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Letters (20/5’s post)

There’s a magazine or newspaper that I’ve read about recently that wants articles from people writing letters to someone.  For instance I read some where the author was writing to their daughter, one where they were writing to their child’s blanket (I did wonder about that one).  It gave me an idea that I could practice writing from different points of view by writing letters from fictional characters to someone in their lives.  So that’s been my writing today.

(so short as I ran out of time)

Finding time?

Yes, I’m making more excuses.  I’ve still not done any writing.  That’s a slight lie, I wrote the very beginning of… something the other day (150 words only).  Something where a girl was happily walking down the street when a car nearly crashed into her, in fact she was saved by a man pushing her out the way.  Very strange how that happened, it was just one of those writing things, writing without any ideas.  Didn’t think in my wildest dreams that would be what happened.

I’ve been really busy and literally had no free time this week.  I’ve not even watched any tv or done anything on the computer at home (nope, no facebook, no games, no nothing).  I need to start doing more, we’re a week into the month and I’ve done enough work for it to be the 2nd or 3rd!  Disgraceful.

I did actually do something productive yesterday.  I was thinking about my fear of writing magazine articles – more like my fear of finding a topic – and thought I’d do some research.  So I googled ‘magazine article ideas’ and ‘magazine article writing’ and got loads of advice.  I’ve been looking at the process the wrong way.  I don’t really know how I was looking at it before, but the way I need to look at it is I’ll be writing something that someone like me (or the readers of that magazine) want to know about.  Sound really obvious doesn’t it.  Now it does.  So when I have random ‘I wonder if/what/why…’ ideas throughout the day, I need to capture them and think about turning them into articles.  Another thing to be writing down.  My note book is going to get such good use!

The other thing I need to do, is actually sit down and think about it.  I think I’ve been expecting an idea to just come to me, but that’s not going  to happen.  Not to start with anyway, maybe sometime in the future.  Anyway I need to finish reviewing a magazine (I’m going to do 2 actually) before I start thinking about it properly.  Maybe Sunday.  Definitely next week anyway.

May’s goals


Ok, I’ve not actually decided on any goals yet for this month, but will do by the time I get to the end of this post. 

I made April’s goals on 14th April, so going by that, I should double them for May (as there’s twice the amount of time).  That means –

·        Write 12,000 words (in any format)

·        Read a novel (I was half way through one last month when I said I’d finish it)

·        Write a review of the novel on here.

·        20 blogs on here

·        Write down at least 16 dreams/day dreams

·        Finish module 2 for the writing course

·        Read next modules of the writing course

It’s not exactly double last month’s – but I think it’s a realistic target.  The thing I will struggle with will be the assignment.  I think I’m subconsciously finding other things to do all the time because the idea of it scares me.  The actual writing of it doesn’t, it’s the finding the idea about what to write.  I think once I have the idea it won’t be as hard as I think.

I quite like the idea of writing articles for magazines (once I have ideas) as it’s so structured.  They want things the same number of words, same type of writing, paragraph lengths etc.  For my first writing efforts I think that will be good.

Right then, I’m off to start on these 12,000 words (11,750 left!). 

Nearing month end…

Only a couple of days left until the end of the month.  This poses a couple of questions.

1.  Where the hell is 2009 going?  We’re now 1/3 of the way through it.  Wow.  When I was younger people used to tell me that time started going faster the older you get.  That is so true.  I dread to think how quickly it will go when I’m 50!  Or 70?

2.  How did I get on with my goals for April?  Pretty well. 

Today’s post makes 14 this month – my target.  If I can squeeze in a few more I can go way over my target. 

Last week I reached my total for words written.  I’m really impressed with that.  I thought 6,000 would be a hard target to reach, seeing as I’ve not done any proper serious writing for years.  I found it quite easy though.  It helped that I tried the writing for 5 minutes every hour while at work.  Although I only managed to do this about once, it kept writing in the forefront of my mind.  Therefore when I had some spare time, I started writing. 

I finished reading This Charming Man by Marian Keyes and wrote my review of it (https://newtowritinggirl.wordpress.com/what-im-reading/this-charming-man-by-marian-keyes/)

I read the next three modules of the writing course.  I’ve not made notes which is something I’d like to do, but not top of my priorities.

Assignment two.  Ah.  Um.  No.  I’ve started to review a magazine.  Yeah, not getting on too well with this.  Need to give myself a kick to get me going on this.  I have been thinking about it quite a lot.  I have done some research into the kind of magazines I think I could write for.  Step up on this next month (and the last couple of days of this month).  I do carry  the magazine I’m currently reviewing round with me.  Does that count as a step in the right direction?

Writing down dreams/day dreams. I’m not too sure how I’ve done with this.  I’ve written a few down on scraps of paper lying around as I’ve thought of them.  Or sent myself emails with the details or even saved them as drafts on here.  I’ve not as yet put them in order so I have no idea how many I’ve written down.  I’m getting semi good at it.  I probably write them down every 3 or 4 days.  Better than nothing!

