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Christmas Eve Blog

Wow, Christmas Eve… how did that happen? So far my break has been good, but really unproductive. We got up and travelled to my other half’s Mum’s, via my Dad’s, then my mum’s.

When we were packing this morning, we debated taking the laptop. Had it have been mine, it would have been fine to travel with… it’s tiny (slightly bigger than a net book), but mine’s broken (really need to get another cable to see if that’s the problem – this proves I need to!) so we had to decide whether to take his huge one. Obviously I wanted to, but it wouldn’t have been me carrying it. He didn’t want to. Hmm. He convinced me that his tablet would be fine. Hmm. I finally agreed (we are staying with his mum, then mine – both of who have computers I can borrow).

We’ve now reached test 1. It’s going slightly better than I thought, but not great. It’s kind of my fault though. I’m really comfy on the sofa at his mum’s. The chair where the computer is just doesn’t look as good! I’m trying typing on the tablet. I’d tried this before with not too much success, today it’s going better. I’m not sure why, maybe because I’ve not got long nails today, so they’re not competing with my fingers to reach the keyboard? Maybe it’s something else (more patience today than when trying before?).

I’ve got to be honest, I’m writing a blog so I know it will be a few hundred words only – I don’t think I could carry this on for a thousand or so of my novel I’d like to write daily, but blogging, yeah, I can handle that.

I’m finding it hard to make plans for the next week. In an ideal world I’d like to write about 2000 words a day and get The Man of My Dreams finished by 31st. In reality, with Christmas and visiting so many friends and family, I don’t think that’s going to be possible. I’m going to be upset if I don’t finish it this year because there are quite a few days this month when I should have, and could have written, but for whatever reason didn’t.

I know I can find a little time each day, even today, it’s gone 11pm, but there’s still time. If I try hard enough, I can find a little time. It may only be 10 minutes, but every little helps right? Of course it does.

If I try a little every day and don’t make it, at least I will have tried. If I don’t try to don’t make it, I’ll be annoyed. Guess I need to try then!

Happy Christmas to you all – hope you have a wonderful day x

Cookie/Gingerbread House Party

Being English with an Uncle that is American, an Aunt that lived over there when I was a kid, and a Grandfather from the country that I’ve never met, I’ve always loved Americans. I love their over-the-top-ness and enthusiasm about things (mainly holidays) that you just don’t get over here in theUK. Take Christmas, we put up a few decorations, occasionally wear a hat etc. I lived outside Philly in the year 2000/01 and loved everything that Christmas – the decorations on nearly every house and the hugeness of the celebration and excitement that it seems the whole population feels. My boyfriend and I were thinking about going toNew Yorkthis Christmas because he says he ‘never feels Christmasy.’ I thought if there is anywhere in the world he’d feel festive it would be in the states (andNew Yorkhappens to be my favourite city in the WORLD!). NY didn’t happen (gutted, but maybe next year), but I’ve still had a bit of an American feel to the beginning of my festive period.

Jenn (who is American), Claire (French) and Hannah (Canadian), who are my friends from NaNo (Jenn and Claire have been Municipal Liaison officers this year) always have a Cookie/Gingerbread House Party in December. Guess what happened on Sunday? You bet!

There were cookies to decorate, Mulled Wine, Winter Pimms and Hot Apple Cider to drink, great company, and (sorry to say) best of all – there were Gingerbread Houses to decorate! Yeah, I was so excited!

I decorated a load of cookies and I ate a load of cookies (to be honest I’m not entirely sure which I did more of, but I definitely didn’t count calories on Sunday!!). Then, I decorated my first ever Gingerbread House!

It was so much fun!

I really wanted to blog about it to show off my house, because I’m so proud of it. I also figure that this is a writing blog, which is creative. Decorating cookies and gingerbread houses is creative, so they all go under the same umbrella. Ish. Of course if I’m going down this route, I should also post a picture of the birthday cake I made last month for Mr NTWG, because that looked pretty cool too. I don’t think I’m going to go that far… yet (maybe when I bake one for my dad next week?)! Here though, are the pictures of my cookies and house. Aren’t they pretty!








Belated Happy Christmas

Well that’s Christmas 2010 done. Well, actually it isn’t. There’s still five hours of Boxing Day left and I’ve still got another 2 days off work. As far as I’m concerned until I go back to work on Wednesday, it’s still Christmas.

Plus tomorrow I’m visiting the other half’s family, which is part of Christmas.

What would be nice, was if I could also do some writing… Lets look at the excuses I can come up with to NOT write though…

Well, I’m in the process of moving. That’s going to take a while. I’ve technically already moved ME and the important things I need, but it’s the everything else I need to move now. Which could take a while. Plus there’s all the getting sorted in a new place. And the stress that I’m only going to be living there for 6 – 8 weeks before doing it all over again (wall to bash my head against anyone?) 

I’m still ill. Last weekend a cough/cold developed and it’s firmly attached itself to me. A couple of times in the last week I’ve thought writing would be cool, but then I’ve realised how ill I felt and climbed further under the duvet. Yes, I fully admit I am a bad bad person at being ill. I have man flu. But at least I’m not ill all that much. I’d probably have no friends, and be single!

I got some books for Christmas, but cooking and household books. Nothing fiction-y. Although I have a suspicion, I may be getting a couple of novels from the other half (I hope anyway). I’ve not done much reading this month. Well, I’ve read two books, but then I got ill. Maybe I could squeeze another one out before the end of the year. Depending on what I get tomorrow (from the other half).

