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Shiny, New and Red

If you don’t follow me on Twitter (@new2writinggirl) you may not have heard the exciting news today: I’ve got my new laptop. It’s luuuurrvely. It’s Advent (which my last one was so I know they’re good) and shiny (so shiny when you touch it you leave a mark – maybe not so good) and Red (yes red gets a capital here – cause you know, I can!) It wasn’t supposed to be red, it was supposed to be black, but you know, I love the red now. And I’ve got a very sexy pair or red shoes that will totally match it (cue strutting about the house in my shoes holding my laptop).

I’ve got it – that means I have to start editing Italian Infatuation. I said I would when I get it and get it set up. Ha, see what I did there, left myself a loop-hole to NOT start the editing just quite yet. It’s going to take a couple of days for me to get everything set up on there properly, and I’m going to Rome on Wednesday, so I’ll start it when I get back. I know you could look at that as putting it off, but it’s not, it’s being realistic. I have to play, and transfer everything over from my old one. I’m happy with that. I’ll start in June (well 31st May, but you know).

Oh. I’m actually going to do this… Eek. I’m going to start editing my novel. Eek.

I’m really loving the book I’m reading Loves Lies by Adele Parks. I’m wondering though if the beginning of it is a little too close to what I’m going through in my at the moment, and have a feeling the end won’t be good for me.  I doubt the next section’s going to feel like me – she falls madly in love with a pop star and moves to LA with him (Robbie, where are you?). How nice would that be actually? Then I could give up work and write all day. Now, where do pop stars hang out…? Good thing I’ve done my writing for today (and productive writing – my course), I may spend the rest of the afternoon day-dreaming…

May’s goals


Ok, I’ve not actually decided on any goals yet for this month, but will do by the time I get to the end of this post. 

I made April’s goals on 14th April, so going by that, I should double them for May (as there’s twice the amount of time).  That means –

·        Write 12,000 words (in any format)

·        Read a novel (I was half way through one last month when I said I’d finish it)

·        Write a review of the novel on here.

·        20 blogs on here

·        Write down at least 16 dreams/day dreams

·        Finish module 2 for the writing course

·        Read next modules of the writing course

It’s not exactly double last month’s – but I think it’s a realistic target.  The thing I will struggle with will be the assignment.  I think I’m subconsciously finding other things to do all the time because the idea of it scares me.  The actual writing of it doesn’t, it’s the finding the idea about what to write.  I think once I have the idea it won’t be as hard as I think.

I quite like the idea of writing articles for magazines (once I have ideas) as it’s so structured.  They want things the same number of words, same type of writing, paragraph lengths etc.  For my first writing efforts I think that will be good.

Right then, I’m off to start on these 12,000 words (11,750 left!). 

Nearing month end…

Only a couple of days left until the end of the month.  This poses a couple of questions.

1.  Where the hell is 2009 going?  We’re now 1/3 of the way through it.  Wow.  When I was younger people used to tell me that time started going faster the older you get.  That is so true.  I dread to think how quickly it will go when I’m 50!  Or 70?

2.  How did I get on with my goals for April?  Pretty well. 

Today’s post makes 14 this month – my target.  If I can squeeze in a few more I can go way over my target. 

Last week I reached my total for words written.  I’m really impressed with that.  I thought 6,000 would be a hard target to reach, seeing as I’ve not done any proper serious writing for years.  I found it quite easy though.  It helped that I tried the writing for 5 minutes every hour while at work.  Although I only managed to do this about once, it kept writing in the forefront of my mind.  Therefore when I had some spare time, I started writing. 

I finished reading This Charming Man by Marian Keyes and wrote my review of it (https://newtowritinggirl.wordpress.com/what-im-reading/this-charming-man-by-marian-keyes/)

I read the next three modules of the writing course.  I’ve not made notes which is something I’d like to do, but not top of my priorities.

Assignment two.  Ah.  Um.  No.  I’ve started to review a magazine.  Yeah, not getting on too well with this.  Need to give myself a kick to get me going on this.  I have been thinking about it quite a lot.  I have done some research into the kind of magazines I think I could write for.  Step up on this next month (and the last couple of days of this month).  I do carry  the magazine I’m currently reviewing round with me.  Does that count as a step in the right direction?

Writing down dreams/day dreams. I’m not too sure how I’ve done with this.  I’ve written a few down on scraps of paper lying around as I’ve thought of them.  Or sent myself emails with the details or even saved them as drafts on here.  I’ve not as yet put them in order so I have no idea how many I’ve written down.  I’m getting semi good at it.  I probably write them down every 3 or 4 days.  Better than nothing!

