – but found them this morning. As things happen in 3s I’ve been a little worried about what I’d lose next. Very relieved it’s just a blog – I was having visions of it being my purse).

I went to the library the other day. I’d told myself I was allowed to get out two books. I got three, which to be honest was pretty good for me. I can’t remember what two of them are (yeah, they made that much of an impression!). The third (or first, whichever way you look at it) is The Baby Group by Rowan Coleman (see a pattern to this text?!) I’m maybe 1/5 of the way through it.

Reading it though has made me wonder about the characters in my writing. In this novel there are five women in the baby group – each one is totally different with different personalities, with different things motivating them. I’m worried my characters are all the same. I’m going to have to work on this – maybe for Fiction Friday tomorrow. If I get this Rowan Coleman story done in time.

Right off to start on draft 3 of this short story!