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Week Round Up

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. This week has gone so quickly. Too Quickly, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. On Monday I had a migraine, it lasted all evening, so cut off any chance of doing anything that night. On Tuesday I had a headache all day, I always do the day after a migraine. Wednesday I stayed at work till about 7pm. Then today, I’ve had a headache all day again. So really, I haven’t had that much time to write, edit etc. Also, I’ve had to do some work, so again, that took away time from doing stuff for me.

Here’s my goals and what I achieved:

Week 1

Editing: My goal was 7 hours. I did 4 hours. I did an additional hour prepping for a short story (more later), so 5 altogether. Considering I’ve never done any novel editing before, and I’ve been putting this off for about a year, I’m really happy with it.

Writing course: Ah. Well. Um… So I totally have an excuse for not doing this. My next assignment (I vaguely remember) is to write the plot to a novel. I’m going to use The Man of My Dreams, cause I think it would be good to have a tutor give comments on it. But, seeing as I wrote most of it well over a year ago, I can’t really remember it, so I need to go through and write up what happens. Oh, and work out an ending. That’s what I’m doing at the moment in editing, so need to finish that before I can do the assignment. He he.

Book Reviews: I planned to do one for my blog, and one (my first) for Novel Kicks. I did the one for here – The Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. I’ve drafted the one for Novel Kicks, but I’m taking my time, because it’s someone else’s website, so I want it to be perfect. I’ve written up the bio I’ll send over with it. Massively excited about it.

ROW80 Check Ins: 2. Wednesday and Sunday. Done.

Reading challenge Blogs: 2, done. The TBR Pile Challenge blog and the Mystery/Crime Challenge blog.

Burn 1500Kcal on top of normal excercise: 800 done. It’s the fault of the migraines and headaches, I couldn’t exercise with them. Next week!

Fasting Days: 1 of 2. I planned to have my second one today, but because I’ve got this headache, I thought I should feed my body properly. I’ll do 3 next week to make up for it – starting tomorrow.

During the week, I found out about the Belinda Jones Travel Club’s Sunlounger Short Story Competition. You can enter a rom-com short story on the subject of holidays, with the prize being having the story printed in the Sunlounger anthology, along side Belinda Jones, Kate Harrison, Talli Roland, Chrissie Manby, and many, many more. I don’t have an exact idea for a story, but I’ve got a character idea and a situation idea. Closing date is the end of March, so I’ve got time to think about it.

Goals for this week:

7 hours editing

2 hours on my writing course

2 book reviews (one for here, and the completed one for Novel Kicks)

Burn 1,500 Kcal in addition to normal daily walking to work etc.

3 fasting days.

As long as I can shake this headache that’s been plaguing me all week, I should be OK.

#ROW80 Check in – Sunday 12th June

My bedroom clock says 0.00 Monday, but my mobile says 11.57, so I’m not late, ha ha!

I’m not doing great, but I’m not doing too badly. Although that’s only because of today. This morning I managed 540 words – almost double my daily goal. However I’d done nothing since my last check in on Wednesday – the check where I realised if I hit my target of 300 words a day I’ll get 4k+ by the end of this round of ROW80.

Although on this mini goal I’m now 700 words behind, I’m determined I’m going to do it. I started a story for Fiction Friday last week, and I worked more on it earlier today, and I’m feeling quite into it, so I’m going to keep at it for a while. I don’t think it will go anywhere as there’s not really a good enough story line, but it’s an experiment in creating sexual tension, and a couple getting together for the first time. I know I need more of this in Italian Infatuation so I think this is really useful to do.

I also had a bit of a realisation today – I want to work more on ‘Holiday.’ ‘Holiday’ is another novel I’m working on, that I actually started writing well over 2 years ago – it’s just slow going. Having said that, I have high hopes for it, I love the story idea and think it will make a brilliant novel. When I get finish it. Oh, and change the title to something I actually like – ‘Holiday’ is definitely a working title!

The thing that has been putting me off it is that I’ve got so many bitty bits of it that I don’t know what to write, when. When I did Italian Infatuation and The Dating Project for NaNoWriMo 2009 and 2010 respectively I did them chronologically so I knew where I was at all times. ‘Holiday’ scares me because I don’t have a clue.

I really didn’t think this was a good way of writing, but at the time I was writing things as they came in my head, or later on when I knew how the story would shape up, as they interested me. When I met Chrissie Manby a few weeks ago at the Girl’s Night In at Brixton Library she said that she writes like that – in a random order. There’s something comforting knowing that someone has had success writing this way – it’s inspiring.

So, at some point in the very near future, I’m going to get out my old laptop and look at ‘Holiday,’ see where it is and where I need to go, and work on it a little more. I’m determined I’m going to get a pattern together in my life where I write and edit, oh, and work on my writing course.

It won’t be tomorrow though, tomorrow I’m going to make an appearance at the writing group I joined a few months ago, but that I have only been to twice. Go me!

