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An Evening with Jodi Picoult

I’m a bit of a weird Jodi Picoult fan. In fact I don’t think I’d really consider myself a fan at all. When I’m reading her books, I totally love them. I’d rather choose to read than do anything else (almost anything). But between books… I’m a little… apathetic? I’m not really that bothered. I’ve got a whole load of her books on my tbr book shelf, and I know when I read then I’ll love them. I just don’t have much enthusiasm to start.


Whatever my feelings about the books, I know she’s a damn good author and I totally respect the way she can weave a story. Thinking about it now, I’m probably a bit jealous of how good an author she is.

About a month ago, I got an email from Time Out advertising different nights going on in the future. One was a night with Jodi Picoult. I knew I had to go.

Unlike any other author events I’ve been to, this one cost. But, £15 isn’t that much and I knew it would be worth it. Well, wasn’t it indeed. When I got the confirmation, I learnt that on arrival everyone got a hardback copy of her latest novel ‘Sing You Home.’ Result. And then I found out on arrival, that by buying the book (or getting given) you can send off for a CD which is the music inspired by the book. The music that Ellen Wilber (Jodi’s best friend) composed from poems she wrote for the book – and played tonight.

I was quite surprised that Codgan Hall wasn’t full to the rafters, but it wasn’t. That was quite nice though, seeing as it was a hot day and getting tightly packed into a hall wouldn’t have been that great (I think I only say this because someone near me must have taken her/his shoes off and I kept getting wafted with the smell – not great!).

Jodi’s American so I was expecting that American enthusiasm I love. I got it. She came on full of energy, and told us all about the novel. Then to my disappointment she read from the novel. I was hoping for more of her talking. She read a lot of the novel. I’ll tell you I’m looking forward to reading it now.

After the reading Ellen played three songs from the novel. Then Jodi answered questions from the floor. The audience did well and asked questions that lead Jodi to very long answers – that she obviously enjoyed answering.

At the end, I decided not to stay to get my book signed. At an event like that I don’t think getting the novel signed is all that great. I mean there were lots of us there, so if we had have all wanted to get her to sign the book, we would have been there all night. And it’s not very personal. When I went to see Lisa Jewell at an event a year ago, there were only about 30 people there, so we actually talked to her one on one. Whereas there just wasn’t the opportunity at something like this. I think had she have been one of my favourite author’s I would have done, like I did with Sophie Kinsella at the event I went to that she was at, but I wasn’t that bothered.

I really enjoyed the evening. I love things like this – hearing from author’s about their writing. I’ve been to quite a few now, I need to look for more to go to!