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Still Not Doing Well

Not really much has changed since my last blog on Thursday. I was planning on turning my week around, making it a good week instead of the bad one it was heading for, but I failed. On pretty much every goal I have.
Writing – I’ve written more that 150 words on 3 days this week. In fact, I’ve written more than 200 words 3 times. So when I’m writing, I’m getting on with it, I just need to get writing more often!

Exercise – I’ve done no serious exercise this week. At all. I took my gym kit to work on Tuesday, and brought it back home on Friday. What a fail. I also took the tube to work most days instead of tube and walking. Partly cause the weather was so bad I didn’t want to get wet, partly cause I was carrying heavy stuff (my laptop one day), and partly because… well… I couldn’t be bothered if I’m honest. I will get better this week. Although the weather doesn’t look to be picking up at any point.

I’ve also neglected the exercised for my knee and hip. Technically, because I didn’t do much walking or running, it was ok, but I know it would be better to be doing them, with or without the walking/running. This week!

Eating – I don’t even want to go there. Over 1200 calories EVERY day. AGH! I only ate 5 portions fruit/veg twice (maybe three times, not sure what happened on Tuesday?). This one will get better when the calorie one gets better – when I eat less calories, I automatically eat more fruit and vegetables to fill me up!

Lifestyle – Tonight will be the only night this week where I’ve made it to bed before 11. Getting up has been so hard, so I can feel it then, I’ve been borderline late for work pretty much every day. Not good. Tomorrow I’m starting at 8am, so I HAVE to be there early, which means I have to go to bed early. Before 11 anyway. I’m literally posting this then going to bed.

Blogging – this is the only goal that I’m doing ok on. I did a blog on Monday for World Book Night, then I did a check-in blog on Thursday and today for ROW80.

One goal has gone well. That is not good enough. Last week was so so good, I was so proud of myself, I have no idea what happened this week. I’m not going to let next week go as badly. I went shopping today, and couldn’t find anything to fit me. I have to lose weight, and to do that I NEED to eat better, and exercise more. I did it last week, so I know I can do it again. I will do it again. I swear Wednesday’s check in will be a ton better than this one. It absolutely has to be!

ROW80 2012 – Round Two – Goals

Here I am, exactly a year after hearing and taking part in my first ROW80, doing it again. I thought it would be a one time thing, but no, I did Round three and four last year, and round one this year. I wasn’t sure I would be. The last round was shockingly bad. I kind of stopped even checking-in during Feb. Very bad.

But I’m back doing it again. Even yesterdayI wasn’t sure if I would. I tweeted my buddy Laura from previous rounds to see if she was. She convinced me I should too. If her convincing wasn’t enough, Lauren put up a good argument too. (what is it with these Laur__s?). So here I am. Doing it again. Thanks girls, without you two, I wouldn’t be doing it.

I’ve spent the day thinking about my goals. I’m not convinced I’ve got them completely, which is why we love flexible goals, but this is what I’m thinking now:

  • Writing – 100 words a day. That’s a tiney-tiny amount. Probably too tiny, BUT, I’ve been doing nothing recently. A tiny word count is easy. So easy I’ll think that I can do it really quickly, so will hopefully convince me I can do it. Hopefully I won’t even notice when I hit 100 because I’ll be on such a roll I’ll write straight past it, and hit something hugely high (200? Ha!) There will be some days where I need to do some editing (today), so I’ll stick 10 minutes there instead.
  • Exercise (1) – For the last couple of rounds I’ve had 20/30 minutes exercise daily. I can’t really do that this round, because my journey to work has changed and now do 40 minutes walking a day (20 on the way, 20 on the way back). That means I’m going to change to a weekly exercise goal. Either visit the gym or go running for 10 minutes. 10 minutes is my ‘test mile’ for running. Usually I’ll do more when I’ve done 10 minutes (ditto the test mile thing for writing), but the 10 minute thing convinces me going out won’t be that bad, cause it’s only 10x 60 seconds, how hard can that be right?
  • Exercise (2) – daily exercises. If I’m increasing the amount of running I’m doing, I’m going to start getting the pain in my knee/hip. Doing the exercises the physio recommended daily will help stop that.
  • Eating (1) – I really need to lose weight. I haven’t lost any since Christmas, even though I’ve pretty much ‘been on a diet’ everyday. I’m 10 lb heavier than I was this time last year, and before that I was the heaviest I’d ever been. I don’t know if I’m going to do Slimming World or count calories. That doesn’t really help for today, but hopefully I’ll decide by tomorrow, and will get on it from tomorrow!
  • Eating (2) – 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. I was so good at that when I was paing attention to it, but it’s slipped with everything else. I totally believe that the reason I didn’t get any colds this winter was that I was getting all my vitamins. I might be wrong, but I think it’s right, and it’s worth adding as another goal, just in case.
  • Lifestyle – be in bed by 11pm Sunday to Thursday. I’ve been really forgetful recently, and not great at managing time. Also, I’ve been waking up half an hour earlier than I used to, but not getting up any earlier cause I’ve been too tired. Going to sleep at 11 is quite an ambitious goal, but I think being in bed for 11, will help, even if I go to bed to read.

