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First #ROW80 Check-In for #NaNoWriMo

We’re already on Day 2. That’s scary, but at least there’s only 28 days left (after today!).

Yesterday I decided I was going to do 800 words before I made dinner, then another 800 after. I got 900 before with a little help from Em (from LovestoReadWantsToWrite) and Lauren Garafalo who were just starting an hour-long sprint when I got home. I didn’t make the whole hour with them, because I hit the 900 mark earlier (yay) and was hungry.

After dinner and a bit of TV (The Food Hospital – not pure entertainment, some useful things there!) and then the washing up, I tried for the other 700, and only made 300 odd. I was a little upset about that, but decided I needed sleep more than to write more words – and I was already 500 ish over the daily goal.

Today I’ve not made a plan yet. Boyfriend is out tonight so I’ve the house to myself. I might do the same as yesterday and set a goal for before dinner, then one for after. I think that’s a good idea. I’d like to stay well above the goal, so maybe 2k total tonight? Maybe more.

Lauren (above) is setting herself a 2k goal daily so she can then take a day off a week, and also Thanksgiving. I’m in the UK so no Thanksgiving for me, but I do have a boyfriend who has (rather selfishly) a 30th Birthday on 26th. I think he’s got family down from up North and the Midlands for the whole weekend soI’m probably not going to get stuff done then. I really need to stay ahead because of that, and that’s not even considering the days where I won’t be able to get any – or as many as I need to – done.

I do have a huge fear that I’m not going to be able to keep up the memento of being ahead. The first scene was already written in my head, so pretty easy. Nothing else is (well 2 are, but only bits of those) so going to take more time and effort. I’m not the only one that has this fear – Fallon Brown said exactly the same in her blog today – it can’t be a crazy irrational fear if we’re both feeling it! Lets just hope we can keep it up.

This weekend I’m going to set myself a crazy word goal. I haven’t decided what it is, but I know I can write 7k in one day (NaNo 2009) so may be something around that. Probably not as many as that, but getting that way. Eek!

I’m laptop-less because of mine breaking so I can’t go to any write-ins at the moment. Gutted! I think I’m going to be able to talk boyfriend into letting me borrow his, but it’s huge so I’m not going to want to carry that around too much. I could go and handwrite, but I get so much less done that way, and then need to type it up, so it almost seems like a waste of time. I’ll think of something this weekend so I can make a couple of write ins next week at least.

I’m cheekily still reading. I don’t like the idea of reading while doing NaNo because it scares me that what I read might influence my writing. This year I’m writing romance/chick-lit and currently reading a thriller so I think I’ll be ok there. I’m only reading on the tube in the morning and coming home, so as long as I can limit it to those times (no coming home and reading for me when I should be NaNo-ing) I’ll hopefully be fine. Hopefully!

How’s your NaNo going? If you’re not taking part, how’s ROW80? And if you’re not doing either – how’s everything else going?