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Fiction Friday #169 – Kate and the Karaoke

The note taped to the door said:

 See you at Wild Notes Karaoke Bar x

Part of me is pissed off with him, I know I said go on without me, but really, he could have waited. If I was his girlfriend he would’ve waited. How’s that going to look to his parents.

 After my shower I stand looking at my clothes, trying to decide what to wear. I’m trying to wipe the thought of Walt and Simon from my mind. American guys are so much fun. I need to keep telling myself that’s it. I just like American guys. I need to tell myself that I don’t fancy Simon. Not at all. I can’t. He’s Dan’s brother’s mate. I’m pretending to be Dan’s girlfriend. I can’t like anyone else.

It wouldn’t be so bad, but the way Simon looked at me… No, I can’t think this. Dan’s my boyfriend, Dan is my boyfriend. Simon’s just a nice guy like Walt. The fun American guys. That’s all. Me and Dan. Me and Dan. I’ll just drill it into my head.

As I’ve been for a run today I justify getting a taxi down to the bar. My irritation with Dan for leaving me hasn’t left yet. If I’m completely honest it’s probably more than that. I’m irritated he’s putting me in this position of pretending to be his girlfriend when there’s a rally nice, funny, sexy guy here too. It’s so not fair.

When the taxi pulls up I pay him, and look up at the bar. Strains of ‘Don’t worry, be happy’ come from the bar in someone’s terrible singing. At least I know I can do better than that. I walk in and see the group at the back of the room. The first person to catch my eye is Simon. Typical. He smiles at me, all the way up to his eyes, which makes my stomach lurch. As I smile back I can feel trouble brewing.


I had so many different ideas for this week’s Fiction Friday prompt from Write Anything. Too many that I couldn’t decide which one to use. When I finally sat down to write it, it became something completely different to all the ideas I had. typical.

If you’ve been reading my FF pieces over the last time I hope you’ll recognise this as Kate the MC from my novel ‘Holiday.’ This is a bit which may make it’s way into the novel! You might also recognise me kind of using a previous FF prompt – I’m well chuffed with myself for getting Don’t Worry, Be Happy in there too!

Walt you’re only mentioned in passing, but I hope you like your character 🙂

If you like my stuff and/or you like Chick Lit and you’re on Facebook, go have a look at Chick Lit Shorties and vote for your favourite short story for August (oh look, I’ve got an entry!). You could win yourself a book!!

Another Competition and a Lot of Writing

Morning peeps. Can you believe it’s Sunday morning (right now, it will be afternoon my the time I post it) and I’m awake and writing a blog? I find it pretty hard to believe myself, but there is a very good reason. And it’s not that I can’ sleep (which I can’t but that’s not the point).

Midday today was the deadline for the Bugged Project submissions. Having listened to many, many conversations on 1st July and writing the first 300 words of a story, I’d managed to procrastinate doing anything else until Friday. On Friday night I pretty much finished the first draft, but I needed to complete it and edit it over the weekend. I was out all day yesterday which left today. Good thing I woke up early!

I’m pretty annoyed with myself for leaving it until the last day to send in. In fact the last 15 minutes. I used to be like this at school – always leave things to the last minute. I like to think that I work better under pressure, but I’m not so sure. I guess we’ll see if my story gets printed on the website. Fingers crossed for me.

The story’s called Mushrooms. Nothing like a bizarre title for a story. The sentence I overheard was ‘I’m eating mushrooms.’ My story came from that. I’m pretty happy with it. Although I only finished it this today, I’ve been plotting it a lot in my head over the last six weeks, so I guess I have been working on it. So to speak. Hmmm.

This week the winners of Rowan Coleman’s Short Story Competition are announced. Nervous? Me? Never! It’s the first writing competition I’ve ever entered so of course I’m nervous. And the prize is awesome – three months mentoring with Rowan Coleman for the winner. Wow. Even if I don’t win or come top 5 (which I’m not expecting to) it’s been a great experience – my first competition entry. Regardless of anything else, it gave me the confidence to enter more and more things.

Speaking of more and more things. There’s another competition I’ve entered over at Chick Lit Shorties. You have to write a 500 character ending to a piece of writing they gave. To be in with a chance of winning you pretty much need to get lots of people ‘liking’ your story. So dear readers, if you like my stuff, please go visit the site, and if you like my story, please ‘Like’ it. Even if you don’t like my story, there are some great other ones that are worthy of a read!