Posted my goals (for the first time) three minutes ago, and already I’ve thought of another. Better late than never!

  • Blogging – three blogs per week. I need to check-in for ROW80 on Wednesdays and Sundays, so that means for this goal I need to do another blog during the week. No set target on how many words that has to be, or what about (book reviews count), just another blog.

In the last round I had reading as one of my goals. I’m totally taking that out.Readingovertook writing and I don’t want that to happen again.

I’m going to make a chart again. The chart worked for me. Filling in the chart everyday pushed me towards my goals.

Anyone else taking part in ROW80 this round? What are your goals?

So here we go again then. ROW80. 80 days. 7 goals. GO!

Yet Another New Start

You’d think as this is my 4th round of ROW80 I’d know I really should start writing and working on my goals from the beginning, not leave it until well past half way to get stuck in.

OK, to be honest, I started off ok, I’ve just gone downhill. I’m hoping (it is only hope) that doing this is over now.

On Monday night I spent an hour reading through the novel and planning what I have left to write to finish it. I’m not sure if the plan is how I want the novel to end (to be honest I’ve not actually got to the END of the novel, just on from where I am now), but if it’s written, then I can make the decision later. As someone once said you can edit words – if I keep um-ing and ah-ing I’ll have nothing to edit.

The first novel I started seriously writing (you may have heard me talk about it a lot – ‘Holiday’) started in third person. After a couple of chapters I thought maybe it wasn’t working in third and needed to be first. Instead of sitting on it for a couple of months dithering about it, I got on and wrote the next scene in first person.

It worked, and I carried on writing it in first (although in editing I will need to go back and change the narrative of the first few chapters). If I hadn’t have just tried it, I wouldn’t have known. The same applies for The Man of My Dreams – I may not be about to write the section I want the final edit to have, but I’ll never know if I don’t try it.

A lot of people have given me advice about the whole editing/writing battle – thank you all so much. I haven’t properly made a decision about what I’m going to do, but for the short term (maybe week) I’m going to concentrate on writing – now that I have a few scenes worked out in my head.

Lent starts today. Although I’m not religious I do like to give up things for lent – for two main reasons – I think it’s good to test myself and, what I generally give up is bad food, so I think it works towards losing weight (or at least getting me into better eating habits).

For years I had a few basic items I gave up each year, then each progressive year I’d add another item. I can’t remember how it went, but something like: Year 1 – gave up chocolate bars, chips and crisps; Year 2 – chocolate bars, chips, crisps and pizza; Year 3 – chocolate bars, chips, crisps, pizza and biscuits.

After a while (and with my ridicously rubbish memory), I forgot what I’d given up. Then last year I didn’t give up anything. This year I’m going to come back with a vengeance!

I’m giving up, for lent – all 40 days: chocolate bars [normal bog standard bars of chocolate – chocolate in drinks, cakes, icing doesn’t count, and neither does other shaped chocolate – eggs, balls etc. This may sound like ‘cheating’ but 1-it makes me more aware of having chocolate, bars are my usual go to, I don’t have other shaped chocolate during lent anywhere near as much as I have bars at other times of year, and 2- it’s my game and I’ll play it how I like 😉 ]; pizza, crisps, chips, and biscuits. Some of them will be pretty easy to give up – like chips and crisps – I don’t have them that much, not on a daily basis, but sometimes I want/need/crave them, so that’s when I’ll be tested.

