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Today’s general thoughts

I had a dream last night that I think has the possibility to become a scene for a novel.  I knew it would happen eventually.  It’s good to know I can sometimes have semi normal dreams (unlike all the others I’ve written down – I really do wonder what the hell my brain is saying with my dreams.  They generally don’t make sense).

I’m not doing too well writing down my day dreams.  My plan was to write them down, as a huge proportion of my day is taken up with them.  When I’m in the shower, on the tube, cooking, going to sleep; if I’m alone I’m either thinking about something that has happened, or something that will happen/could happen.  I think the problem with writing them down is that there’s so many, they come and go so fast that I generally don’t remember them. 

Maybe I should make a plan for April (yes, late I know).  The plan should include making a big effort to write down day dreams (and real dreams).  Included in the plan too could be to read X number of modules for my writing course, read X number of books and do X amount of the writing course.  I could also add in X amount of writing.  I could do that in terms of words e.g. I must write 6,000 words by the end of April.  6,000 isn’t that many.  I’ve got 7,000 written of a novel – and I wrote that in a week.  I didn’t however have to fit it around work and play (I had sprained a ligament in my foot and couldn’t walk for two weeks).  I wonder if 6,000 words is do-able with everything else I’ve got going on?  Would I include words written on here? 

Writing a plan is quite scary.  Putting it up for public viewing is even more scary.  Me thinking it’s scary is just me being negative and thinking I won’t complete it so be disappointed.  I seem to be saying rather negative things at the moment.  That’s not how I’m feeling though.

Today the sun is shining and it’s very warm.  It feels like summer is finally coming.  Yay for summer! Fingers crossed it is!


My plan for the near future is to start planning.  Today I need to plan going home for the weekend (back to where was brought up – not my home here in the big smoke).  In the next few weeks to start planning my 1st novel (someone said you should plan, not just write what comes out your head.  Shame.  Might work, but that’s probably why I’ve not got anywhere with writing – no planning).  Also to plan where I potentially could sell articles in the future. 

The course suggests analysing magazines, newspapers etc so you know what and how to write for the editors to sell.  I’m not ready to sell yet, but I can do the prep now while I’m not ready so when I am ready I can get straight on with it! 

I’m not very good at planning, so this will be new for me.  I’m getting really into the idea of planning the novel.  I keep coming up with ideas for it.  I think most of them will probably be thrown out, but I’m a firm believer in multiplying thoughts.  If you start thinking creatively you will start to get more and more creative ideas.  I hope.  If I write these ideas down I’ll have loads of ideas to choose from when I need them.  If some ideas aren’t good for the 1st, maybe they’ll be good for the 2nd… 3rd etc etc.

I don’t remember my dreams from last night.  I hope this isn’t the beginning of the end of me remembering and writing them down.  I think I need to spend more time on writing them down and remembering them more thoroughly. 

My touch typing is going really well.  99% of the time I’m not looking at the keyboard – in fact the only time I do is to do symbols, or when at work typing something quickly while on the phone.  I’m being really strict with myself, and not letting myself ever type wrong.  If I type a letter with the wrong finger I also go back and make myself type it again.  I’m going to try that programme soon which tells you your typing speed.  I figure the quicker I type the easier writing will be – I’ll be able to type as I think not have to remember things and slow down my thinking (that may not be a great idea – do I really want the things that come out my head to go on a page without thinking?  Scary thought!)

I’m pretty sure I won’t get a chance to do any blogging, or my course, or writing over the weekend.  Upsetting, but at least I’m being realistic.  Will take laptop and course just in case.  Fingers crossed I might find 5 mins.  Every little helps after all 🙂

*Forgot a title – again!*

I’ve started reading lots more of my writing course. The current module is about selling articles to magazines and papers and things like that. I am really petrified of this idea. I have no idea if I actually can write anything that would be bought by a magazine or paper. I guess I’ll find out. I need to do all the prep now for it – find out about magazines etc and research them. Then as I get further into the course I can look at selling stuff. They said Assignment one wasn’t about getting me to a level I can sell stuff, but about finding out if I’m observant. I don’t know if I am. My boyfriend thinks I am the least observant person ever, which kind of worries me. How can I be a successful writer if I am unobservant? I’m going to work hard on this. I waste so much time on the tube and bus a day, I should spend that time OBSERVING! I read something today about someone who has two jobs and still manages to write 1,000 words a day. 1,000. I have one job (not worked in the Pizza place for weeks now, maybe even months – have asked to do a couple of shifts though), and don’t seem to be able to ‘find the time’ to do any (very little I should say). This is down to inefficiency. I spend way too much time doing nothing. And going to bed too late because I’m doing nothing. I could quite easily get up an hour early and spend that hour writing/doing my course. I should make an effort to change this. No, I will make an effort to change this. I’m just about to sign up for the Race for Life 5k race in May/June/July and want to sign up for a 10k one too (my first – eek). So that’s going to mean training – less time for writing. There must be a balance! I must find this balance. One thing I really need to do is write down my dreams as soon as I wake up. I forget thinking I’ll do it later, but by the time I do I’ve forgotten half (or more) of it.

I also NEED to post assignment one. If I could’ve emailed it I would’ve sent it off WEEKS ago. At least I will be able to email the rest of the course – should get it moving a bit faster.

Cheese apparently

I’m having more and more weird dreams and I’ve forgotten to write them down the last couple of days.  A colleague questioned if I’ve been eating a lot of cheese, which I have. My housemate calls me the Cheesemonster.  (That could make a good children’s story?  A monster that eats all the cheese?  He’d be addicted, but have strange dreams because of it?)  I thought cheese was supposed to give you BAD dreams not strange dreams? 

