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Quick ROW80 Check-in

This is going to have to be short (but pretty sweet) as I’m desperate for my bed having only had 2 hours sleep last night (story follows).

I must start, and brag about how well writing is going. I decided on Sunday that I was going to read The Man of My Dreams, and write other stuff – from prompts, finish bits I’d started etc. My game of Tag with my buddy Laura has helped massively. This week, I’ve Written:

Sunday – 86

Monday – 217

Tuesday – 545

Wednesday – 250.

My goal is 150 a day, so I’m pretty much rocking (ignoring Sunday – at least I wrote). On Monday I decided that Tuesday had to be a 500 word day for Laura (she has to hand her RNA novel in by the end of the month), and if it is for Laura, it is for me. Today I’ve decided 1,000 is tomorrow’s goal. No, Laura has no say in this.

Anyone else want to join in with a One Thousand Thursday? Ooh, that’s quite catchy. I might turn that into a thing. Maybe a One Thousand Thursday – and posting what was written. I’ve not posted anything I’ve written for ages, it must be at least a year. Gulp!

I’ll shortly talk about my lack of sleep last night, because it’s the reason I didn’t write more today (frankly I’m surprised I wrote anything today at all).

I got a call last night from my boyfriend’s friend, saying they were in an ambulance on the way to A&E, because Steve, in his wisdom, had had a shot of something poured from high, and something from the bottle had fallen down his throat. They thought it was going to be a simple pull out. 45 minutes later, I get a call from a doctor suggesting I come in. So I did. They tried a few more times to get it out (still what it was, was unknown to them), with no luck before deciding they needed to give him general anaesthetic to remove it without his natural gag reflex working.

They sent me home at 4am, but I slept badly, not knowing how the ‘operation’ was going. I then had to go there before work to take his stuff. Then go to work. Then he was getting discharged so I left work, only to hang around the hospital for 3 and a half hours while they got the consultant and the drugs together. We got home and fell asleep. And now I need an early night.

He’s fine, in a bit of pain, but ok. I’m now ok. At about 5am I had the thought that if whatever it was (it turned out to be the bottle top security ring) had gone in differently it could have blocked his windpipe and killed him. Scary, scary thoughts, not good at any time, but definitely not at 5am.

Still. He’s fine, and by tomorrow I will have caught up with my sleep (he however has been told by his boss not to go to work until next week – good job, consultant said he won’t feel ok until Sunday, so can sleep 24/7 for the next few days!) so be raring for my One Thousand Thursday!

Still Going Well – ROW8- Check-in 12th Oct

I’m still rocking my word goal this week. OK, so that means Monday and Tuesday, not that long, but I’m still rocking it. Because I’m loving the graph thing, and as I’ve done more words than yesterday when I did a graph (here) here’s another to show my progress:


He he. I’m loving this. Even more I’m loving that the actual line is getting higher and higher above the goal line.

Last night I got home, cooked and watched a movie. I then turned on the laptop to write, but couldn’t get anywhere. Eventually I started writing, got into it, and managed 611 words. pretty good going. Obviously not as good as 1733 on Sunday, or the 826 on Monday (yes, I’m bragging that I’m doing so much better than my 500 word goal every day!).

On Sunday, on the check-in blog, Kate suggested getting a buddy for the challenge. I didn’t have to look for one, because one came looking for me. The lovely Laura from NovelKicks and her own blog, sent me a text asking if I wanted to buddy up with her. As I met her in real life a few weeks ago, and know I really like her, I quickly agreed.

Man is she tough. She’s been texting me everyday to find out how I’m doing. I think yesterday I might not have done any, if it wasn’t for her asking how I’d done. Thanks Laura. 🙂

I’ve got 2 hours of train journeys tomorrow for work. I’m really looking forward to it, because it means I get to sit and read on work time – woop! I’ve just started Mitigating Circumstances by Nancy Taylor Rosenberg. I’m only on page 21 but already getting into it. I’ve not read a proper thriller for ages, and I feel like this is just what I need right now. Bring on tomorrow!


A Late Sunday #ROW80 Check In

Something has to change. As seems to be the pattern at the moment, I did no writing over the weekend. The thing that’s changed, and made me realise that something has to change, is that I didn’t even think about writing.