The point of telling you all this is that it’s going to help with the goal of not eating more than 1,400 calories a day. Of course giving these up aren’t the be all and end all of eating better, but they’re going to help. A lot.

Exercise is going well. I’m walking to and from the tube to work – 30 minutes a day. I’ve not been to the gym recently, but do plan to tonight. We’ve still not got hot water (don’t even get me started on this – it’s now been 16 days) so I’ve been visiting the gym, but only to shower. Visiting to shower has been putting me off going going. Tomorrow the water gets fixed (I hope) so my gym regime will recommence.

My other goal is reading. The book I’m reading at the moment is After The Snow by SD Crockett. It’s weird, but I’m liking it, a lot more than I thought I would!

How are your ROW80 or other goals going?

Pointless Check-in?

I’m not really sure there’s any point in me writing this at all, I don’t think I’ve done anything in the last week, definitely nothing I’m proud of anyway. I haven’t even looked at my chart all week – it’s that bad!

This week was my last week in my current job before I start the new one tomorrow. Right now I’m pretty excited (as well as really scared, I’m going to have responsibility and people answering to me, neither of which I’ve had in the last 4 odd years!), but last week was just crazy busy. I wasn’t handing over to anyone so felt like I had to finish everything as much as I could before I left. Inevitably I didn’t, but I did as much as I could.

As much as I could considering what shit was going on out of work, and I had to take a day off. Our boiler broke on Tuesday night. On Wednesday morning our landlord said he’d get someone out immediately. Apparently that meant Thursday morning. I took the morning off, but they didn’t come. When we called them they said they’d be there at some point. I ended up being at home all day, but didn’t do anything productive because I kept thinking I was going to go to work in a minute. What a waste.

Someone finally came Saturday (neither of us could be in on Friday to meet them), and he was here a whole 10 minutes before he said he’d never seen anything like it, and couldn’t help. Really! So, we’re waiting for a more senior engineer to come out. That’s going to be tomorrow night. So that’s going to be 6 days without hot water (luckily we have ceiling heating, so at least are warm). We both have gym membership, so can use the showers there, or showers at work sp we’re not smelly. Not ideal, but could be worse.

So that really messed up my week.

I pretty much gave myself the week off doing anything, knowing how stressful work would be (and that was not even knowing about the boiler!). My 4 daily goals are: Eat less than 1400 calories, exercise for more than 30 minutes, write more than 500 words, and read. This is what I managed this week:

Eating: I don’t think I’m even going to go there. Next week…

Exercise: Walked for 20 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then also gym for 39 minutes on Wednesday. Thursday, Friday, Saturday nothing. Gym for 37 minutes today. Not great. Not by a long shot. This week WILL be better.

Writing: We can just pass this one too, nothing.

Reading: I started Me Before You by Jojo Moyes on Sunday. I finished it on Thursday. It was brilliant. Didn’t read anything Friday, or the weekend. Must have read a lot Sunday to Thursday though, so not all that bad.

This week will be better.

I say that, but it’s my first week in my new job, so I can’t possibly know what I’ll be doing to know IF it can be a good week. I think the only thing I know for certain will be good is exercising. I’m going to try to walk to work every morning from the tube station that is 20 minutes away. Guess I have to walk home too. That’s going to be good.

The stop is also 1 further away than my current one, so that’s about 3 minutes longer reading. Not great, but every little helps I guess.

I have to try to eat better this week. I’ve been given a gift voucher for Dorothy Perkins (congrats on the new job), but don’t want to buy anything when I’m as heavy as I am. Hopefully this will be a good incentive to lose some weight. Hopefully I can also get into a good routine in the new office, not having chocolate every day.

Hope everyone else’s week was better than mine, and hope this week coming is great!

