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#ROW80 Check-in 27th April

Oh dear, I’m failing on this. Actually I’m not, I’m just not doing as well as I’d like. Over the weekend I’m going to think about dropping my goals a little. But maybe with another 4 day weekend (thank you so much William & Kate) I’ll be able to catch up a little.

The thing is, I may not be doing as well as I’d like – but I’m still doing more than I was before I started this challenge. To me that’s a win!

I’ve still not done any more than 30 minutes on my writing course, and no editing at all, but I’m writing. Maybe over the weekend I’ll dedicate a whole day to working on this stuff. At the moment I’ve got no plans for 3 of the days, so that’s totally doable!

I’m not really even finding the time at the moment to read. As much as I love my 25 minute door to door commute, I miss sitting on a tube for 20 minutes and reading, especially as I’m only on E for the A-Z challenge. I should be on H or I by now. Oops. I’m not at all worried about this though, I can catch up when I go on holiday in the summer. Maybe I’ll try to finish this book over the weekend.

I’m reading Ben Elton’s Past Morten. I’m not loving it as much as other books I’ve read of his (This Other Eden and Meltdown spring to mind), but I think that may be because I’m reading the hardback so it’s a bit of a pain to carry round and to hold when reading. It is good though, if not a little graphic.