All in all I’m quite happy with my progress, especially as I only really had half the month to action them.  I presume that means I have to double my plan for next month?  Or more than double it to push myself?  My priority must be my next assignment.

Where’s the inspiration gone?

I’ve just done a word count for the last week and a half (since I made my plan for the rest of April to write 6,000 words), and am happy to say I’ve reached it.  Yes with another 9 days to write I have already reached my total.  I’m really proud of myself. 


I’m now a little worried that I’m going to not bother writing any more this month.  You know the feeling, I’ve done all I have to, I’ll give it a miss today.  That one day turns into two, which turns into a week etc.  Today I’m feeling like I can’t be bothered to write anything, I hope that’s just because I’m tired, not because I’ve lost inspiration.


Honestly today I feel like I can’t come up with any ideas.  Luckily for me, I’ve got a couple of plans written, so I just need to write the words to make it a story.


I went for a walk at lunchtime yesterday in the sun.  I had an idea that I may in the near future go sit in a park and do some writing there.  My favorite place is in the sun (on a beach would be better!) so I’m sure that will give me some inspiration!  Maybe I’ll do that Friday.  It seems like a nice way to end the week (fingers crossed for warm weather please).


I bought a notebook today.  I’ve sectioned it up so there’s a section each for writing ideas (ideas, plans, stories), dreams & daydreams, word count and To Do list.  I’m going to carry it round with me all the time, and just write in it.  I’m quite excited. 


Right, off to write (maybe about Mr Wright, ha ha!)

Today’s general thoughts

I had a dream last night that I think has the possibility to become a scene for a novel.  I knew it would happen eventually.  It’s good to know I can sometimes have semi normal dreams (unlike all the others I’ve written down – I really do wonder what the hell my brain is saying with my dreams.  They generally don’t make sense).

I’m not doing too well writing down my day dreams.  My plan was to write them down, as a huge proportion of my day is taken up with them.  When I’m in the shower, on the tube, cooking, going to sleep; if I’m alone I’m either thinking about something that has happened, or something that will happen/could happen.  I think the problem with writing them down is that there’s so many, they come and go so fast that I generally don’t remember them. 

Maybe I should make a plan for April (yes, late I know).  The plan should include making a big effort to write down day dreams (and real dreams).  Included in the plan too could be to read X number of modules for my writing course, read X number of books and do X amount of the writing course.  I could also add in X amount of writing.  I could do that in terms of words e.g. I must write 6,000 words by the end of April.  6,000 isn’t that many.  I’ve got 7,000 written of a novel – and I wrote that in a week.  I didn’t however have to fit it around work and play (I had sprained a ligament in my foot and couldn’t walk for two weeks).  I wonder if 6,000 words is do-able with everything else I’ve got going on?  Would I include words written on here? 

Writing a plan is quite scary.  Putting it up for public viewing is even more scary.  Me thinking it’s scary is just me being negative and thinking I won’t complete it so be disappointed.  I seem to be saying rather negative things at the moment.  That’s not how I’m feeling though.

Today the sun is shining and it’s very warm.  It feels like summer is finally coming.  Yay for summer! Fingers crossed it is!

Must try harder

Yes, I must try harder with my blog.  I’ve just read through a few blogs and spotted so many mistakes.  This is the reason I should read through the blog before I post it.  Try harder girl.

While trying to kill some time yesterday I wrote a bit of a children’s story.  A long time ago (before I signed up to the writing course – I think it was when I started to read a ‘How to write a novel’ book) I had the idea that I would write down all my day dreams.  Day dreams must be ideas trying to get out.  Or they might be anyway.  I’ve not done this before, so figure it’s time.

The ‘daydream’ came to me last week.  It’s about a little girl who gets a fairy for a friend.  The initial idea was an adult who gets an imaginary friend who makes wishes come true so must be real or magic or something.  I didn’t think it through because that kind of thing isn’t my kind of thing (with the exception of a book I once read ‘If you could see me now’ by Cecelia Ahene which was about a woman who discovers her new friend is actually an imaginary friend. I only read it because I love her books not because of the story itself.  I was glad I did – it was really good).  But then I thought about it a little more and realised it would make a great children’s story.  Maybe it’s a new calling?  Maybe it’s a sign I should get more sleep (having strange thoughts that is).

The reason I’ve not been writing ideas/daydreams (and real dreams too) down is because I often forget them straight away.  For instance I know I had a dream last night that was quite interesting.  But as soon as I woke up I forgot it.  Apprarently you can train yourself to remember dreams by always trying to write them down when you wake up.  Eventually you start to be able to rememeber more.   Must try this.