A Little Late To Be Improving

The last 2 days of January totally ROCKED for me for writing. On Monday I went to a NaNo style write in. I wrote 700 odd words by hand. When I got in I typed them up, then carried on where I’d stopped in the cafe. My count ended up being 1492. Woop!
On Tuesday I wanted to keep the momentum going so after watching a film, I went to the bedroom and churned out another 1055 words before bed. Woop again.
The problem is that is all a little too late. The Man of My Dreams may be coming on pretty nicely (ish), but ultimately I’m only on 72,612 (I say only…). It’s not finished. I’m nowhere near the ending. Well I guess I’m semi close, but I’ve got a lot more to do. How much I don’t know. But more. Maybe 20k more? I don’t know because I don’t really know how I’m going to get to the ending yet. Well only a very rough idea.
When I started this novel I thought it would be about 70,000 words long. Apparently that’s quite a nice length for a first-time chick lit novel. I didn’t know how I was going to get there, but that was my goal. During NaNo I got 50,000 words. That left 20,000 to go. I planned to write them in December. That didn’t happen. At the beginning of January I was mad with myself for not hitting my target, but I extended it by a month, so the end of January to finish it.
Ahh. Well that was January there *points to the past*, and I’m still not done. That’s not at all good. No siree. The only positive thing I can think to say is that I’m now at the word count where I planned to end it. Past that in fact. That’s not much comfort though is it, not when in December I’d already known it was going to be longer.
Looking at the figures, I wrote 10,385 words in January. That means I must have done 12,300 something in December. January was worse that December? That’s shocking! I’m really not happy with that. It’s like 300 words a day. That’s 200 less than I was aiming for.
As there were a lot of days where I didn’t write, it does mean that I had a lot of good days – on 9th, I wrote 2099, 10th 1084, 24th 1159, 30th 1492 and 31st 1055. If only I could get more of those days!
I now don’t know what to do towards finishing it. Should I give myself another month? Another two? Should I stop giving myself goals so I stop failing them? Should I say I need to have it finished before I start the new job (a week on Monday – way too ambitious I think, but an idea). I don’t know. I’ll have to have a think.
What I do know, is that I seem to be on a roll. I want to keep it going as long as possible. If I could make 5 days in a row green, I’d be so happy. A week and I’d be thrilled. I’m trying it, I really am.
In other goal related things – eating’s going badly again, but exercise is cancelling some of it out, and that’s going well. Reading’s only going ok this week.
Here’s my chart:

Wednesday 25th Jan Check-in

I so have my priorities wrong. I’ve turned the laptop on, planning on having just an hour on it before I go to bed, and what’s the first thing I do? Write a blog. Sigh. I’ve opened the novel document though, and I can see it behind this page, so hopefully as it’s there I’ll work on it.

Like yesterday. Yesterday I wrote –yeeha! Get this – I wrote 1159 words!! Get me. That’s only slightly less than the whole week before! Ridiculous! Still, let’s focus on the good – I wrote 1159 words yesterday! Woop!

I still haven’t really worked out what my problem is with writing at the mo, other than I can’t seem to motivate myself to write ever in January. Or should that be ever unless I have a fixed deadline, or goal. I think that might be my problem with ROW80 – the goals I set are my own. With NaNo or even NovelPI (Novel Push Initiative – Kait from ROW80 fame ran a few years ago) there are set goals that I have to make, and I can’t change them when I feel like it.

Having said that, I know it sounded like it, I’m not quitting ROW80. I’m convinced without it, I would be writing even less than I am now, so it is helping. And it’s really helping with the non writing goals (exercise and reading anyway, today’s probably not a good day to talk about eating…).

And, the biggest reason for me, is the ROW80 community. Without it I wouldn’t have my buddy Laura (Little Rambling Angel), who I must admit I haven’t been in touch with as much as last round, but it’s still great to know she’s there. And I wouldn’t have everyone else in ROW80, the commenters, the like-ers, the bloggers who I read, there wouldn’t be sprints (for me to not join in with – I want to though). I love ROW80. This must be my 4th round now, and I know it won’t be the last.

Guess I should get on with the actual check-in/progress bit of the blog.

Here’s the chart:


*sorry, chart won’t upload, I’ll try again tomorrow!

So, since Monday when I last checked in, I’ve done ok actually.

No writing on Monday, but 1159 yesterday and I know I’ll get some today. I wonder if I should lower my ‘test mile’ to below 500 words. Maybe if I set it to 100, it would get me into the habit of turning the laptop on. That’s probably half the battle.

I read a lot on Monday, but yesterday and today it’s literally just been on the tube. This morning I didn’t even get as much reading done as possible as there were problems on the Northern line so I had to WALK to work. Not a problem cause it helped the exercise, but meant less reading.

