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New books!

I thought as I’m surfing I may as well do something useful and write a blog.  Some may say I could use the time even more productively and do some research for my writing course.  But I’d ignore those people to be honest 🙂

I have 2 new books: one new book I’m reading and one new book I’ve bought. 

My boyfriend moved neighbourhoods recently, and yesterday we thought we’d go and look round the shops – yay!  He dragged me into a charity shop because he wanted to look for old sci-fi books (for him).  Knowing my love of books and need to buy more when I see them I tried to argue, but he had his mind-set, so we went in.  I found about 30 books I would have liked to buy, but limited myself to just one – 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell.  I’d been looking at her new book in a shop the other day, so she was fresh in my mind.  I’ve read quite a few of hers and really enjoyed them, so this should be a good read.  I’m going to read it next.  I know that’s really bad as I’ve so many that have been sitting on my shelf that have been there for years.  I feel like I could be Phoebe from friends saying I’m not being fair to the other books – although in her case it’s cookies 🙂  I did make the boyfriend pay for it – as he dragged me in the shop I thought it was only fair!

I didn’t finish Destinations, as it’s a collection of short stories I figure I can just pick it up and put it down as I want.  As I’ve read further and further into the book, I’ve found that some of the stories are starting to interlink, showing different versions of the same story or other people who got a passing mention in a previous story – I’m really impressed with that – I think it’s really clever. 

The new book I’m reading is Stieg Larsson’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  When these books first came out I wasn’t really interested, I can’t work out why, as they’re the kind of thing I love.  It wasn’t until someone recommended them to me that I thought I’d give them a try.  I got this and the second in the Millenium trilogy for Christmas.  I found the first 25 pages a little hard to get into, but that may have been because I was tired last night.  I read another 20 odd today and am really starting to like it.  I think it’s really sad that Stieg died just after sending off the MS so didn’t get to see success of his books.   So sad.

Monday tomorrow, another week of work 😦  But lots more time to do writing 🙂

Tuesday’s bits and pieces

I’ve had the first bit of feedback from the first draft of my first novel.  It was hard.  She didn’t love everything about it.  Granted, neither did I, but that’s neither here nor there.  What I found the hardest was that she didn’t love my Heroine.  I do.  But I can totally see what she means.  Now I’ve got used to the idea of being criticised, it’s not so bad.  There were some great things I’m going to use for draft two.  Which I’ll be starting soon. 

I’ve changed my mind about the next book I’m going to read.  In the lounge yesterday I found a novel I’d bought in a supermarket ages ago and lent to my housemate; Destinations by Shelia O’Flanagan.  That’s going to be my next book.  It should have been back on my shelf, so I don’t really feel like I’m cheating and finding an aditional book when I have 60+ waiting to be read.  Gone with the Wind will come soon. 

I went to the library to return some books yesterday.  Why do I find it so hard to stay away from books there?  Walking through yesterday (which you have to do to get out – you can’t get out the entrance – sneaky!) I was pulled towards two shelves of books.  Luckily I had enough self-control to not get any out.  I don’t understand.  With a whole shelf of books to read, how can I want any more?  I despair of myself!

I didn’t really do much on my writing course yesterday.  I have planned to do at least 20 minutes a day. Every day.  Until this assignment is compete anyway.  Maybe I did actually, I did some research, surfing the net, so maybe I’m not all that bad.

Also yesterday… I wrote a little for ‘Holiday’.  Not too much, but a little, which is a big step really because I’ve found it really hard to pick back up after writing Italian Infatuation.  Bad timing though, I want to be going through Italian Infatuation on for the second draft (or II 0.2 as I like to call it), not carrying on with that too.  I wonder if I’d be able to do them simultaneously.  I wonder if it’s like languages?  At GCSE I was worried about doing French and German at the same time, thinking I might get muddled up.  My teachers said I wouldn’t.  I don’t think I did when I did them both.  Could writing be like this, or would writing Holiday while editing Italian Infatuation confuse things?

Right.  I’ll change my ‘now reading’ picture as I’ve been reminded (thanks McPete).

(I just had a little heart attack – instead of adding tags to this, I moved it to ‘trash’.  Heart stopped.  Very relieved you can ‘reinstate’ blogs once they’ve done there.  Can’t believe I’ve not done that before!)