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Et aujourd’hui?

Look, I remember some French!!  Actually I had to look it up – couldn’t remember how to spell it, at least I can say it though 🙂

My dreams of joining the Romantic Novelist’s Association in 2010 have been shattered.  Their New Writer’s Scheme (which is the only way you can join if you’re not published) is full for new members this year.  On 13th Jan, they’re full – that’s 250 places.  Full.  Wow.  It said on the website they don’t usually fill until mid February.  There must be a lot more wannabes out there this year!  I guess I’ll wait until next year.  Unless I’m published by then… I can dream…

I’m not going to get published until I make a start on this second draft.  I’ve still not started it.  I’m making the excuse that I need to get Microsoft Word on my home laptop so when I transfer from work to home (which I will do daily probably) the layout stays the same.  At home I’ve got another type of word document, which the words are compatible with, but not the layout.  It’s just an excuse not to start though.  I think I’m going to print it and work from a hard copy, then correct it on the computer after.  That’s how I used to write essays at university and it worked then, so hopefully will work now.  I just need to get my printer wired up to my laptop, change the ink and get some paper.  Not asking too much?

I’m a little disappointed with the book I’m reading.  I thought it was a real novel, but it’s turned out to be a collection of short stories.  I’m not a fan of short stories, I must prefer something longer you can really get your teeth into.  With short stories, I find as soon as I start liking or sympathising with the characters, it’s over.  Although there are advantages:I can read to the end of a story then go to sleep, rather than a novel where I say I’ll read to the end of the chapter, but something exciting happens, so I read on and say I’ll read to the next… and so on until it’s 1am and I can’t keep my eyes open any longer.  They’re good stories though. 

I’ve just realised it’s probably my slight dislike (that seems to harsh of a word) of short stories must be the reason I find it hard to WRITE short stories too. 

While surfing the net yesterday for Romance writers, I found a competition being run by Kaye Dacus.  To enter you have to write a short scene involving a lawyer proving love exists.  I have a couple of ideas floating round my head for that one.  It’s open until 29th Jan so I’ve got a little while to get my thinking cap on! 

Which is exactly what I’m going to do now.


I’m a poet and I don’t know-it.  I’m not really.  I’ve been running away from poetry since school when I was forced to do it.  I thought I didn’t like it.  But, someone sent me a link to a Haiku competition going on in London (http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2009/may/18/poetry-twitter).  Haiku for those who, like me, don’t know is a simple Japanese poem.  Just three lines long with the syllable structure 5/7/5.  I thought I’d give it a go (what else would I do at work?) and am quite pleased with my little poem. 

I find it quite hard to get my head around these.  They’re so short that before you can even start to get into it, it’s over.  Someone also said it’s hard to be deep and meaningful in such a short piece of writing which I agree with.  I also find syllables hard to get my head around sometimes, especially -ed words.  Luckily, I found a website dedicated to just this (http://www.howmanysyllables.com/).  Genus. 

If anyone reading this could please let me know how to set up the links I’m posting as a one word link as I’ve seen other people do, I would be eternally grateful.  I’m sure it’s quite easy, but I don’t have time to look today and keep forgetting, so please please let me know.

I started reading Mercy by Jodie Picoult again on the tube this morning.  I had started it about six months ago, but just didn’t find the time to continue.  She’s one of those authors that I think I’m not that keen on, and don’t immediately get drawn into the novels, but if I persist I really love.  I’m going to spend more of my travel time reading.  My goals for the last two months have been to read one novel a month.  One novel is not enough.  I need to read read read.  My writing course tutor said that too.  That was a couple of months ago when I was reading more than I am now.

I’m trying to take a couple of days holiday in June to try and finish this assisgnment for the course.  I always say I’ll do it at the weekend, but the weekend comes and other things come up so I never get round to it.  I hope by taking these days off I will have no distractions from other people around (they’ll all be at work) so I’ll concentrate!

Also in these two days I’m going to organise my writing.  At the moment I just write whatever into an email, then send it to myself then file it in a ‘writing’ folder.  I need more than this.  I feel like I need to get my ideas straight (especially ‘Holiday’, but all my writing bits I’m doing).

I love it when a plan comes together (I really mean starts, I just wanted to say that!).