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Yet Another New Start

You’d think as this is my 4th round of ROW80 I’d know I really should start writing and working on my goals from the beginning, not leave it until well past half way to get stuck in.

OK, to be honest, I started off ok, I’ve just gone downhill. I’m hoping (it is only hope) that doing this is over now.

On Monday night I spent an hour reading through the novel and planning what I have left to write to finish it. I’m not sure if the plan is how I want the novel to end (to be honest I’ve not actually got to the END of the novel, just on from where I am now), but if it’s written, then I can make the decision later. As someone once said you can edit words – if I keep um-ing and ah-ing I’ll have nothing to edit.

The first novel I started seriously writing (you may have heard me talk about it a lot – ‘Holiday’) started in third person. After a couple of chapters I thought maybe it wasn’t working in third and needed to be first. Instead of sitting on it for a couple of months dithering about it, I got on and wrote the next scene in first person.

It worked, and I carried on writing it in first (although in editing I will need to go back and change the narrative of the first few chapters). If I hadn’t have just tried it, I wouldn’t have known. The same applies for The Man of My Dreams – I may not be about to write the section I want the final edit to have, but I’ll never know if I don’t try it.

A lot of people have given me advice about the whole editing/writing battle – thank you all so much. I haven’t properly made a decision about what I’m going to do, but for the short term (maybe week) I’m going to concentrate on writing – now that I have a few scenes worked out in my head.

Lent starts today. Although I’m not religious I do like to give up things for lent – for two main reasons – I think it’s good to test myself and, what I generally give up is bad food, so I think it works towards losing weight (or at least getting me into better eating habits).

For years I had a few basic items I gave up each year, then each progressive year I’d add another item. I can’t remember how it went, but something like: Year 1 – gave up chocolate bars, chips and crisps; Year 2 – chocolate bars, chips, crisps and pizza; Year 3 – chocolate bars, chips, crisps, pizza and biscuits.

After a while (and with my ridicously rubbish memory), I forgot what I’d given up. Then last year I didn’t give up anything. This year I’m going to come back with a vengeance!

I’m giving up, for lent – all 40 days: chocolate bars [normal bog standard bars of chocolate – chocolate in drinks, cakes, icing doesn’t count, and neither does other shaped chocolate – eggs, balls etc. This may sound like ‘cheating’ but 1-it makes me more aware of having chocolate, bars are my usual go to, I don’t have other shaped chocolate during lent anywhere near as much as I have bars at other times of year, and 2- it’s my game and I’ll play it how I like 😉 ]; pizza, crisps, chips, and biscuits. Some of them will be pretty easy to give up – like chips and crisps – I don’t have them that much, not on a daily basis, but sometimes I want/need/crave them, so that’s when I’ll be tested.

The point of telling you all this is that it’s going to help with the goal of not eating more than 1,400 calories a day. Of course giving these up aren’t the be all and end all of eating better, but they’re going to help. A lot.

Exercise is going well. I’m walking to and from the tube to work – 30 minutes a day. I’ve not been to the gym recently, but do plan to tonight. We’ve still not got hot water (don’t even get me started on this – it’s now been 16 days) so I’ve been visiting the gym, but only to shower. Visiting to shower has been putting me off going going. Tomorrow the water gets fixed (I hope) so my gym regime will recommence.

My other goal is reading. The book I’m reading at the moment is After The Snow by SD Crockett. It’s weird, but I’m liking it, a lot more than I thought I would!

How are your ROW80 or other goals going?