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October’s goals

I hope that I achieve more in October than I ever have before.  I really feel like I’m on a run with my writing course, I seem to be doing lots of reading and now I’ve signed up to the Novel Push Initiative I’ll be doing at least 250 words a day on holiday.  Here we go then:

  • Write 15,000 words.  I’ll be doing at least 7,750 for NovelPI, 20 blogs of at least 250 words gives 5,000 then a few more for other thing’s I’ll do.
  • 20 blogs on WordPress
  • 4 weekend posts.  As I’m going to be writing every weekend for NovelPI I may as well do more posts.
  • Read 2 novels
  • Read 4 children’s books.  I’m quite into the idea of writing a children’s book, so need to do research, research, research.
  • Finish assignment 2 for my writing course.  Hopefully once I get past this project I should be able to fly through the course (maybe not fly through it, but continue steadily with it).

That looks like quite a lot and I’ve actually had to limit myself.  I wanted to set myself much higher goals, but think it’s better to have achievable ones than way far out ones.  As long as I stay motivated through the whole month I should be fine.

Elsewhere.  I’ve now done days 1 and 2 of NovelPI, and done really well on both.  I got just under 450 yesterday and today I’m currently sitting just above 700.  Both days I’ve felt like I can write loads more, and am having to stop myself for fear of burn out.  I’m a little scared that if I write for as long as I want on the project I’ll either get bored of it, or write as much as I can that’s been plotted.  If I get as far as having written everything I’ve plotted, I’ll just have to plot more. 

I need to do that anyway.  So far I have the story planned 90% before the holiday, then once they get on holiday, I’ve only planned about 20%.  The important 20%, but not enough to fill in some blanks and a whole holiday of activities.  I also have made quite a significant change to the family structure of the heroine.  Well, I think I have.  It’s something I can’t decide on right now.

During my lunch hour I’m going to go to the library and send the email (or at least start the email) to hopefully get people to help with my assignment.  I’m not all that confident that will be the way to do it, but that’s all the ideas I got at the moment.  Fingers crossed. 

I’ve started a Twitter account to go in conjunction with this.  I’ve actually set it up so I can check in for NovelPI, but I guess it’s a good idea anyway.  I don’t really know what I’m doing with it, so who knows how much it will be used.  If you want to follow me I’m new2writinggirl. 

I’ve started on novel number one for this month.  I’m going for some chick lit.  Yay.  Cecelia Ahearn’s Thanks for the Memories.  It did that horrible making me cry on the tube thing this morning.  In the first few chapters too.  I don’t even really care about the characters in it yet.  I’m just a soppy so and so.

Too old for children’s books?

I am of course way too old to be reading 5 years+ books from the library.  I was therefore slightly worried they wouldn’t let me take any out – let alone two.  I thought maybe children would have to have their own cards and you could only take them out on that – shows how used to using libraries I am.  They let me, no problem.

So why am I now in possession of two children’s books aimed at the 5+ year old market?  Research.  Research for my children’s book about the number five dog.  I know that to write a book, I need to know what kind of thing they have in their books.  Not sure if I can get away with reading them on the tube? 

I’m going to send an email off tonight to try and get people to volunteer to be interviewed for my assignment.  I hope I get some people coming back saying they’d like to be.

I don’t feel like writing today, having a pretty rubbish day with car problems and worries about travel this weekend without said car.  I’m going to try and make myself do at least something though.

Productive day

I am having quite a productive day today (in the writing sense).  Work is ridiculously quiet.  I did most of my work for the day in the 1st half hour, then on my lunch break someone finished the rest of it.  Bad.  But really good because I have done lots of writing.  Well some writing anyway.

A few months ago I got the idea for a short story and make notes for it (the blueberry yogurt story I’ve talked about before).  I decided today would be the day to fill in the gaps.  I’m about 3/4 of the way through and I think it’s OK.  Actually I’m very happy with it.  When finished it will be the 1st short story I’ve written that I’m happy with.  In fact only the 2nd I’ve ever written as an adult.  The other was for a competition which I never heard back from.  Looking back I can see why.  It had a rubbish ending. 

