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ROW80 Check in

I’m doing so badly with check ins and blogging in general at the moment. Of course I’ve got an excuse (don’t I always), but this time it’s a damn good one.

Last month my boyfriend and I cancelled our internet connection as we were paying WAY too much (but you do to get a ‘free’ laptop don’t you – the contract ended, the laptop is ours, so why would we pay too much anymore?). We then promptly forgot about it and just over a week ago we got cut off. With no new one to go to.

Of course that coincides with being broke before we get paid, so we’ve done nothing about getting a new contract. Now the boyfriend has decided we might as well get Sky. But we need to talk to the landlord and blah blah blah. So basically, I don’t have the internet at home.

I know what you’re going to say, and you’re right, I do have internet I at work. Internet where I can access WordPress and everything. But it’s hard to find time to blog at work you know. Especially the last week or so when I’ve been so so busy!

Anyway. That’s my excuse. I’ll try to get better, but I can’t promise anything until we get a new ISP (is ISP Internet Service Provider? I think it is, I think that’s what I mean isn’t it?).

So, ROW80. I’ve been worrying for the last few days that I’m doing really badly. I’d had a few days where I wrote quite a bit, but not many days, and there was nothing in between. So yesterday, I decided I’d have a bit of a catch up.

Catch up I did. Yesterday I wrote… nearly 2k words. Yep, that’s nearly 2000 words! That’s more than in a NaNo day. How incredibly amazing is that. And you know what? It wasn’t that hard. I wrote Holiday (well if I’m going to finish it by November, I pretty much can only write Holiday right?) and I didn’t know what I was going to write, but I wrote. And carried on and on and on.

The only reason I didn’t get to 2k (literally 50 less) is because I finished a scene and decided bed was a better option than starting something new.

I am so ridiculously pleased with myself. Even more so that it didn’t feel like a struggle. God I wish writing was always that easy! If only the next 38k could be that easy.

I had a little calculation yesterday. If I can do 2k words a day, I literally only need to write for 19 days over the next 3 and a bit months. If I wrote 1k words a day (which is a lot more realistic to be honest) I’d only need to write 38 days out of the next 3 and a bit months (99 days). I’d have to write less than every other day. That’s pretty awesome.

BUT, we all know that writing 1000 words everytime I write isn’t all that doable. I’d like to think it is, but I know for sure next weekend I won’t be able to get anywhere near that amount as I’m going to Sweden.

Then there are lots of weekends when I’m away at weddings etc where I won’t be able to write that many. But that’s not the point. The point of this calculation was to make me realise that 38k words isn’t actually that much. No, really, it’s not. The calculation did its job – to show me that this goal is SO doable. Holiday finished – here I come!