Usually I think I should do some, but then get distracted by this or that or the other. This weekend, it didn’t even cross my mind. Not even when I saw Kait’s Check-In email (although I read that stupidly early in the morning, so maybe it’s not surprising).

I just don’t know how I’ve managed to get myself into this situation. It’s like I just don’t have any motivation to even think about writing. And I’m supposed to be finishing ‘Holiday’ by the end of October, and deciding if I’m doing NaNo (probably) and getting an idea for that. What’s wrong with me?

It’s possible it’s because there’s a lot of other stuff going on at the moment, nothing mega really, but enough to keep my mind occupied. Maybe I’m just making excuses. But if I am – why am I having to?

I don’t know if I’m enjoying writing ‘Holiday’ as much as I have done before, but then I’m really writing filler bits at the moment (last week I finished a filler scene). Maybe I need to jump to something exciting to get me back into it and get me motivated. I’ve only written the first chapter in note form, so I could jump on that one straight away.

I know I’ve got lots to fill in – the start, a bit after a funeral, this, the other, and I think I feel like I should go back and fill them before I move on towards the end – I probably think this because I don’t really know what’s going to happen in the last quarter of the novel. That worries me, but I think I should just go with it. I was worried about the scene I just finished, but that ended up going really well.

I’ve got a semi idea for a NaNo novel. Not really as much as an idea, but maybe a spark of an idea. I need to think it through, because it’s really only one scene and that’s it, but I like the character, she could be fun to play with. But, I want to spend my time writing ‘Holiday’ not planning a novel that I may or may not write. At least this is one good thing, at lease I WANT to spend my time on ‘Holiday,’ now, if I could just make the move towards DOING!

I’ve just finished my lunch break… but maybe I’ll spend another 10 minutes on it, and do some writing!

It’s Friday Kids, But Not as We Know It!

I feel like I’m going to have some time to do some writing today. Ordinarily if this happened, I’d take part in Fiction Friday, but as I have this massive goal of finishing my novel by 31st October, I really think I should do that instead. Poo.

My excitement about Holiday at the weekend has carried on this week and I’ve been doing more on it.

On Tuesday, on the way home I thought about how a scene would work out. When I got in, I decided to write a few hundred words (500) before I got dinner. I got to 508 or something and knew I HAD to write more. So I gave myself another 15 minutes or so, and got another 500 words in (I think that’s right. I can’t work out if it’s actually possible to write that many in such a short time – it seems a crazy amount?).

I then made myself stop, or else I would have starved*, but once I’d turned the laptop off, I thought of something else, so made some notes on an envelope. Then I got into it and wrote another 100 words of actual story.

*As I’m a stone over weight, I seriously doubt I would have starved, but hey, I can tell myself that!

Yesterday (my next night in as I was out on Wednesday)  I got home early having had a hospital appointment which finished earlier than work. Yay! However at the appointment, they put some drops in my eyes that made EVERYTHING blurred. When I say blurred, distances just looked like I didn’t have my glasses on, but reading and looking at things close up, oh and being out in the SUN, really hurt and felt like it was going to give me a headache (the drops dilated my pupils so my irises were almost invisible).

I couldn’t write. But, I had this idea about a rewrite for one scene (I know I should wait until the first draft is finished, but I’m not going to be happy leaving it how it is, because the same thing is going to happen again. At the end actually. I found another envelope, and made some (very large) notes on that scene.

I feel like I’m getting somewhere.

Except, now I want to do some writing and I’ve left the envelopes at home. Which is probably a good thing, because, well you know, I’m at work and should really be working. Especially as I haven’t done much at all today.

Oh how things have changed from when I worked downstairs on reception. I think I had about 3 hours a day then to write/blog/trawl through the internet. I do get paid better now though, so that’s one thing. I probably do better writing now too. When I was writing on reception I was constantly interrupted by guests or the phone, so although I (sometimes) got a lot done, it didn’t feel it had the quality of the writing I’m doing now.

I wonder if that’s why I don’t seem to be able to edit Italian Infatuation. That was pretty much all written on reception so may be of a different standard of writing. I think I’m looking for excuses here.