Enjoying Editing (#ROW80 Check-In Sun 29/5)

Thanks to A Round of Words in 80 Days (and Chrissie Manby and Lotte Daley), I started editing my novel a week ago. I’d been putting it off since December. 2009. Right now, I have no idea why! I’m really enjoying doing it. I know it’s going to take a huge amount of time and patience, but you know what, I’m ready and looking forward to it.

I’ve so far done an hour and a half, and that time has shown how incredibly long it is going to take – and how hard it’s going to be. I think my biggest problem is going to be deciding which idea to use. So far I’ve had a couple of things where I cross out what I’ve written and use something else, but then go back and think the first one was better. Sigh. I don’t know.

There are a couple of HUGE things I need to sort out. Like if the MCs are attracted to each other from the beginning (which I originally though they were) or it grows between them. Actually, writing that, I’ve realised I know the answer myself. This is why it’s great having a blog! Maybe if I can blog all my dilemmas, I can solve then as I go.

I’m not getting any further on the MC’s name. I did have an idea yesterday, but I’m not too sure if it’s right or not. I have this romantic idea that when I find her name I’ll KNOW. I don’t know if it happens like that though. I don’t think I’ve ever had this problem with a character before.

Oh, I’m having another character name problem. I thought I knew one of the bridesmaids name’s, but it’s listed as X in the first couple of chapters. I really feel like I need to know it before I carry on, I can’t leave X as a name on draft two! (And yet I can have no name for my MC – go figure!) It means searching through the pages for her name, but she has a really small part, so it’s going to be hard finding where she pops up. Sigh!

I’m sure I’ve got more to write, but I’m dying to get on and edit for a bit before I get ready for a wedding this afternoon (and to be honest, I’m really hungry!), so I must fly.

Hold up, can you believe I just wrote that – I’m dying to get on with my editing! It seems miracles do happen after all!

Not Much Writing, But Lots of Excitement (#ROW80 Check-in)

I was just trying to work out why I’ve done no writing or editing this week… but then I realised it’s only Wednesday – and I am about to do some for today. Yesterday I HAD to go shopping (for a dress for a wedding – see essential stuff!) and Monday, I… Well to be honest I can’t rememeber why I didn’t do anything. It possibly had something to do with Gavin and Stacy being on TV and me having not watched any TV for ages.

Today though, I’m going to do some. Just as soon as I’ve finished this. And maybe that other blog I’m working on. And possibly a book review. Then, I promise I’ll do some. Honest.

The reason I’ve got lots of excitement going on is two fold – first I went to an author event on Friday (and you know how excited I get about them) and secondly… are you ready? I started editing Italian Infatuation on Friday. Like actually got a pen out and started scribbling on it. Like proper editing! I only did about half an hour, but that’s half an hour more than I’ve done editing it since I wrote it.

Oh, another really exciting thing, at the author event ‘Girls Night In,’ (I’ll link the blog about it here when I do it) was that Chris (Chrissie) Manby told me she LOVED the name Italian Infatuation. Woop! I really like it too, but to have someone as experienced as Chrissie say she likes it… wow!

The main reason I really wanted to blog today, was that I wanted to share with you my belief that things happen for a reason. Stylist is a free weekly magazine in London for women. I used to get it every Wednesday, and love it. But in October we moved offices and since then I don’t really get it. I don’t know if they don’t give them out at London Bridge or Moorgate (whichever I decide getting off at that day) or if they’ve all been given out by the time I get there, but I never usually get one, and never usually see anyone who has handed them out.

Today, that changed. Today, as soon as I stepped out the station and saw a florescent jacket, I knew. Hopefully the Stylist people have decided Moorgate is a good station to hand them out (mental note to tell @stylistmagazine on Twitter!). I didn’t get a chance to read it until I sat down tonight for dinner, and when I did, imagine how delighted I was when the cover story was about my favourite subject: BOOKS!

Children’s books to be exact. There was an article on ‘The Books We Never Outgrow,’ then a top 10 children’s books countdown. They chose so many good books, some of which I’d forgotten existed (Malory Towers, The Worst Witch anyone?) ,  and some I’d remembered (Anne of Green Gables, The BFG). Anne of Green Gables is actually still on my TBR list now. When I was younger I was addicted to the series, but now, I can’t rememeber it, and I want to be able to remember it. Reading the list made me want to add all the other books to my TBR list too. You know, I may!

The final thing in the article was a 9 point plan of ‘How To Get Your Children’s Book Published,’ which is actually something I’d like to do (you know, once I’ve written it, and published my romance and YA novels!) Seriously, it’s like the magazine was specifically for me today – and totally goes back to what I was saying in the begining – things happen for a reason and I believe someone somewhere wanted me to get a Stylist today for a reason!

Right, I think that’s enough jibba-jabba for today. I was going to say I’ll go and edit (or write another blog, or even just do some writing), but I flicked very quickly onto Twitter and have just seen The Apprentice is on. This will be a will power test!

ROW80 so far: 8,830 w0rds; 30 mins writing course; 30 mins EDITING! Woop!