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Migraine Unproductivity!

I’m doing an early shift today; usually  that means I’m really productive – once I wake up anyway. But today I got a migraine first thing. Ugh. I’ve not had one for a few months so thought I was over them. What worries me the most is once I get one, I generally get a couple more in the following week or two. Gutted.

I’ve done nothing of any use today. Oh, you know, except surf and read. Ha. Head’s feeling better than it was now, so I should start on something, but I still don’t feel like it. I just feel wiped after having one. I was going to go for a run tonight but that’s probably not going to happen now either. Damn.

On a slightly chirpier note, I started Love Lies by Adele Parks last night. I’m really enjoying it. I’m pretty sure it will become a can’t put down-er.

I have just remembered the book I should have picked up is 1984 by George Orwell. I’ve got it at home in my TBR pile AND it’s the book of the month for the Novelkicks book club. I’m actually really annoyed with myself for forgetting that. I’ll just have to make sure I read this one quickly so I can start on it soon!

Migraines, WBD and journeys

First thing this morning I got a migraine.  What a horrible way to start a day.  It’s almost gone now which is excellent (thank god for drugs!) but I still feel a little drained. 

It’s World Book Day today.  Although, it’s only celebrated in the UK and Ireland.  And it seems to only be for children.  But still.  It’s cool.  I’d like to celebrate by finishing my book today – there’s 150 pages left.  It’s not impossible.  But, I do have plans tonight, so it might not be probable.  We’ll see.

I’m going home this weekend (how long do you have to live away from your hometown before you stop calling it home?).  My car’s decided to stop working so I’m getting the train.  Although I’m going to hate it, I’m kind of excited, cause that means I can do lots of reading on the journey.  Question is, if I finish my current book before I go (likely) do I start a new one, or just focus on my writing course?  Hmmmm.

With this head, I don’t really feel inspired to write anything else.  I’ll make up for it tomorrow.  Actually I may not – it’s Fiction Friday tomorrow.  Woop!

November – done. Nano – DONE!!!

What a month November was.  I am so glad it’s behind me and I can move on.  Although December started badly with a migraine, but nevermind.

So.  First thing first, I only went and ‘WON’ Nano.  I hate the word ‘won’ – I told my mum and she thought I’d come first.  Needed to explain the whole thing to her.  I’d much rather say ‘completed’.  Although next year when I can say I won last year’s I’ll be pretty happy.

It was hard – really really hard.  I was expecting it to be quite easy as I was due to have 6 working days off because of an operation (I’ll go into that a little more later) so thought I’d bash out 3, maybe 4 thousand a day.  Oh dear.  For the first 5ish days I was sleeping most hours of the day, when I wasn’t sleeping I was crying about the pain I was in (or so I felt like doing).  I wasn’t able to do any writing for that time.  Add another couple of days where writing hurt (because of the angle I had to look at the laptop and not being able to bend my head as the op was on my throat) and then a few days the boyfriend took off work for his birthday, and I got to Saturday 28th with 18,000 words left to write.

I freaked.  6,000 words a day?  Never!  My boyfriend made me feel better by saying I’d done really well considering the operation and the stress of the operation etc.  Made me feel better, but there was still that thing in me that wanted to complete it. 

I have a habit of saying I’ll do things and then never getting round to doing them.  I didn’t want Nano to be one of them.  So, I warriored through and finished the last few words at 6.20 ish last night.  Just before I finished work, which meant I had the evening free – something I was not expecting.  I wrote just over 6 thousand on Saturday, 7 on Sunday and the final 5ish on Monday. 

I still can’t believe I actually did it.  My boyfriend can’t believe that 2 months ago I was umming and ahhing about being able to write 250 a day for NovelPI, and then on Sunday I wrote 7, 000.  He can’t believe I’m the same person. 

And the novel?  It’s a Mills & Boon one, so it should be 50,000 words long.  Currently it’s 50,048 – and I probably need to do another 500 to finish it.  I really want to get that done today.  I’m pretty happy with it.  There are massive chunks I’m going to have to rewrite, where I was writing it thinking ‘this is rubbish’, but I think there’s also quite a lot that’s pretty good.  Once I’ve finished the last bit, I’ve got a couple of people who want to read it, so I think I’ll email it to them, see if they think the whole concept works.  Then go back in maybe a month or so, read it, then start the editing process.  I seem to work well under pressure, so maybe I’ll set a deadline when I’d like to have it finished by.  Maybe. 