Had a chat with my other half the other night (the first envelope night). He said I’m not a finisher. I tried to argue with him, but when I was thinking about it later, I hate to admit he’s probably right (and now I’m hoping this isn’t one of my blogs he reads – knowing my luck he will and I’ll get the ‘told you so’s all weekend!). I do start things, and I never seem to follow them through. Although, that’s not to say I’m not going to, just that I’ve be distracted by something else temporarily.

This weekend, I was cleaning up the flat, and trying to do about a million things at once – washing up, laundry, hanging clothes out, tidying the bedroom etc etc. I don’t know if I ever finished one because I kept doing a little of everything else too.

I’m the same with writing. I started a writing course, but didn’t get too far before I started writing Holiday. But then that didn’t get too far because I did NaNo. After NaNo though, I didn’t edit Italian Infatuation because I started writing Holiday again. Then it got to November and I HAD to do NaNo again, so The Dating Project was half written. Now that’s unfinished, Italian Infatuation is written but not edited, the writing course is maybe 4 modules in, and Holiday is maybe half way done.

Presently, I’m not a finisher, but I want to be. I want to edit Italian Infatuation. I totally think it’s got legs as a Mills & Boon book and I’ll like to sub it to them. I really really would like to. I also want to finish Holiday, think of a better title, and edit that too. Oh, and I totally want to finish the writing course. All this, and I want to do NaNo again in November.

I currently have a plan to finish Holiday before NaNo starts. In November, I’ll write a novel (or 50,000 words of one). I don’t know what about yet, and that is worrying me a little, but I’ll worry about it much more when Holiday is done and dusted.

In December, I need another plan.  I’m not going to decide what it is yet, but I’m going to make one. It’s going to include finishing one of these projects. All the way through. Next year, I’m going to submit a book. Or two. Wooh, that’s a plan. A plan I really like.

I think… I may have said that about Italian Infatuation this year. Ah. Well… Um… Yeah! Next year though. Definitely. It doesn’t matter how scary it is (I think it’s fear holding me back – what if I finish a novel and edit it? I’d have to submit it, and that’s mega scary!), I’m going to do it.

But this year. This year I’m going to finish draft one of Holiday. I’m so into this at the moment, I don’t think anything could stop me. I hope nothing will stop me anyway!

ROW80 Check in

I’m doing so badly with check ins and blogging in general at the moment. Of course I’ve got an excuse (don’t I always), but this time it’s a damn good one.

Last month my boyfriend and I cancelled our internet connection as we were paying WAY too much (but you do to get a ‘free’ laptop don’t you – the contract ended, the laptop is ours, so why would we pay too much anymore?). We then promptly forgot about it and just over a week ago we got cut off. With no new one to go to.

Of course that coincides with being broke before we get paid, so we’ve done nothing about getting a new contract. Now the boyfriend has decided we might as well get Sky. But we need to talk to the landlord and blah blah blah. So basically, I don’t have the internet at home.

I know what you’re going to say, and you’re right, I do have internet I at work. Internet where I can access WordPress and everything. But it’s hard to find time to blog at work you know. Especially the last week or so when I’ve been so so busy!

Anyway. That’s my excuse. I’ll try to get better, but I can’t promise anything until we get a new ISP (is ISP Internet Service Provider? I think it is, I think that’s what I mean isn’t it?).

So, ROW80. I’ve been worrying for the last few days that I’m doing really badly. I’d had a few days where I wrote quite a bit, but not many days, and there was nothing in between. So yesterday, I decided I’d have a bit of a catch up.

Catch up I did. Yesterday I wrote… nearly 2k words. Yep, that’s nearly 2000 words! That’s more than in a NaNo day. How incredibly amazing is that. And you know what? It wasn’t that hard. I wrote Holiday (well if I’m going to finish it by November, I pretty much can only write Holiday right?) and I didn’t know what I was going to write, but I wrote. And carried on and on and on.

The only reason I didn’t get to 2k (literally 50 less) is because I finished a scene and decided bed was a better option than starting something new.

I am so ridiculously pleased with myself. Even more so that it didn’t feel like a struggle. God I wish writing was always that easy! If only the next 38k could be that easy.

