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Starting to Move and BOOKS!

So my big news (totally un writing related) is that I’ve found a flat. I should really say ‘we.’ My boyfriend and I are getting our own place… in 3 weeks. Yay! It’s this cute little flat in an area called Canada Water really really close to the Thames, and almost with a wicked view of Canary Wharf. Nearly. Just 2 weeks of work, a week off, a weekend move then we’re in – awesome.

We have to move out of where we are now about 5 days before we can move into the new flat, so we’ve decided to take the whole week off work, and go back to the midlands to see the parents (they live pretty close, so we can do all of them in the same visit – nice). I’ve already started thinking about the writing I can get done that week.

Yes, you read that – WRITING. I’m fully going to get back into it soon. I’ve got a lot of packing and sorting to do in the next couple of weeks (two weeks yesterday we move out, and yes, I did move about 6 weeks ago, but we’ve got to put our stuff in storage for a week, so I need to pack better!), but I’m going to try to do some. I’ll then have a week of holiday, where I’ll get at least a little done each day – in fact I’ll set myself a challenge of 250 words a day, EVERY day during that week. We move that weekend, and then settle in, so I’ll get my new routine for writing. I can’t wait.

Earlier on today, I unpacked all my books (to get them all in one place rather than about 8 smaller boxes and bags) and put them in piles: fiction, non-fiction and cookery books. There were loads. Tonnes. I should have counted how many there were. I didn’t. But I did the next best thing. Took a picture:

The fiction books are in the huge pile at the front. I’ve read about 6 of them. All the rest are on my TBR pile (which is obviously why I went out and bought a couple more yesterday!). The ones at the back in the blue box and to the left are the non fiction, and the smaller pile on the right are my cookery books. The tiny pile in the bottom right  are the five I’m chucking out. Five. Oh dear!

I our new place we’re going to get a wall to ceiling, length of the room bookcase/shelving unit. I cannot wait to get it and get these all out on show. EXCITING!

I did some writing this morning. I was lying in bed awake because someone had set the alarm, even though we had a day off and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I started thinking about the book I’m reading (Fear No Evil by Allison Brennan) and thinking about how well she does graphic violence scenes. Well enough that every time I get asked how my book is, I say it’s horrible. So, really well. That led me to think I couldn’t do it that well. But then, how do I know? I’ve never tried. So I tried. Typically for me, it turned into a character analysis. Janey was watching her friend get tortured by having her finger chain sawed off (nice eh), but there was only a little about the blood, then it went to why Janey couldn’t run in and help, and how she was feeling. Hmmm. I don’t want to, but I think I should practice this type of writing. You never know where it will come in handy.

One final thing about valentine’s day – although more about books. The man in my life doesn’t go in with the whole valentines day thing. I used to get upset about it, but as he buys me things all the time, takes me out for dinner etc I don’t mind so much any more. He cooked me dinner last night, which was really nice (especially since we’d put an offer in on a flat that day too – I totally took that as my present!), but then at like 22.00 he decided we were going shopping cause he wanted to buy me a book – or two. WOOP! I love 24 hour supermarkets! At first I couldn’t find anything I wanted. Then I found loads. I settled on two though. Fear the Worst by Linwood Barclay and another book that I totally can’t remember. And is now in the bottom, or maybe middle or top, of a sealed box ready to move. Damn. It’s there because I know I can’t read it for a while cause the author’s surname begins with H or M or something, and in my A to Z challenge I’m on B. And want to read another B and maybe two Cs. It’s going to be a while!

Belated Happy Christmas

Well that’s Christmas 2010 done. Well, actually it isn’t. There’s still five hours of Boxing Day left and I’ve still got another 2 days off work. As far as I’m concerned until I go back to work on Wednesday, it’s still Christmas.

Plus tomorrow I’m visiting the other half’s family, which is part of Christmas.

What would be nice, was if I could also do some writing… Lets look at the excuses I can come up with to NOT write though…

Well, I’m in the process of moving. That’s going to take a while. I’ve technically already moved ME and the important things I need, but it’s the everything else I need to move now. Which could take a while. Plus there’s all the getting sorted in a new place. And the stress that I’m only going to be living there for 6 – 8 weeks before doing it all over again (wall to bash my head against anyone?) 

I’m still ill. Last weekend a cough/cold developed and it’s firmly attached itself to me. A couple of times in the last week I’ve thought writing would be cool, but then I’ve realised how ill I felt and climbed further under the duvet. Yes, I fully admit I am a bad bad person at being ill. I have man flu. But at least I’m not ill all that much. I’d probably have no friends, and be single!

I got some books for Christmas, but cooking and household books. Nothing fiction-y. Although I have a suspicion, I may be getting a couple of novels from the other half (I hope anyway). I’ve not done much reading this month. Well, I’ve read two books, but then I got ill. Maybe I could squeeze another one out before the end of the year. Depending on what I get tomorrow (from the other half).

I need to do another post on my huge fail of the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge. I need a few more days to build myself up for that one – it’s just too depressing right now though – I hate failing. 😦

What I’m really happy with though, and I’ll do a full post on this before the year is out, is how many books I’ve read this year. Last year I read 17 and hardly enjoyed any. This year, I’m read many many more (I don’t know the exact number) and I’m well happy with it.

How was your Christmas or if not Christmas, your holiday? Hope lots of you got lots of writing done 😉

NaNoWriMo So Far

I am totally loving NaNo this year for two main reasons: 1. I’m ahead of schedule and 2. The write ins have been great.

