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Character names

How do you think of names of characters?  Up until now, they’ve always just come to me when I’ve been writing.  As I thought I had names for the main characters for ‘Holiday’ I’ve been writing using X and Y for their names instead.  I decided yesterday that as I can’t seem to be able to find my original notes for this, I need to find names for them – and for the other characters.  It’s hard.  So so hard.  I need names that suit them, but just can’t really find them.  I’ve got his, but have no idea about hers.  Or most of the other characters.  In the end I did a section for female names I like and one for male names. 

I wanted to do some work on it so much last night.  The internet wasn’t working though, so couldn’t.  Honestly it’s a joke, the 1st time I’m desperate to do some I can’t!  I just hope I have the same ‘need’ tonight.

Nothing else to write about.  Work’s really busy so I’m not finding much time to do any writing. 

Oh, I’ve just started a novel by Danielle Steel; I can’t remember what it’s called – Heatbreak, Heartbeat, Heartsomething.  It was really cheap in a shop the other day so I thought why not?  I’m only at the beginning, but it seems quite good.  I used to read a lot of her books when I was younger, I think I stopped because they’re all about women a lot older than me and most of what I read is about women around my age; I identify with them a lot more.  Should be good though, they usually are!