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Nearly October… eek!

That is really scary.  Where has this month gone?  I’ve been good this month and not counted up my words written yet.  I think that when I reach my goal before the end of the month I get a bit lazy and can’t really be bothered to do any more.  So this month I’ve purposely not counted.  I know it’s going to be my higher than my goal though – I’ve been on fire this  month.

Yesterday was my day to my self – that I was going to spend (partly) doing some writing.  I didn’t.  But, I did do some good things so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I went for a run (the first for about 2 months and I did pretty well – my aching muscles today show that!), ate healthy proper cooked meals and had a spring clean.  I feel refreshed because of it all so hopefully that will propel me on my way to do some writing.

My laptop is possibly on its way out; I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but last night the screen was flashing on and off for about 20 minutes.  Luckily for me I have a lovely boyfriend who A. has a massive external hard disk that I can save my stuff on, and B. a nice new laptop that he is happy to let me use.  I’m going to have to get a new one, just not right now.  I’ll probably get one through a mobile broadband package thing – spend x a month and get a free laptop.  It’s not really something I can afford, but it’s a necessity when I’m doing a writing course. 

Speaking of the writing course.  I accidently read my next assignment yesterday.  Well, part of it anyway.  It genuinely was an accident – I thought it was my current assignment.  Oh well.  It looks interesting anyway.  The course is structured so you do non fiction first, then move on to fiction.  I cannot wait to get to the fiction bit.  Must hurry!  I’d ideally like to have the current assignment finished by the end of the month so when I’m off for that week after my operation, I can work on the next assignment.  That’s the plan anyway. 

I think I’m all ready to interview people for the assignment.  I think I’m all prepared.  I know it’s being a bit of a wimp, but I think I’m going to do these ones via email.  It is me being a wimp completely, I’m scared to do it face to face or on the phone; the way I see it though is it will build my confidence in interviewing so next time I’ll be braver and do it face to face or on the phone!

Oh, finally, I finished The Dirty Secrets Club.  Loved it.  Really happy as now I’ll read the Memory Collector – which was really the one I wanted!  Also I’m now going to read something very chick lit-y.  I haven’t done for ages – can’t wait.


Lots and lots of words

I’m torn in my head about whether the words I’ve written today count or not. I’ve re-written a scene I wrote a few weeks ago for ‘Holiday’, but in 1st person, present tense.  I think I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be 1st person now.  I just need to decide between present and past.  I’ve always had problems writing present in the past, I seemed to always slip into past accidentally – but somehow in this 1,000 word scene (the beginning of a scene anyway) I’ve kept it consistent.  Initial reaction from me is I like it.  I know there’s a couple of bits in it I don’t like, but for a 1st draft it’s not bad.

I didn’t do much writing over the weekend, bits and bobs on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling too good again.  I got another migraine on Saturday so felt kind of funny on Sunday, then yesterday I didn’t do anything as I was feeling dizzy all day.  Even had a day off work because of it.  Shame, I could do with a day off to work on some writing. 

God, I’ve just realised I’ve not started reading anything this month.  My goal is to read 2 novels.  Damn.  I think if I don’t get too far with that I can be quite lenient on myself – I know it’s because I’ve been getting these migraines and headaches so don’t really feel up tp reading.  I’ll get on it when I’m over this spell.

The good thing is though, that it’s making me do writing.  When I’m at work time really drags if I’m not doing anything, whereas if I’m writing, my concentration is taken, so it’s like I forget I’m not feeling too good. Every cloud and all that….

Weekend writing

That’s right folks, I’m blogging on a weekend (woo hoo – that’s  a goal for the month under my belt).  Not only that, I’ve also done some writing for ‘Holiday’.  I woke up with an idea for a scene in my head.  Rather than just think about it more, and write down the idea later, I got my notepad out and wrote it out.  Well wrote about 70% of it. And the notes for the other 30%.  I’m pretty impressed with the idea of it.  It’s going to help things flow along nicely.

Also this morning I worked out a main detail for the story.  It’s a detail I’d been struggling with internally.  My main characters are at this stage in their lives and I couldn’t work out how to make it believable that they’d got there.  It was going to be a bit… not unbelievable, but hard to believe, but I’ve worked it out.  I can’t believe I didn’t think of it before.  I just need to write it down now… Done.  Wow this Sunday is productive.

The scene I’ve just written was in 1st person.  I put very little thought into the fact I was going to do that – it just felt right.  I think it works much better than if it was 3rd person because I really want it seen from her eyes.  I think it’s important to see where she’s at in that moment of time.  I’m still going to re write some scenes to see if it works all the time.  It’s also in present tense.  I like present tense but find it really hard to write sometimes.  Hmmmmmmm.

I started reading a book last night.  Unfortunately not one from my to read list, or even a fiction book.  It’s about economics.  Why economics can explain ‘almost anything’. I hope it’s going to be one of those semi educational books that will stay with me and at certain points in my life parts of it will be brought up to add to conversations (you know the type, like Bill Bryson’s ‘A short history of nearly everything’ – love that).  I guess it’s also good to read a selection of things.  I just feel fiction would be better for where I’m going.  Ah well, sometimes you’ve just got to do what you want at that moment not what’s good for the future.  Besides I’m staying at my mum’s in my brother’s room and there’s no other books I’ve not read in here.  In fact there’s a few of MY books I have read in here! I guess it saves me finding space for yet more books though so shouldn’t complain!.