Horribly enough I don’t really have any other writing news!  Except, I’ve got a new printer!  Woo hoo!  That will make sending things off much easier.  Means I really should send some things off now. 

The first sections of the writing course suggests writing stories about people you meet, asking them more and more questions to find out what you need to know.  I’m going to a dinner party on Saturday, so going to try that out – see how good my detective skills are!  And imaginary to create the story.

My touch typing’s going really well, I pretty much never look at  the keyboard now.  Yes I’m making mistakes, but we learn from our mistakes (he he).

Oops, forgot a title…

My effort levels for writing on here have been extremely lacking in the last week.  Tut tut me.  I have no defence other than a very heavy weekend and a slight laziness on my part.  I will try harder.

I’ve been pretty good with the course though.  I’ve been reading the next few modules, I’m nearly ready to start assignment two I think.  I’ll also be posting assignment one today (I know, I should’ve posted it weeks ago, but it’s very hard to post something when you don’t have a printer.  Luckily a really kind man said he’d bring me a printer home when he comes…).

I’ve been writing down my dreams.  They say (in a  dream book I’ve got) that the more you write down your dreams and think about them – the more you remember them.  Wow, that is so true.  I really do have the strangest dreams ever, I can’t even begin to explain last nights, there were about 4 stories that happened.  I think I was a man throughout at least two parts, then was back at school for the last part (even thought it wasn’t school) eating cookies I knew I was going to miss when I left – but the cookies were the ones from America I used to eat where I worked.  Strange.  The other day I was being chatted up by Ronaldo.  Very very nice dream that one!! 

As I have lots of ‘free’ time today I think I’ll do some useful writing – a short story.  Or a bit of the holiday book.  Something anyway.  Maybe I’ll spend some time reading reviews of clubs, restaurants, films or something in the thought I might do that one day.

On a separate but very positive note, I found some online touch typing lessons, so have been doing these.  I’m now typing very slowly, but without looking at the keyboard!  I’m trying to type as much as possible so I get better at it!


Short story attempt one

I’ve been looking through that website that gives creative ideas for writing and been doing some writing from it.  My first attempt is the story below. 
I had to create a short story (300 words max) using the following words: PAPER CLIPS. PRINCIPAL, LUNCHBOX, SWING, GIRL WITH A PINK RIBBON.


Here it is:


I can’t believe I’m here on the second day of term.  It doesn’t matter how often I get called to the school I am always nervous.  What can he have done this time?  Drawn on the walls?  Kicked sand at another child?  He never means anything malicious, it’s just the way his older brothers are.  They never mean anything either, they’re just bigger and rougher, unfortunately Sonny copies them.

My attention is drawn to laughter outside.  There is a little girl with a pink ribbon in her hair being pushed on a swing.  I love my boys, but do wish one of them had have been a girl.  We wouldn’t dare try for another, four boys is enough, but I still long for a daughter.

I look down and see I have been anxiously fiddling with two paper clips.  I fold them back together before the secretary can see what I’m doing and put them back on the table. 

As I do that, my attention is drawn to a pink lunchbox on the floor.  I smile to myself (I wouldn’t dare smile externally, the secretary would probably put me in detention for such an act), thinking how different we would react if it was left unattended anywhere else.  Police would be called, the building would be evacuated, the bomb squad would be called.  I wonder if you could fit a bomb in a lunch box?

‘Mrs Jones’ the secretary snaps at me.  God I hate that woman.  ‘The principal will see you now’.  Oh no.  I have to go in now.  I stand up and with shaking legs walk up to the door and knock.  ‘Enter’ is the reply I get back.  I look down to the handle, open it, noticing my hand is shaking and walk in.


So… What do you think? (Honestly, what do you think?  I’d love to hear from you)  I find the concept of short stories weird.  How can you get a whole story into 300 words?  It’s just not possible, you’re always left wondering what else, what’s the point?  But, it’s a challenge and I love a challenge!




In other news, I’ve been writing down my dreams (although not last night’s – must do that now).  Also been reading the next modules of my course.  I’m still really excited about doing it, I just wish I could find more time to fit it in.  I’m sure that’s just an excuse and if I really wanted to I could find lots and lots more time, but I enjoy the other things I do and don’t want to give them up.  God I’m a pain!!!


Anything else?  Don’t think so.  The man is away for the next week, so think I will get lots done in this time (not blaming him, blaming myself for being distracted so easily!).

(on another note, if anyone knows anything about fonts, please could you let me know how to change them?  Everytime I save half of it changes to a different font – Grrrrrrrr).

Random thoughts

This blog is supposed to be about my writing, so when I don’t do any writing should that mean I shouldn’t do a blog? Or is my daily (ish) blog helping my writing? It may well be because surely any writing is better than no writing? Even if it is the rubbish that comes out of my head?

So why am I not writing? I’ve spent the whole of the day doing pretty much nothing so really could’ve done some. I guess I’m not doing any because I am waiting to start assignment 2 of my course and don’t really want to start anything before I start that. Not that it matters – I never finish anything anyway. Oh, except a short story for a competition once. That is an excellent idea. I can try and write short stories for competitions. I did briefly look for some a few weeks ago, but didn’t follow through with it. I think that’s what I’ll do now.

I have however done something productive with the last couple of days. I’ve started writing down my dreams. Still not writing day dreams down, but one thing at a time!!