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A little bit of writing on a Friday afternoon

I really really want to get on with writing, but don’t really know what to write.  I’ve just edited a bit of the blueberry yogurt story.  I think I need longer away from it though.  At the moment I think it’s really good, so need to step back so I can see it for what it is not what it is in my head.

I started this story yesterday about a girl going on holiday with her gran, mum and great auntie Pearle.  I could carry on with this, but I don’t really feel it today.

That really means I SHOULD carry on with it.  I need to start making myself write even when I don’t feel like it.  Although I feel like writing today, so does it matter what I write?

I have been wondering a lot the last 24 hours (I know, so long, ha ha!) about whether I’m doing the right thing just writing random little bits then leaving them.  Should I be persisting with things to get to the end, or is it ok doing this because surely ANY writing is better than NO writing?  I lied, I’ve actually been thinking about this for a lot longer, I believe I’ve blogged about this exact thing before.  I think I’m going to go with it’s fine to do.  If I have an idea, getting it down is good, maybe it will lead to something later.  I once sat a wrote a little scene about a tube journey.  A few days later I realised it would go in ‘Holiday’ really well.  Yes, I’m doing the right thing.

In fact, thinking about it now, I can maybe see the airport scene going into Holiday.  Changed quite a bit, but it could fit.  He he, go me!

New job vs writing vs exercise

Here’s a nice little dilemma for me.  At the moment should I spend my free time solely focused on one of these?  Or should I spend half and half on two? Or spread myself very thinly and try and do all three?  I think if I try and do all three I’m not going to be able to do any well, so do I focus on one or two?  And which ones? 

I have a target of loosing weight in 2 weeks which I am not very close to doing yet, so I really need to focus on exercising (plus there’s a little matter of a 10km run I’m doing in three months I need to train for).

So that’s exercise then.  Is that enough, or should I do another?  Which one?  Do I spend my time looking for a new job, which may be very hard and time consuming considering the economic climate.  Or do I continue with the job, do as much writing (and writing course) as possible, then look for another job when the climate picks up/when I’ve finished my course?  I seem to remember having this dilemma before.  I thought I had sorted it with just staying in this job, but I’ve realised I’m not happy here.  I guess really that’s my answer!  Job and exercise.  Then writing.  Well, maybe some writing here and there….

Without a set goal for this month I’m not doing too well with writing, or the course, or blogging.  I guess I also put this down to how I’m feeling about the job and feeling a bit down;  if the writer’s mood affects their writing, who’s going to want to read some slightly moody writing? 

I had this discussion with someone recently.  He said what he writes totally depends on how he feels that day.  If he’s happy he’ll write something nice, light and happy; whereas if he’s feeling sad, the writing will be dark and moody.  He therefore, finds it hard to write something on two consecutive days.  I think that’s bad.  Ideally I would love to become a full time writer (I do know the chances are very slim, but it’s nice to have a dream!) so only being able to write certain things on certain days would be crippling.  I don’t want to be like that.  I think I just need to get out of this little rut I’m in then I’ll be fine.

Oh, just remembered – reading.  With everything else I have on, when can I find time to read???