I need to do another post on my huge fail of the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge. I need a few more days to build myself up for that one – it’s just too depressing right now though – I hate failing. 😦

What I’m really happy with though, and I’ll do a full post on this before the year is out, is how many books I’ve read this year. Last year I read 17 and hardly enjoyed any. This year, I’m read many many more (I don’t know the exact number) and I’m well happy with it.

How was your Christmas or if not Christmas, your holiday? Hope lots of you got lots of writing done 😉

Christmas – Done!

It’s all over for another year 😦  I’m now back at home and back at work – but at least only for two days before I get another four off.  Gotta love New Year being before a weekend!

Christmas went well.  I went up north with a few books to give to my step mum, she’s an avid reader like me, but came back with an even bigger stack of books.  Love it.  For presents I got given the first two novels in Stieg Larsson’s Millenium trilogy.  I’ve also had promises that I’m going to get (they had to be ordered specially and didn’t arrive in time) Stephen King’s On Writing and Cathy Yardley’s Will Write For Shoes. Yay!

I also got a stack of books in return for mine from my step mum.  I told her about my Thriller & Suspense challenge and she suggested I read Michael Connelly – the guy I was saying last week I’d like to read.  She gave me a few of his books and some other thrillers. 

During a couple of shopping trips I found: two very cheap Mills & Boon books (yes cheaper than normal), I couldn’t help getting them for more ‘research’; Then in a couple of cheap books in a supermarket – The Crush by Sandra Brown and a chick lit one.  My stack of books is getting bigger and bigger.  I could do with another bookshelf soon (my room’s too small so I can’t and because I rent I can’t spread out of my room- damn).

I didn’t do much reading over the festive period.  The book I’m reading is good, so I would have liked to, but there just wasn’t the time.  As we’re so quiet at work today, we’re taking really long breaks, so I’ve already got some reading time in today – will have loads more by the end of the day.  As it’s pouring with rain I doubt I’ll be going out so it’s reading all the way for me! 

I gave three copies of the first draft of Italian Infatuation away for Christmas.  One to my mum, one to my step mum and one to my boyfriend’s mum (see a pattern there?).  My boyfriend offered to print them at work, but also got them properly binded.  They looked pretty cool.  I was really impressed.  Hopefully so will they be.  I’m just waiting for their comments now…  Ony 3 days until I let myself touch it, yay. 

When I start editing, I think I’m going to read through it all not touching it to start with.  Then once I’m happy with the story as a whole, I’ll go through it with a fine tooth comb.  I’m not sure if that’s the best way to do it.  I’m open to suggestions if anyone else thinks another way is better!  I think I’ll set the end of March as a deadline to revise it.  Having never done this before I have no idea if this is a realistic target or not, but it’s a target and that’s what I need. 

I also haven’t done any writing since last week.  It was Christmas – I’m letting myself off.  I’m getting back on it today.  Not sure what I’ll write, but I’m sure something will come to me!

The other thing I gave away for Christmas was the first draft of a children’s story (well three very short stories).  It/they were inspired by my boyfriend, so he got a copy of that.  I don’t know much about children’s stories, so not sure where that will go.  He’s not read it, so I’m waiting for his reaction, but my mum has – it made her cry.  Not sure if that’s the reaction I was looking for, but it is quite sad to start with so guess I should expect it.  I didn’t think it was that sad though.  Think I need to look into children’s stories.  I’ve got a friend who has illustrated a children’s book which is about to be published – she said she’d love to do a few pictures for mine, yay!

Reasons to be positive today

So I nearly got back on track yesterday evening.  Although I didn’t make up for missing three days writing, I did do more than my goal for the day.  Yay.  Pretty happy with that, especially as I finished the first draft of something I’ve been working on, which is always good.

Today I need to focus on typing up all of Italian Infatuation so it is in a suitable condition to be able to be given out at Christmas.  Last week I typed some of it up on a colleague’s computer (Mr Journalist) and left it on his computer to read.  It was just a 1,000 word part of a scene, but he really liked it.  He liked it!  Properly liked it.  He didn’t just say that he did, but he listed the reasons why he liked it. It made me so happy.  He totally got everything I was trying to convey!   My first positive comment, YAY! Lets hope it’s the first of many.  I’m so looking forward to reading all of it 🙂 

I’m down to the last 100 odd pages of Digital Fortress.  I’m now at the stage where I want to spend every waking moment reading it – a problem when I have Christmas shopping and sleeping to do.  I was shattered yesterday so wanted an early night – the damn book kept me up until nearly 1am.  This is why I don’t let myself read as much as I would like – it takes over my life. 

Hey… It’s nearly Christmas, only 2  days of work left!  Woopie!  Oh, and I made Almond Chocolate truffles last night.  Yummy!   How creative am I being at the moment.

A book, a course and a list

I really really want to read Italian Infatuation.  I don’t know whether to give in to this need, or do as I planned and leave it until next year. 

I’m going to now have another moan about this silly writing course I’m doing.  It’s not silly.  I have enjoyed it, and I’m sure I will again soon.  But for some reason, I’m just really stuck on this article thing.  I can’t decide what to do it about.  I think if I decide on something it will be fine, I’ll be able to do the research and all will be good – but deciding is just hard.  I’m finding it hard anyway.  I need to just shut up about it and do it. 

My step mum’s asked for a Christmas list from me – oooh, exciting, I’ve mainly put books on it.  Yay! 🙂

Short and sweet today!