I’m happy with this one though as there’s a little twist in it which makes it quite good.  I think anyway.

Also this morning I asked for some words or idea to create a story around.  The words I was given were:  ”A white dog”, ”Cheeseburger”, ”The number ‘3’ ”, ”Running” and ”half”.  From that I created a children’s story in my head, which I now have in note form.  Maybe by Christmas it will be a story.  I do have a slight problem with it.  The children do something they are not allowed to do, but don’t really get punished for it, promoting the idea that it’s ok to something you shouldn’t.  I do not want my story to give children the impression they can get away with being naughty.  I’ll have to put a bit more weight behind them getting told they can’t do it.  The other tiny problem is that they get told they can’t tell anyone something, I don’t think it’s a good thing to tell children they aren’t allowed to tell their parents.  Although it’s a policman who tells them, so maybe it’s ok?  As I say it probably won’t turn into a story for months, so I don’t need to worry.  Plus, there will probably never be any children that read it.  Positive aren’t I!

The  other day at work I decided to start writing down bits of conversations people had as they walked past my desk.  I thought it would be pretty easy, but it’s harder than I thought.  I don’t know if it’s because there’s a lot of other noises going on so hard to concentrate on one thing, or maybe because people are facing away from me half the time, but it is quite hard to do.  I think that’s probably more of an exercise for somewhere where the people around are sat sill.  I’ll persist anyway.

I’m really impressed that for the 1st time in ages, I’ve actually got something to blog about.  Maybe this is a change and I’ll start doing lots more writing.  Fingers crossed please!

Cheese apparently

I’m having more and more weird dreams and I’ve forgotten to write them down the last couple of days.  A colleague questioned if I’ve been eating a lot of cheese, which I have. My housemate calls me the Cheesemonster.  (That could make a good children’s story?  A monster that eats all the cheese?  He’d be addicted, but have strange dreams because of it?)  I thought cheese was supposed to give you BAD dreams not strange dreams? 

Horribly enough I don’t really have any other writing news!  Except, I’ve got a new printer!  Woo hoo!  That will make sending things off much easier.  Means I really should send some things off now. 

The first sections of the writing course suggests writing stories about people you meet, asking them more and more questions to find out what you need to know.  I’m going to a dinner party on Saturday, so going to try that out – see how good my detective skills are!  And imaginary to create the story.

My touch typing’s going really well, I pretty much never look at  the keyboard now.  Yes I’m making mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes (he he).

Must try harder

Yes, I must try harder with my blog.  I’ve just read through a few blogs and spotted so many mistakes.  This is the reason I should read through the blog before I post it.  Try harder girl.

While trying to kill some time yesterday I wrote a bit of a children’s story.  A long time ago (before I signed up to the writing course – I think it was when I started to read a ‘How to write a novel’ book) I had the idea that I would write down all my day dreams.  Day dreams must be ideas trying to get out.  Or they might be anyway.  I’ve not done this before, so figure it’s time.

The ‘daydream’ came to me last week.  It’s about a little girl who gets a fairy for a friend.  The initial idea was an adult who gets an imaginary friend who makes wishes come true so must be real or magic or something.  I didn’t think it through because that kind of thing isn’t my kind of thing (with the exception of a book I once read ‘If you could see me now’ by Cecelia Ahene which was about a woman who discovers her new friend is actually an imaginary friend. I only read it because I love her books not because of the story itself.  I was glad I did – it was really good).  But then I thought about it a little more and realised it would make a great children’s story.  Maybe it’s a new calling?  Maybe it’s a sign I should get more sleep (having strange thoughts that is).

The reason I’ve not been writing ideas/daydreams (and real dreams too) down is because I often forget them straight away.  For instance I know I had a dream last night that was quite interesting.  But as soon as I woke up I forgot it.  Apprarently you can train yourself to remember dreams by always trying to write them down when you wake up.  Eventually you start to be able to rememeber more.   Must try this.