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#ROW80 20th April Check-In

Woo – I’m checking in on time, and have something to write.

Since missing the check-in on Sunday, I’ve actually been really good at the old writing thing.

On Monday, I went to the writing group, but only three of us turned up. Usually they say four have to be there to have a decent session, but as we were there we thought why not. Turned out only two of us had stuff to read, so it was a very short meeting. After that I came home and did some writing.

At the meeting I was telling someone about the prompt from my story being Fiction Friday (I read the one about the teenager regretting), and how I really like writing from prompts, so when I got home that was in my head. I found a prompt I liked, and wrote a little from it. Not loads, but writing’s writing.

Yesterday, I arrived at the Jodi Picoult thing pretty early. Instead of getting my phone out and texting or going on Facebook, or getting my book out and reading a bit, I did some writing. As using prompts was still relatively fresh in my mind, I flicked through the new Jodi Picoult book I’d just been handed and took out three words I found by flicking through and created a little story.

Today though, I’ve not done anything writing wise. But that’s fine because I have weekly goals not daily ones. Weekly goals I’ve not yet met, but I’ll get there. Especially with two four day weekends coming up. Thank you Jesus, and thank you Wills & Kate.

An Evening with Jodi Picoult

I’m a bit of a weird Jodi Picoult fan. In fact I don’t think I’d really consider myself a fan at all. When I’m reading her books, I totally love them. I’d rather choose to read than do anything else (almost anything). But between books… I’m a little… apathetic? I’m not really that bothered. I’ve got a whole load of her books on my tbr book shelf, and I know when I read then I’ll love them. I just don’t have much enthusiasm to start.


Whatever my feelings about the books, I know she’s a damn good author and I totally respect the way she can weave a story. Thinking about it now, I’m probably a bit jealous of how good an author she is.

About a month ago, I got an email from Time Out advertising different nights going on in the future. One was a night with Jodi Picoult. I knew I had to go.

Unlike any other author events I’ve been to, this one cost. But, £15 isn’t that much and I knew it would be worth it. Well, wasn’t it indeed. When I got the confirmation, I learnt that on arrival everyone got a hardback copy of her latest novel ‘Sing You Home.’ Result. And then I found out on arrival, that by buying the book (or getting given) you can send off for a CD which is the music inspired by the book. The music that Ellen Wilber (Jodi’s best friend) composed from poems she wrote for the book – and played tonight.

I was quite surprised that Codgan Hall wasn’t full to the rafters, but it wasn’t. That was quite nice though, seeing as it was a hot day and getting tightly packed into a hall wouldn’t have been that great (I think I only say this because someone near me must have taken her/his shoes off and I kept getting wafted with the smell – not great!).

Jodi’s American so I was expecting that American enthusiasm I love. I got it. She came on full of energy, and told us all about the novel. Then to my disappointment she read from the novel. I was hoping for more of her talking. She read a lot of the novel. I’ll tell you I’m looking forward to reading it now.

After the reading Ellen played three songs from the novel. Then Jodi answered questions from the floor. The audience did well and asked questions that lead Jodi to very long answers – that she obviously enjoyed answering.

At the end, I decided not to stay to get my book signed. At an event like that I don’t think getting the novel signed is all that great. I mean there were lots of us there, so if we had have all wanted to get her to sign the book, we would have been there all night. And it’s not very personal. When I went to see Lisa Jewell at an event a year ago, there were only about 30 people there, so we actually talked to her one on one. Whereas there just wasn’t the opportunity at something like this. I think had she have been one of my favourite author’s I would have done, like I did with Sophie Kinsella at the event I went to that she was at, but I wasn’t that bothered.

I really enjoyed the evening. I love things like this – hearing from author’s about their writing. I’ve been to quite a few now, I need to look for more to go to!

I still don’t like titles

I just spend 3 minutes thinking up a title for this blog – what a waste of time.  The short story I wrote last month still doesn’t have a title (other than ‘Blueberry yogurt’ – which are the opening words) and my novel still hasn’t got a title (well, there’s ‘Hoilday’ but that’s definitelya working title.  It would be a rubbish title for this book). I wonder if the writing course I’m doing (or not doing at the moment) has a module on thinking of titles for your work?