August’s goals

Here we go.  Goals for August are as follows:

  • Write 10,000 words.  I achieved more than this last month so no reason why I can’t do the same this month. 
  • Read two novels.  Lee Child’s Bad Luck and Trouble, not sure of the second yet – probably one of the new chick lits that’s out.
  • Join the library near work.  I’ve been meaning to do this for months and never got round to it.  I really need to do this.
  • Work on my writing course.  I’m not going to put a certain amount of this but just doing SOME of it would be good.  I NEED to get back into the habit of doing it. 
  • Write out my ‘Idea cards’ for ‘Holiday’ and create a story board for it.
  • Practice touch typing more.  I’ve taught myself how to do this using an online program,  but I’m still pretty slow.  If I can get my speed up I’ll be able to write things as I think of them and not have to remember where my train of thought was going while I slowly write the sentence before.
  •  20 blogs on WordPress.  I was 2 short last month, so if I can be consistant from the beginning of the month I should easily achieve this.
  • Write at least one blog on a Saturday or Sunday.  I’m terrible at doing ANY writing at weekends and want to change that.  If I can start with baby steps maybe I can train myself to do it regularlly.  As that’s when I have the most free time, I really should be doing more with it!

Phew.  Lets see how I get on with them.  I might print them out and read everyday to keep them fresh in my mind daily.  Or something.

July’s goals – did I do them…?

 My goals (and achievements) for July were:

  • Write 8,000 words ( I feel like that is a realistic amount.  I managed 6,000 easily a couple of months ago, and that was in only 15 days.  I don’t want to make it too high as I’d like to spend some time editing and rewriting what I write – with a high goal I don’t seem to do that). Not only did I manage this many, I totally exceeded it too.  10,428 words written.
  • Finish reading Brown Girls by John Wesley Ireland. (I’m really enjoying this so it should be really easy to finish.) Done.
  • Finish reading ‘How to write a novel’.  (I really shouldn’t do this, as I’m sure I’ll cover all this in my course, and I’m nowhere near that section of it yet, but I can’t help it; I really want to!)  Totally forgot about this.  Next month!
  • Spend 10 hours on the writing course.  (That’s only 2 hours a week, that is nothing.  If I can’t do that, I have some serious problems!) *Hanging head in shame*  I didn’t do any.  Maybe half an hour actually.  Not good.  I think I have serious problems!
  • Review Brown Girls on here once I’ve read it. I started this…
  • Review Mercy (I should have done that in May/June – oops!) No, didn’t do this. 
  • 20 blogs on wordpress. 18.  It was the beginning of the month that let me down so I had no way of getting to that many.
  • All in all, I’m reasonably happy with it.  The word count is brilliant, and although a lot of it is blogs on here, that’s still writing.  I’m happy with the blogs situation too, that figure is to try to encourage me to write regularly which I am doing, so I’m not going to be too hard on myself. 

    The only thing I’m really annoyed with myself about is the writing course.  I think it was about March I finished the last assignment; I took two days off work to try and get this one done, and I’m still only at idea stage.  I’ve spent so long at idea stage I’m changing my mind what to do it about.  I need to make it a priority and remember to do it.  At the moment I’m only really remembering about it when I’m at work, so can’t give it my full concentration.  I really need to work on this.  Really really.

    Goals for August coming soon…

    A little on Ebooks

    Only a very quick little post here, but thought I should write something (I have to if I’m going to make my target of how ever many posts this month – not to mention the word count!).

    Ebooks.  I’ve just read my first full novel (I did read a novella a few weeks ago).  Although I don’t like the idea of them, I do now see a good purpose for them.  I am in a very unique position though, in that I sit a a computer for 8.5 hours a day with very little to do (write, write, write then I hear you scream – yeah me too, but I keep that voice quiet when there are other things to do!).  So I decided I was going to READ during this time.  So it really works for me.  HOWEVER, as I got really into the novel, I wanted to read it more and more, on the tube, at home (when my laptop wasn’t around), in bed (where I don’t have internet connection), it got annoying.  I wouldn’t want to do it all the time, but it was good for a change – and I’ll probably do it again.  While I work here in fact, I’ll probably do it A LOT!

    The book was Brown Girls by John Wesley Ireland (here).  I read a review of it at Workinggirlreviews and had to read it from this.  I don’t know if it was the setting, of the novel, the plot or the review, but I knew I had to read it.  Smashwords give you the first 20% free, a very good idea – especially in this case.  Ireland couldn’t have timed it better if he tried.  The last page of the 20% left you on  a cliff hanger.  I had to buy it to find out more.  HAD TO.  I’m very glad I did, it was great. I’ll do a full review of it when I have a little more time.

    As I’ve been doing nothing but reading for the last two days, I haven’t done any writing.  Once I finished the ‘book’ I started something with some random words.  Not too sure where it’s going, we’ll see.

    Oooh, Sophie Kinsella’s got a new book out.  Like 2 days ago.  I don’t know if I can wait until it comes out in paperback to read it.  I love her, I think she’s great.  Can’t wait to read it (on paper!!!).  I’ve just found out today, Sophie Kinsella’s not her real name – it’s Madeline Wickham.  And she’s written books under that name.  Obviously I’m now going to track some down to read.  Quite excited about this prospect.

    Seems I lied about the ‘quick little post’, ha!