I had a little calculation yesterday. If I can do 2k words a day, I literally only need to write for 19 days over the next 3 and a bit months. If I wrote 1k words a day (which is a lot more realistic to be honest) I’d only need to write 38 days out of the next 3 and a bit months (99 days). I’d have to write less than every other day. That’s pretty awesome.

BUT, we all know that writing 1000 words everytime I write isn’t all that doable. I’d like to think it is, but I know for sure next weekend I won’t be able to get anywhere near that amount as I’m going to Sweden.

Then there are lots of weekends when I’m away at weddings etc where I won’t be able to write that many. But that’s not the point. The point of this calculation was to make me realise that 38k words isn’t actually that much. No, really, it’s not. The calculation did its job – to show me that this goal is SO doable. Holiday finished – here I come!

So now I’m back, From outerspace… eh no, from Italy

It may as well be a different planet though – when we left Rome it was HOT and SUNNY and now in London it’s COLD and RAINING. So cold I’ve had the heater on today. How depressing (if being back from holiday wasn’t depressing enough in itself!)

While I was away I finished reading Love Lies by Adele Parks. It was great – so good I had to stay up late the last night I read it to finish it. Do you ever wish you coud read through closed eyes? I totally did. But was pleased I made the effort. Total chick lit bliss. I just need to keep in mind it’s fiction not real life. The beginning sort of echoed mine and so I don’t want to be thinking now that it could happen. 

I read a book once, a chick lit book, that actually changed my life. I think had I not have read it at that time I wouldn’t have made a decision that totally changed my life. Weird eh. It was Straight Talking by Jane Green – no wonder she’s one of my favourite authors of all time!

Once I’d finished that book, I started on another. A few months ago I decided I need to read some classic books as pretty much all I read is chick lit, romance and crime/thrillers and want to expand my reading. Plus there’s always those things that tell you the 100 or 1000 books you should read before you die – I’m always lacking in them. So, when I was in a book shop with my mum she offered to buy me a book (yes, I have the best mum in the world!) and next to where we were standing was 1984 by George Orwell. Decision made. But obviously I’d not picked it up – until now.

I am loving it, when you consider how long ago it was written (I think 1949 ish) it doesn’t seem dated at all. Even though it was written so long ago and set in the future, which is now the past it doesn’t seem dated. In fact, I keep thinking that you could change the name to 2084 and it could seem like it’s a novel set in the future.

It reminds me a lot of a sci-fi book I read recently – The Caves of Steel by Asimov. His was also set in the future and although his future wasn’t as strict, I keep thinking they’re very similar. Regardless, I’m really enjoying it. I should’ve picked it up months/years ago.

I didn’t do any writing while I was away. I did think about it, but the thought didn’t go as far as getting up and finding some paper. For once I actually don’t care that I didn’t do anything – I was on holiday and why should holiday mean holiday from one type of work to be doing something else. Not that I consider writing work, but you know what I mean.

Just before I left I did take one HUGE step. I got my printer synced with my computer (well… it did it itself – LOVE that computer) and printed out the first draft of Italian Infatuation. I didn’t read it or anything, but at least I now have a hard copy of it that I can start editing. It’s a small step, but at least it’s a step in the right direction!

I’m going to try to edit my writing course assignment this week. I wrote the four sections before I went away so in theory all I need to do is edit them (all I need to do!), BUT, for the second section you had to choose 2 out of 6 prompts to take. I wanted to have a go at 4, then choose the 2 I thought were the best to send off. I don’t know if I’ll do that now, or just stick to the 2 I’ve done. I’ll think about it tonight and get started on it one way or another tomorrow.

As it’s June now, I’m going to come up with a plan for myself to get my motivation going again after holiday. I’m not sure what yet, but it will probably involve writing 250 words a day at least 6 days a week, and writing at least 5 blogs a week. If I’ve got a written plan I should be able to stick to it. Should.

Totally unrelated – I’m going to see Sex and the City tonight at a private showing with cocktails and canapes. It’s so true it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

2 day plan – done!