I’ve had a pretty good writing day again today.  I thought of an idea for ‘Holiday’ and while it was fresh in my mind I thought I’d write it.  I think it’s ok. 

What I’m having problems with is finishing scenes.  I’ve written maybe six so far, and haven’t finished any of them.  I think I know where one, the opening scene, is going to end – and if I’m right, I think I’ve done the notes to finish it, but all the rest I’ve just kind of left hanging there.  This does worry me a little.  But at least I’m writing.  I should just be happy about that. 

I also did some reading last night and on the tube this morning.  I’m reading a non fiction book about ecomonics and how everyday things can be explained by it, ‘The Economic Naturalist: Why Economics Explains Almost Everything’ by Robert H. Frank.  Every once in a while I decide I need to read something educational.  I would like to say that this is one of those times, but in actual fact it was the only book I could find at my Mum’s a couple of weeks and I was desperate to read something.  I do like books that can teach me something so hopefully I’ll love this.  Especially as I did hardly any economics at school, and what little I did I paid vertually no attention to (General Studies.  I only went to give me another A Level – thank god I did, I wouldn’t have got into uni without it.  But that’s another story).

Last night I decided I really NEEDED to read something chick lit-y.  So I scoured my shelf for one.  All I had I’d already read.  The books I hadn’t read are pretty serious ones (John Grisham/Jodi Picoult) so not suitable for my current mood.  I NEED to buy some chick lit.  Or join a library (just remembered that was what I wanted to do during my lunch break.  Oops.  Tomorrow!)

That reminds me.  I watched a film at the weekend, originally a book, that I actually liked.  John Grisham’s The Client.  I started watching it not realising what it was, then it clicked (my TV guide wasn’t working!). Obviously it’s pretty old, but I think they did a good job of turning it into a film – better than any other’s I can remember anyway.  Randomly the next day another John Grisham book/film was on and I watched that – The Pelican Brief; I’ve got it on my shelf to read.  It will be interesting doing it the other way and reading the book after watching the film.

Pointless little blog

As you can see from the title this blog is going to be completely pointless.  I have nothing to write about.  I do however want to write something so here I am.

I am struggling to find something (anything) to write about.

I’ve just started to read 2 books (I know, I really should stick to one at a time).  One full on chick lit about a woman trying to loose weight and another Jodi Picoult book.  I’m not too excited about either of them.  I never am about Ms Picoult’s books, I never understand why because I love them when I get into them and find I can’t put them down! 

I do have something else I can ramble on about.  I’ve recently started to think about the way ‘Holiday’ will be written.  It’s always been 3rd person, but from the heroine’s perspective in my head.  But, I;ve just remembered, the first novel I wanted to ever write was going to be 1st person, so I’vebeen mulling over the idea of writing it 1st person.  I want to make my decision before I start writing any more of it.  But I’m not too sure.  If it’s 3rd person it’s only going to be from her perspective, there’s going to be no seeing of anything from other people’s perspectives, so maybe it should be 1st person?  I might try writing a scene about something twice, one 1st and one 3rd person to see which I prefer. 

I like books written in 1st or 3rd person but from just one person’s perspective.  I like discovering things when they do, Ipersonally think it helps me loose myself into the book more, when you know what they are thinking etc you become more involved.

I read a blog earlier by someone who’s writing a chick lit book.  She was talking about how all chick lit novels end happily ever after with the guy you’ve always know she’s going to end up with.   And it’s really predictable.  I had this exact same issue a few months ago (if I can find the blog I’ll link it here).  I wanted to write something a little deeper, something you can’t see from the 1st 100 pages exactly what’s going to happen. 

But I was talking to someone else about this, and they were saying wouldn’t that change what chick lit is?  We want to read it for the happy ever after.  If they didn’t end up together in the end we’d feel cheated?  OR would we? Would it be like sliding doors (the movie) where I thought the wrong Gwyn died?  I love the film, but hate it because there was only a hint of happy ever after, not it right there in your face.  If my novel didn’t end up with the main characters together, would my readers (getting very ahead of myself here) hate the ending?  I don’t know, I can’t decide.  I think I need to go with the fairytale ending for this book, then maybe think something else for the next one?!

Hmmm.  Seems that wasn’t pointless, or little.  That always seems to happen!