I eventually had my operation on 13th November.  This was after they booked it twice, and had to cancel it twice.  It was such a relief to finally have it.  It went well, but as I said the first week was hell.  I rather naively thought I’d be fine afterwards, but it was horrible. I ended up having to take a whole 2 weeks off work.  I only came back yesterday. 

Also in November I got a sickness bug: my mum came down here to be there with me for one of the operation dates (that luckily got cancelled).  The night she arrived we discovered she’d brought the bug down with her, and proceeded to give it to me.  I had two really painful days in bed 😦

So all in all, I’m glad November’s over.  And my brain is 50,048 words lighter.  And I’ve nearly completed the 1st draft of a whole novel.  Wow!

So what’s next for Newtowritinggirl?  I was planning on going back to ‘Holiday’ when ‘Italian Infatuation’ was finished, but I think I might go back to my writing course.  The one I was going to work on in October, and September, and ever single month since I handed in the last assignment in April!  I need deadlines.  I’m not sure how far I’ll get on it when it can take me forever if I want!!!

Getting ready for the weekend

I’m finally starting to feel better, and that my ‘cluster’ migraine blip has gone.  Just in time for the bank holiday weekend – yay! Weirdly though, I was doing LOTS of writing when I was feeling rough, but now I’m better I seem to have slowed down.  Hmm.  I’ve not actually revisited anything I’d written over the last couple of weeks, so the quality may well be terrible, but at least I was doing something. 

I think I should be able to get some writing done this weekend.  I’m spending it with the man, but I think he’ll be recovering from tonight all tomorrow, so will give me the chance to actually do something productive.  He’ll probably be on my back to get on with the writing course too (he will now I’ve written that). I’m actually planning on re reading the last modules of the course.  I think doing that will give me the inspiration to crack on with this next assignment. 

I’ve really got into this Ben Elton book I’m reading.  It has become a real page turner and I totally can’t put it down.  I even nearly missed my tube stop this morning I was so engrossed.  I think I’ll have it finished by tomorrow – Friday night TV permitting!  I really feel like I’m paying attention to the way it’s written, as well as the story.  They say to be a good writer you have to be a reader, but I’ve been wondering recently, although I read a lot, do I actually pay that much attention to the writing?  It would seem I now do – and it’s not been a conscious decision, it’s come naturally.

I’ve just had a funny thought.  I would be so interested to know how many books I’ve read in the last few years.  Since being an adult.  It must be 100s.  I’d hope it would be 100s anyway.  I might when bored on day sit on Amazon (other online book retailers available) and see if I can get a rough estimate.  I’d never be able to remember all of them; there have been many times when I’ve looked at a book and couldn’t remember if I’d read it or not.   Last Christmas I asked my mum for a book, luckily I was there when she went to buy it, and realised I’d read it a couple of months before.  Oops.

I said the other day I was going to do a review of the Science Museum when I went the other day.  I’ve changed my mind on this.  Partly because I forgot when I was there, so didn’t make any notes about it.  Also because we didn’t really do much there.  We went to a lecture on Ballistics and ate.  Not really enough to be able to compile a review.  Oh well.  I’m going to Notting Hill Carnival on Sunday or Monday, might do one of that.  Maybe.

Lots and lots of words

I’m torn in my head about whether the words I’ve written today count or not. I’ve re-written a scene I wrote a few weeks ago for ‘Holiday’, but in 1st person, present tense.  I think I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be 1st person now.  I just need to decide between present and past.  I’ve always had problems writing present in the past, I seemed to always slip into past accidentally – but somehow in this 1,000 word scene (the beginning of a scene anyway) I’ve kept it consistent.  Initial reaction from me is I like it.  I know there’s a couple of bits in it I don’t like, but for a 1st draft it’s not bad.

I didn’t do much writing over the weekend, bits and bobs on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling too good again.  I got another migraine on Saturday so felt kind of funny on Sunday, then yesterday I didn’t do anything as I was feeling dizzy all day.  Even had a day off work because of it.  Shame, I could do with a day off to work on some writing. 

God, I’ve just realised I’ve not started reading anything this month.  My goal is to read 2 novels.  Damn.  I think if I don’t get too far with that I can be quite lenient on myself – I know it’s because I’ve been getting these migraines and headaches so don’t really feel up tp reading.  I’ll get on it when I’m over this spell.

The good thing is though, that it’s making me do writing.  When I’m at work time really drags if I’m not doing anything, whereas if I’m writing, my concentration is taken, so it’s like I forget I’m not feeling too good. Every cloud and all that….