Tonight though, I got on the tube two stops earlier than usual. I got my book out waiting for the tube, then carried on reading when I got on. After 2 stops I got off automatically (my usual journey is just 2 stops) and walked away from the tube still reading. It took me a good few meters to realise this wasn’t the right stop. Oops. Had to turn around and get on the next train (next one because I couldn’t bring myself to get back on the one I’d just got off!) Idiot. I should pay more attention, but shows I’m enjoying the book.

I’m reading The Girl Who Kicked The Hornets’ Nest. It’s taken me 2 years to get to a stage where I feel like I can read it again. I loved the previous 2, but they are VERY long, and they’re VERY descriptive and SHOW a lot, so it is hard work reading them. But they’re good stories. The problem I’m having is I don’t totally remember what happened in the last one, so some things aren’t making sense to me. It’s not too much of a problem, because what I don’t remember the police don’t know either, so hopefully we’ll discover them together. The other issue I have with the books is the amount of characters, whose names are so similar (and Swedish, so it’s not like remembering an everyday English name – it takes much more brain power!). Regardless of all of this, I am enjoying it!

Ok, back to my progress.

I’m doing well on the exercise thing. On Monday I just did the usual walk to London Bridge from work – about 20 minutes. Yesterday I did the same, plus a walk at lunch and the gym after work. Today I walked from the tube this morning (as said before). Tonight I had my book club meeting so couldn’t go to the gym. Instead I walked over to the pub instead of getting the bus (3km). After it, instead of getting on at the nearest tube, or getting the bus, I walked to Waterloo, about 15 minutes. Very proud of myself for that.

Eating is kinna ok. Kinna. Monday was almost really good. If I hadn’t have had a yogurt, I would have had under 1400. As it is, I went over by 49. Not the worst day in the world. Yesterday I had a training course where there were biscuits on offer. I couldn’t help it, I had some. Then when I got home, boyfriend found some more. So I had another. Ok, another and a half. I had 1704 calories. All in all, that’s still under 1750 (which I think is my ‘level’ calorie allowance). Today I’ve not worked out. I don’t really want to after the nachos I shared in the pub, the chippy chips I stole of boyfriend’s plate for dinner, and the Chocolate orange I bought (they were in Tesco for £1, I couldn’t resist! Damn Tesco).

I’ve just worked it out. Not as bad as I imagined actually – 1862. Bad, but could be worse. If I do what My Fitness Pal does and subtracts the calories I burnt exercising, 337 I get a net calorie intake of 1525. It’s not the way I want to work it out (I want to have eaten the 1525 AND then have the extra 337 burnt), but still, it’s not bad. Not anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be anyway. I just need to be better tomorrow, and Friday, and for the rest of the month. I will be better. I will, I will…

**add on – I’ve done some writing tonight – 533 of the little things, that’s a GREEN! Woop!

Another Bad Weekend

I was quite tempted not to write this blog, and to skip yesterday’s check-in for ROW80. But, that would be cheating in my book, so here goes.

Thinking about it more, my weekend wasn’t THAT bad. Just bad on the important things. My goals are:

Eat less than 1400 cals

Exercise more than 30 minutes

Write 500-1000 words

Read (still not decided on a measurement for this).

This is how I did (I know it would be a lot easier if I had the chart, but I forgot to copy or send it to myself at work this morning).

Eating – Pie & Mash Friday lunch, Chinese Friday night and a bucket full of vodka (all with DIET coke though…) so not even going to go there. Saturday I had a crepe at the market, then Indian for dinner (most calorific one I could – Korma!), again lets not go there. For breakfast on Sunday I had a poppdum and popcorn. I made lasagna for dinner with lots of veg, but also had a ton of bonbons. Lets just forget this goal this weekend!

Exercise – this isn’t AS bad. In fact probably pretty good. On Friday, after work and before the pub I walked to the gym, then spend half an hour there (yep, I made the effort before the pub – showering and getting ready there!). Total cals: 370 cals , 52 minutes. Plus, on the way home we got off the tube at the further away stop – so an extra 12 minutes walking – woop! On Saturday we spent a few hours walking round Camden Market. That’s totally going down as at least 30 minutes exercise in my book. Yesterday I walked to Tesco and back. I think it’s about 22 minutes. Still, it’s walking so happy with that.

Writing – next (nothing to say ’cause I did NOTHING!)