Although the 2 day plan turned into more like a 4 day plan, but that’s fine; it actually means I got more done that I would have done if last week’s mayhem hadn’t happened.  So, here’s the results of my plan:

  • Spend two hours on the writing course on Thursday done!
  • Spend two hours on the writing course on Friday  – nearly done, 1 and a bit hours.  Plus some on Sunday too!
  • Spend two hours reading Italian Infatuation on Thursday  Done
  • Spend two hours reading Italian Infatuation on Friday Done. Plus finished it on Sunday 🙂
  • A blog on Thursday done
  • A blog on Friday done
  • Go food shopping done
  • Ice Christmas cake (I know…) And eaten most of it
  • Make Turkey and Ham Pie with Christmas leftovers (frozen meat) And eaten ALL of it
  • 30 minutes exercise on Thursday
  • 30 minutes exercise on Friday Was too cold to go out 😦
  • Finish the novel I’m reading
  • All in all, I’m very please with myself and I feel like my two days holiday weren’t a total waste of time.  More than anything I’m glad I got on with the writing course, I didn’t achieve much, but the fact I’ve got on with it is brilliant.  I’ve decided that I’m going to spend at least 20 minutes on it a day. 20 minutes isn’t too much that it will put me off doing it, but should be enough that I get through this assignment in a reasonable amount of time.  I hope.

    Because I’m going to be spending a lot of time on my writing course over the next week or so, I’ve decided I’m not going to start reading another book.  If I do I’m likely to spend time reading this when I should be working on my writing course.  I’ve lined up my next novel though: Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. 

    I’ve had it for a year, but know it’s such a big project to take on (it’s nearly 1,000 pages long!) that I’ve put it off before now.  Plus, if it really the greatest love story of all time, I’m bound to cry and I don’t want to be doing that on the tube!  Oh well, soon. 

    As you can see above, I finished reading Italian Infatuation over the weekend.  I’m pretty happy with it.  For a 1st draft.  The story pretty much works, there’s just a few big questions I have about it.  The main one being, is there too much solo action and not enough going on between the hero and heroine.  In the Mills & Boon novels I’ve read, MOST of the action happens when the two of them are together, but I’ve got a large chunk at the beginning and near the end, where it’s just one of them.   I think the story needs it, as it’s showing the characters development, but I don’t know if it’s right for a Mills & Boon book. 

    I think I need to cut the solo scenes down and develop the scenes where they’re together a little more.  Or, scrap the idea of it being a Mills & Boon novel and extend it to make it a full length romantic novel, therefore being able to keep the scenes.  I don’t know what to do.  I think while I’m thinking about it I’ll go through and correct the grammar and spelling and change sentences I don’t like. Then decide.  There’s nothing like a bit of procrastination.  🙂

    While surfing the net over the weekend, I discovered the RNA – Romantic Novelists’ Association.  And within them, their New Writers’ Scheme.  250 unpublished authors can join from January and are entitled to take part in RNA activities.  PLUS they can send a manuscript to them for appraisal.  I love that idea.  I’m thinking very hard about this.  If, there are any spaces anyway.  They hold talks every couple of months that sound interesting and a conference in the summer.  Sounds like fun!!

    Nearly October… eek!

    That is really scary.  Where has this month gone?  I’ve been good this month and not counted up my words written yet.  I think that when I reach my goal before the end of the month I get a bit lazy and can’t really be bothered to do any more.  So this month I’ve purposely not counted.  I know it’s going to be my higher than my goal though – I’ve been on fire this  month.

    Yesterday was my day to my self – that I was going to spend (partly) doing some writing.  I didn’t.  But, I did do some good things so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I went for a run (the first for about 2 months and I did pretty well – my aching muscles today show that!), ate healthy proper cooked meals and had a spring clean.  I feel refreshed because of it all so hopefully that will propel me on my way to do some writing.

    My laptop is possibly on its way out; I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but last night the screen was flashing on and off for about 20 minutes.  Luckily for me I have a lovely boyfriend who A. has a massive external hard disk that I can save my stuff on, and B. a nice new laptop that he is happy to let me use.  I’m going to have to get a new one, just not right now.  I’ll probably get one through a mobile broadband package thing – spend x a month and get a free laptop.  It’s not really something I can afford, but it’s a necessity when I’m doing a writing course. 

