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Monday’s Awesome Achievement(s)

The strangest thing happened to me today. I was idly moving icons on my desktop when I stumbled across Italian Infatuation (my novel). For some reason I opened it, and decided to split it into chapters (which it wasn’t before).

I read somewhere (probably in my course actually) that the best place to make new chapters was when the scene changes. For some of the novel that’s not possible, for instance the wedding goes on for about 10,000 words – perhaps that’s quite a long chapter!

Now, most of the chapters end at the end of scenes, but there’s a few that end mid scene, but at a climax or when something exciting happens. I’ve now got a novel with 14 chapters. Result.

The problem is, a lot of the stuff in it is going to be deleted. So the chapters might change. Still, I’ve done some editing on it. That’s a real result.

I also went through and wrote down what happened in each chapter, so I get a bit of an idea on the pace etc. I don’t think I’m too happy about how it moves and where certain things are, but I’m not too sure. I guess I’ll see when I read it through again.

After I did all this, I made a plan with my next steps (don’t get excited, it’s not a great or very in-depth plan). First, I’m going to reread it. While I’m doing this I’m going to make notes on things that don’t work, where I need more of something or a description of something else etc. Then, I’m going to edit it one chapter at a time.

I did quite well with editing Chapter One (I’m totally giving that capitals like it’s its own entity!), and I think it’s because it’s just a small bit of writing (just over 4k). It’s less scary than 48,000. It’s bite size. I think it was during GCSEs they recommended we split our revision into smaller ‘bitesize’ pieces, well, that’s my plan for the novel. And I think I can do it that way.

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea I’d be so productive. Well, I did have an idea, but I thought it would be on my writing course – I even put my course work in my bag. Unfortunately it’s stayed there. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow! And I really can’t compain that I’ve done the editing.

I’ve started reading Adele Parks’ Husbands. Knowing it was Adele Parks I knew I’d enjoy it – surprise surprise I am! I was a little worried reading it straight after Foursome by Jane Fallon, because I thought it was a little unfair. I loved that one so much, is it fair for anything to follow it?? But, it’s doing a pretty good job!

I’ve decided I need to expand my reading material. Until last year I’d read my novel on the way to work, then one of the free London papers on the way home. Then they stopped making the one I like. I tried the other free one, but can’t stand it. So, I started reading my novel on the way in and out of work. Which to be honest, has been great. But, I’ve realised it means I don’t know what’s going on in the world.

My new plan is to read the Metro on the way in to work in the morning (I like that – I just hate getting the print on my hands early in the morning) and my novel on the way home. It means I’m not going to get through so many novels, but I think it’s for the best.

When one of our work computers crashed, I lost a load of files. One of which was my ‘Italy research’ file for Italian Infatuation. Last night I was tidying up my room, and only found all that research printed out. It made my day.