Reading – I rented Snapshot by Craig Robertson from the library on Thursday night. I started reading it on Friday morning. I finished it yesterday afternoon. That says SUCCESS to me – woop! Also – brilliant book!

In my head eating and writing are the most important. I guess exercise is up there too, but reading is less so (only because I spend so much time reading anyway). This week, I’m going to concentrate on these three. I was supposed to be going out tonight, but I’m really tired so am not going to bother. I’ve had my main meal today too, so when I get home I’ll hit the laptop and write!

It’s nearly the end of January – my second goal for finishing The Man of My Dreams was the end of January (having not made the first goal of the end of December). I don’t really know how much more I’ve got to write because I’ve kind of changed the direction it’s going in. Still, I COULD get it done in a week. Would be a struggle, but I’m going to try…

I was actually thinking a lot last week about editing the novel. Unlike my usual self, I’m actually really looking forward to it. I think that’s because at the moment I’m a little lost on when the days are – I think they might all be week days with hardly any weekends in between – so want to read it to get it straight in my head. I guess I wasnt to read it then more than edit it. I think I want to edit it too.

If I’m honest, I just want to finish writing it now. I’m not bored of it, but I just want to skip to the next part of this process. Why oh why do I have to work? I bet it would be finished now if I was at home all day! 😉

Wednesday’s Check-In – 18th Jan

I really should be writing, but seeing as a check-in is due today, I’ve decided to write a blog instead of my novel. Naughty me. Still, writing is writing, right? (I don’t believe that myself, but hopefully you will!).

I finished The Tiger’s Wife by Tea Obreht tonight. I was reading it for my real life book club (as opposed to online one at www.novelkicks.co.uk). We take it in turns to choose the novel we read, and this one wouldn’t have been my choice. However, I really enjoyed it. Book review to follow! On Obreht’s website, the novel is described as a mystery why the MC’s Grandfather left home when he did and visited the place he did. Going from that description, I could use it for the Mystery & Suspense Reading Challenge. I didn’t think of it as a mystery really, so am torn on whether to count it or not. Maybe I will, but make sure I read 13, you know, just to make sure!

I’ve also been to the gym tonight. I burnt 350 calories in 28 minutes. Result!

My eating today has been pretty good – 1455 calories – only 55 more than my goal. Add that to the 350 burnt at the gym and I’m well under (maybe that explains why I’m so hungry).

Looking at my chart for eating over the last few days, I can see I’ve had 3 yellow and 1 red day. I was quite unhappy about that because I really want more green days (below 1400), but then I thought about what it really means. Yellow is 1400 – 1750 calories. Apparently, because I’m short, I need 1750 calories a day to maintain my weight, therefore every yellow day where I’m eating less, I lose a little weight. Woop!

Exercise is going very well this week too – green days Monday – Wednesday. Since the beginning of the year I’ve now lost 4lb. It’s not masses, but hopefully because I’m doing it slowly, and using exercise AND a healthy diet – rather than a faddy diet – I’ll lose more and keep it off. Maybe I could even get back down to 17lb lower – where I was in spring 2010!

Reading’s going ok this week. Green today and yesterday, yellow on Monday. I need to chose a new book to read to carry on with this – another really good book would be awesome, I’ve had 4 really good books this year. No, 3 sorry. 3/4? I can’t remember. 3. That’s good!

Writing then. Well.

I wrote 591 words on Monday night. I totally didn’t have time before bed, but I thought maybe I’d just write 100 (my test mile) before boyfriend came to bed too. He faffed and I got 491 more than I planned. Woop. Last night we’d had dinner, I was just reading and about to come to the bedroom to write, when… we had a power cut. Oh no! It lasted an hour, by which time I’d gone to bed. When everything came back up, I was too cold to get back up for the laptop. I read instead.

Tonight I gymed, ate, washed up, showered, and now I’m in bed. Writing a blog. I’m going to write some of my novel – at least 500 words. I know I can do it.

How’s everyone else’s ROW80 going? If you’re not doing ROW80, how’s everything else going?

*Update – 590 written tonight – that’s a green day!*

The Next Few Months

Yesterday I posted about my new job (yay!). I don’t know if it’s really sunk in yet. I’m really excited though – just another 3 weeks and 3 days to go!

Last night I starting thinking about what the new job will mean for my writing, reading, exercise and eating – my ROW80 challenges. I haven’t come up with anything conclusive, but lots of different thoughts.