    Speaking of the writing course.  I accidently read my next assignment yesterday.  Well, part of it anyway.  It genuinely was an accident – I thought it was my current assignment.  Oh well.  It looks interesting anyway.  The course is structured so you do non fiction first, then move on to fiction.  I cannot wait to get to the fiction bit.  Must hurry!  I’d ideally like to have the current assignment finished by the end of the month so when I’m off for that week after my operation, I can work on the next assignment.  That’s the plan anyway. 

    I think I’m all ready to interview people for the assignment.  I think I’m all prepared.  I know it’s being a bit of a wimp, but I think I’m going to do these ones via email.  It is me being a wimp completely, I’m scared to do it face to face or on the phone; the way I see it though is it will build my confidence in interviewing so next time I’ll be braver and do it face to face or on the phone!

    Oh, finally, I finished The Dirty Secrets Club.  Loved it.  Really happy as now I’ll read the Memory Collector – which was really the one I wanted!  Also I’m now going to read something very chick lit-y.  I haven’t done for ages – can’t wait.

    Lots and lots of words

    I’m torn in my head about whether the words I’ve written today count or not. I’ve re-written a scene I wrote a few weeks ago for ‘Holiday’, but in 1st person, present tense.  I think I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be 1st person now.  I just need to decide between present and past.  I’ve always had problems writing present in the past, I seemed to always slip into past accidentally – but somehow in this 1,000 word scene (the beginning of a scene anyway) I’ve kept it consistent.  Initial reaction from me is I like it.  I know there’s a couple of bits in it I don’t like, but for a 1st draft it’s not bad.

    I didn’t do much writing over the weekend, bits and bobs on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling too good again.  I got another migraine on Saturday so felt kind of funny on Sunday, then yesterday I didn’t do anything as I was feeling dizzy all day.  Even had a day off work because of it.  Shame, I could do with a day off to work on some writing. 

    God, I’ve just realised I’ve not started reading anything this month.  My goal is to read 2 novels.  Damn.  I think if I don’t get too far with that I can be quite lenient on myself – I know it’s because I’ve been getting these migraines and headaches so don’t really feel up tp reading.  I’ll get on it when I’m over this spell.

    The good thing is though, that it’s making me do writing.  When I’m at work time really drags if I’m not doing anything, whereas if I’m writing, my concentration is taken, so it’s like I forget I’m not feeling too good. Every cloud and all that….

    Weekend writing

    That’s right folks, I’m blogging on a weekend (woo hoo – that’s  a goal for the month under my belt).  Not only that, I’ve also done some writing for ‘Holiday’.  I woke up with an idea for a scene in my head.  Rather than just think about it more, and write down the idea later, I got my notepad out and wrote it out.  Well wrote about 70% of it. And the notes for the other 30%.  I’m pretty impressed with the idea of it.  It’s going to help things flow along nicely.

    Also this morning I worked out a main detail for the story.  It’s a detail I’d been struggling with internally.  My main characters are at this stage in their lives and I couldn’t work out how to make it believable that they’d got there.  It was going to be a bit… not unbelievable, but hard to believe, but I’ve worked it out.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.  I just need to write it down now… Done.  Wow this Sunday is productive.

    The scene I’ve just written was in 1st person.  I put very little thought into the fact I was going to do that – it just felt right.  I think it works much better than if it was 3rd person because I really want it seen from her eyes.  I think it’s important to see where she’s at in that moment of time.  I’m still going to re write some scenes to see if it works all the time.  It’s also in present tense.  I like present tense but find it really hard to write sometimes.  Hmmmmmmm.

    I started reading a book last night.  Unfortunately not one from my to read list, or even a fiction book.  It’s about economics.  Why economics can explain ‘almost anything’. I hope it’s going to be one of those semi educational books that will stay with me and at certain points in my life parts of it will be brought up to add to conversations (you know the type, like Bill Bryson’s ‘A short history of nearly everything’ – love that).  I guess it’s also good to read a selection of things.  I just feel fiction would be better for where I’m going.  Ah well, sometimes you’ve just got to do what you want at that moment not what’s good for the future.  Besides I’m staying at my mum’s in my brother’s room and there’s no other books I’ve not read in here.  In fact there’s a few of MY books I have read in here! I guess it saves me finding space for yet more books though so shouldn’t complain!.