All in all I’m quite happy with my progress, especially as I only really had half the month to action them.  I presume that means I have to double my plan for next month?  Or more than double it to push myself?  My priority must be my next assignment.

Monday moans

Yes, after everything I said yesterday about not worrying about the next written assignment (magazine article), I am worrying.  I think this worrying is down to the fact that the first two magazines I picked up to start analysing (therefore eventually write something for) don’t accept articles from outside sources.  It’s kind of disheartened me a little bit.

But, there are many many more magazines out there.  I’ve just got a list of women’s interest ones off the Internet – of  a list of nearly 40, there must be some that I could write an article for.  I just need to find it.  I will probably have to go out and buy about 3,000 magazines though.  Oh well.  It will be worth it.

I’ve just remembered when I first woke up this morning I could recall all of my dream I’d just had.  I didn’t write it down so have forgotten it.  That’s so annoying.  I’m going to buy a little journal book thing today to keep by my bed which will hopefully make me write them down.  Hopefully.

I’m not sounding very happy today.  The sun is shining and it’s quite warm, so I should be.  I think it’s the Monday blues.

STOP.  Monday morning blues now over (would hope so my 5pm!).  I’ve found a magazine that accepts articles from other people.  I’ve also stopped stressing about the assignment.  All is now good with the world (doesn’t take much does it – that is a good thing though).

I read about a website tool/game/thing last week – Frankenstory (I haven’t learnt how to insert a link yet so it’s www.frankenstory.com).  The website works like the children’s game consequences.  First you go to the website and start a story in 40 words.  The story is then sent to a friend of  yours, but they can only see the last 10 words.  The same happens again twice.  Then you both are sent all four sections of the story.  I have now done this twice with a friend, with what I think are quite good results.  We are planning on doing a story a day.  That will help with my word count this month.

Speaking of word counts, all I’ve written today is this and my Frankenstory (80 words), so really must get on with some more.  Adios.

Assignment one – passed!

‘Passed’ is really the wrong word.  My writing course isn’t the not the kind of course you pass or fail.  But my tutor’s comments were on the whole very positive.  Such a relief – it means I have hope of doing something with writing.  If you are so bad they think you would never be able sell anything they let you know, and you can’t carry on with the course.  Big relief.  I have potential.

I’ve also finished the modules I have to read before I start the next assignment.  I’ve now read it, and I am scared.  I need to review a magazine I would like to sell articles to – ok.  Not easy, but do able.  Then I need to write a 150 word brief of an article I would write for that magazine.  Ahhh.  But not the worst thing.  I then need to write the article.  Ahhhhh.  Really ahhhhhhh.  Hopefully will be a lot less scary once I’ve done the review of the magazine.  I’m going to focus on doing that, not even think of the next two sections.

I’ve now done a blog on a Sunday.  The sun’s shining.  It’s a good day 🙂

Goodbye Assignment one

Yes, that’s right.  After all this time and talk, assignment one will be posted this weekend.  As soon as I can get it printed that is.  Woo hoo.  I think I’m quite happy with it.  I guess my tutor’s comments will tell me whether I should be happy with it or not.  As they say though, this isn’t about trying to get work published – this is about seeing how observant I am.  Or am not?

This means A. I can start my Marian Keyes book; and B.  I can start on Assignment two.  Or so I thought.  I actually can’t as I have to read three modules of the course before I can start it.  Before I read that I must to that first, I accidentally started to read the assignment.  It sounded scary.  It said analyse a magazine you read all the time.  Eek.  I didn’t read any more, but that alone scares me.  Hopefully once I’ve done these three modules it will be less scary than I am currently thinking it is.

I feel like I’ve not done any writing this week.  All I’ve done is editing the 1st assignment.  I should do some writing.  NOW!  I should stop writing this and do some other writing.  That sounds silly but you know (I know) what I mean.

I’ve had an idea.  It just came to me the other day.  I was reading a magazine and they were talking about how they have a readers panel.  They invite four readers per issue to come in and give their views on the magazine.  What a great experience that would be.  Going in to a magazine and seeing how it works.  Woo.  I just need to convince them that I’d be great for it.  I need to send them ‘fun facts’ about myself to get the gig.  FUN FACTS?  Ummmmmm.  It’s going to take me a while to think about them.  I originally thought I’d say about the writing course I’m doing, but then thought they might not like that – they might feel like I was trying to get in to get ahead in selling articles (Me? As if!), so have deleted that.  Other than loving cooking (and therefore the magazine for having recipes) and being healthy/gyming I can’t think of anything fun about me.  Don’t think they’d go for ‘I love going to clubs/bars/pubs’.  Damn.  Need to become ‘fun’. 

I’m going to do some writing now.  I don’t know what about though.  This could be a problem.