When I first started talking to people about where my career could go, a few people warned me away from my new job (Building Manager of an office block for a property management company) because they thought I’d get bored. Great, I thought, most people would get bored, I’ll get writing!

In reality, I don’t know if it’s going to work that way.

My job is actually going to be split over two buildings, so not sure if I’ll actually get time to ‘get bored’ like I would (could) in a single building. Also, I’m not going to be based in my own office, I’ll be in another Building Manager’s office, with her directly behind me, with full access to seeing my screen. No skiving to write a novel there then!

What I am thinking though, is that the property is going to be closer to the shops, so that quick duck out to get a sandwich can actually be quick, rather than the 20+ minutes it takes now. That will free up some of my lunchtime, which will give me more time for writing (and surfing). I guess in reality, I will get more free time, but will probably use it for blogging and surfing rather than actual writing. You never know though.

Exercise will be the interesting one. I THINK that the best way for me to get to work will be to get the tube, then walk to the office – the office that’s maybe a 22 minute (brisk) walk away. Everyday. Hmmm.  The other way would be to get the Hammersmith and City tube line, but I think that’s pretty unreliable, and only goes every 10 minutes (compared to the Jubilee which is every 1-2 minutes in rush hour!). I don’t know.

I’ll definitely walk back to the tube after work – so that will increase my daily exercise by 4 ish minutes (it now takes 18 minutes to walk to the other station I go home from).

Of course there’s always a bus… But I’m really not a big London bus kind of person.

The gym will be the interesting one. My current gym is next to the station I currently use – 18 minutes/1.7km away. Across the road from my new office, there’s another gym I can use, but it’s not as good. The current gym I use is 2.7km away from the new office. Either I’ll start using the closer gym, OR I’ll walk to the one I use now. I like the latter idea – more exercise. But then it will be more time too.

Hopefully it won’t affect my eating at all. Actually it will – for the better. At the moment we have a canteen that sells chocolate on the 6th floor of the building. In my new office, I won’t have that. There is a newsagents a few doors down, but hopefully having to leave the office will put me off doing that. We can but hope.

With all these logistics, I’ve not really been thinking about the job itself. It’s going to be a great move, and the job is going to be so much better than my current one. I can’t wait. Hopefully it will be a positive move in the right direction for all aspects of my life.

Not Much Work, But Lots of Celebration!

I’ve not got much done in the last few days. By ‘not much’ I pretty much mean nothing. Ah, oh dear. I have  a pretty good excuse though.

I applied for a new job in December and had an interview just before Christmas. They told me I’d hear when I got back from the break. When I did, they decided they wanted a second interview. After that they said they’d let me know the beginning of last week, then on Tuesday they told me I’d find out Thursday. On Thursday I couldn’t concentrate on work for the whole day I was stressing that much, but still heard nothing. Thursday night all thoughts of writing were out the window – I was so nervous.

On Friday I got told, unofficially as they were still waiting for sign off, that I had the job! Woop! Yay! Hoorah! Cue a weekend of celebration – Champagne and shots on Friday, Saturday recovering and a roast and more champagne on Sunday.

Today I got told officially, but I think I’ve celebrated enough now!

Because of all that, I pretty much got nothing productive done – obviously! On Friday I did go to the gym. Yay! I spent 30 minutes there and burnt 400 calories (plus 100 to walk there from the office) – AWESOME! I don’t know if I’ve ever done that well. Totally makes me want to go back. Soon!

I did bits and pieces of reading over the weekend. I think I read quite a lot on Saturday, but pretty much none yesterday.

Diet and writing went out the window.

So now, I need to get back on it. I was going to go to an evening of writing tonight – the NaNo London crew meet up on Mondays to write for a couple of hours in Pret. I’ve not actually been since NaNo, and keep wanting to, but something always comes up. Typically, today when I was planning on going, I’m not feeling all that good 😦 Maybe the week after next I’ll finally make it (I’ve got plans next week).

I’m not going to post my progress chart because 1) I don’t have it with me and 2) it looks so bad (red). I’m going to spend the beginning of this week pulling it back – maybe have a couple of totally green days (good days) then post it. I’ll be much happier when it’s back to green than almost all red. Seriously, whose idea was a colour coded chart? What an idiot they are!!!