I’ve just realised I’ve still not set any goals for August. Ah. Well, it’s 15th August today. Do I need to now? I don’t think so. I’m pretty much writing every day, and recording how much too; I’m reading a lot; I’m entering competitions and most importantly I’m doing lots of work on my writing course.

Yes, reread that bit if you want – I’m doing lots of my writing course. Woo hoo! This week I sent off my next assignment and have read and made notes on one of the modules I need to read for my next assignment. I decided to make notes on it, because that’s the way I worked at school. I think I thought that if I made notes it would go in more. There’s that, but also I’m just highlighting key bits, which I’ll put in a folder so if I need to refer back to anything at any point in the future I can go to my folder and find it quickly rather than reaingd through pages and pages of the booklet to find it.

I had such an awesome reaction to my Fiction Friday piece. To quote my new best friend (after this comment) Rebecca Stonebridge ‘Love, love love this. I want to read your novel.’ Wow. I then had a conversation on Twitter with her and Laura from NovelKicks and they were both telling me to get on and write the novel so they can read it. I’ve also had other comments from people saying they want to know what happens. I really am going to have to write it.

Doing these Fiction Friday pieces and that blog takeover day the other day, are really getting the characters in my head. I’m getting excited about writing it. So much so I really don’t want to go back and edit Italian Infatuation. I want to write holiday. But then if I do that I’ll have two unedited books. Can I edit one while writing another? Would it be too much? especially as one’s 3rd person and the other’s 1st? Hmmm.

I’ve not had a day at home doing nothing for ages (except last Sunday, but I did a big spring clean then) so am well looking forward to NOTHING today. Only it’s not going to be nothing. I’m going to read lots. And read another module of my writing course. And of course do some writing – although finishing off that story was writing, so maybe I won’t. But maybe I will.

Another Competition and More Chat

This not doing much work at work is really working for me. Today, I’ve entered a very short story competition. Over at my new favourite website Chick Lit Shorties they’re running a very short story competition in August. They’ve given us an expert of an Isabel Wolff novel then we have to carry it on – in 500 words.

So I’ve written and posted my entry. If you want to take a look, click on here. There are three winners, to be shortlisted enough people have to ‘like’ your story. So, if you like my story, please ‘like’ it too.

Yesterday I sent off my next writing course assignment. I nearly forgot. I got home, had dinner, lounged about and was halfway through watching a movie when I suddenly remembered. Phew. The longest it takes to have it back is 10 days. Oo, exciting.

I wrote a list of all the writing I NEED to do this week. I got a little freaked out by it all. So when through my inbox to delete some of the 5,000+ I have. You know, a job that’s so important!!

I’ve actually crossed a couple of things off the list, so that’s making me feel pretty good. The first was the Chick Lit Shorties competition and the second was my review of The Happy Home for Broken Hearts – which can be found here if you’re interested. I’ve got a little dilemma about this. I got the novel as a freebie to review, but from Facebook. I want to let Rowan know that I’ve reviewed it, but, my Facebook account is in my real name, and obviously this isn’t. I guess I’ll send her a direct message. But if I posted it so that all her ‘liker’s (fans) saw it, I bet I’d get a few visitors across. Hmmm. I might have to do it. I guess it’s not going to be anyone I know on Facebook that sees the link – no one else I know is a fan (except a couple of other writers that know my two identities). I guess at some point I have to let the world know my name, cause I’m going to (if I get that far) publish ‘Holiday’ under my real name.

The reason I’m not using it though on here, is that the first book I’m going to try to publish is going to be a Mills & Boon book, and I don’t want to use my name for that. I want a distinction between my chick lit and M&B books. And also my thrillers and children’s books. If I do either of them. How much ambition do I have?! 🙂

Speaking of ‘Holiday’ I think I’m going to have to change that name much sooner than I thought I would have to. The reason? My next writing course assignment (when I’ve read SIX modules) is to write about a novel I’m planning (I’m going with the idea at only 20,000 words, it’s still in the planning stage – ok, I’m cheating using this but still). I need to have a title, and do a 750 word synopsis and a 150 bio of four of the main characters. Woop! Loving that.

Of course, there’s always the option I don’t write about Holiday. I’m thinking of writing a YA novel for NaNoWriMo in November, so I could do a little planning of that now (or when I’ve read those modules anyway). I quite like the idea of doing Holiday though, cause then I can get some actual feedback straight away.

It did cross my mind to do it about Italian Infatuation, but as that’s already written I don’t think it’s a good idea.

Ok, that’s probably it for now. I should really go and do a little work… 😉