First of all. Ahead. Isn’t that great. From the first day I’ve been ahead.

Day Target (total) Day Words Total words Variance
1 1667 1854 1854 187
2 3334 3099 4953 1619
3 5001 1643 6596 1595
4 6668 2459 9055 2387
5 8335 1035 10090 1755

Impressive hey! (And thanks to my new Wrimo friend @jenepel for the idea of a graph – let my inner geek be released!). Even though today and on the 3rd, I wrote less than the 1,667 you should write a day, because I’ve done so well on the other days I’m still almost a day ahead. Woop! I’ll try to get a lot in tomorrow as well, Sunday, I’m not so sure about.

Write-ins. Knew I wanted to go to them, although I have to admit, it was as much for meeting other writers as it was for the writing. How the write ins work is that everyone arrives, chats for a bit, then spends 45 minutes writing. Then there’s a 15 minute break, then another 45 minute stretch of writing. It’s a brilliant idea because when 20 – 36 people around you are typing/writing you feel inspired to write too. Unlike at home, where you might get stuck, so maybe get up to get a drink, or play on Facebook or something. The first write in I went to I wrote 2.2k words, then was so inspired I went home and wrote another 800 ish. Yesterday’s I wrote 2.4. I’d never get that done at home.

Unless it was 5 days away from the end and I needed to.

Also the people at the write ins are great, a really good bunch of people. And they’re like a community too. Half of them know each other from last year, the year before etc. I got talked into going to the pub with them last night and am seriously suffering because of it today. But all in the name of fun, and NaNo!

Guess I should mention the novel – you know, the whole reason I’m doing this. It’s going… ok. I loved it at the beginning, and I guess I’m still enjoying it. It’s just that I’m 10,000 words in, on chapter three, and it’s still the first day of school. I’m sure it shouldn’t last that long. It is where all the back story gets put so I guess it does need to be quite long. I’ll probably have the rest of the week fly by in one paragraph or something!

I’m not reading anything at the moment. I’m too scared to. I think if I pick up a book and enjoy it, I’ll do my usual thing of putting it in front of everything else in life – which obviously I can’t afford to do this month. BUT I’m getting so bored on the tube. I did think of writing on it, but I hardly ever get a seat, so it would be pretty impossible.

What I really need to do is a whole load of reviews for the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge. We’re now less than two months away from the end of the year (how??) and I’ve not finished reading all 12 books. Hmmmm. That’s not good. I’ve not even finished (started) reviewing half the books I have read. I keep writing down which ones I’ve done and which I need to do, but then losing the paper I write it on. Doh! Maybe later on today? Maybe not.

I’ve just previewed this post and realised, I’ve not got a NaNo badge for this year. Will have to do that. Silly me!

I didn’t play Fiction Friday yesterday, and I don’t think I will. A couple of people managed to get the prompt into their NaNo story, but I don’t think I’d be able to. I’m tempted to try, but I don’t think it would do anything for the story. It’s sad, but I’m sure it won’t be long until I’m playing again (three weeks at the most I’d guess).

Almost forgot to mention the winner of the Search Term Competition byErgoFiction magazine has been announced. Well done to Merrilee Faber in 1st place with an awesome story and to Ruzin in second and JC Hart in third. Go have a look, they’re great stories. Also you can read my entry, which is slightly different to the romance I usually do, here.

In other really exciting news, I’m moving in with my boyfriend at the end of the month. Yay. But also – in November?!!?!? As if having a full-time job and writing a 50,000 word novel wasn’t enough, I’ve now got to start looking for a place too. Oh well, it’s all good.

Good Day

After the disastrous couple of days I’ve had (writing wise) today’s actually been pretty good. I’ve… wait for it… worked on my writing course! To be honest I’ve not all that much, but I think editing 2 sections is quite an achievement. I’ve also started another part of it. I’ll try to get that done as my daily writing before I leave work tonight.

I’m going out tonight so I definitely won’t be able to do any writing when I get home – unlike last night. Yep, when I got home, I did some writing! That’s the first time in soooo long. I’m really happy with myself for that. Now if I could just start doing that regularly.

I made a couple of really big decisions in the last 24 hours that are going to change my life (and writing) quite dramatically.

Firstly, my housemate is selling up and moving. She’s staying in London, but I’ve decided I’m not going to move with her, but find somewhere new. Exciting and scary. She’s probably not going to put it on the market until the end of July, but that’s something to think about. I’m seeing it as a positive thing – new people, new area, new room. I’m going to choose a room this time that has (or can fit) a desk (my current room doesn’t have one, and there’s no desk or even table I can comfortably write on in the lounge or kitchen). Then I’ll have no excuse not to write in the evenings and at weekends. I think having a dedicated place for writing will make me more inclined to do some.

The other big decision is that I’m going to look for a new job. Now. Well, I’m going to start this week anyway. There’s a couple of main reasons for that. The first being that I don’t know if I’ll have a job in September anyway – I’m a contract receptionist and the company I’m working at are moving offices – they’re not sure if they’re taking us with them. So, if they don’t, hopefully my company will find me another job, but it will be in September. If they don’t I’ll be looking for a new job. Potentially round about the time I move. I don’t want to be moving and starting a new job at the same time – so I figure I’ll start the ball rolling with a new job now. If I can get one within a month (fingers crossed), I’ve got to give a month’s notice so can leave early August, so be settled in before I start looking for somewhere to live.

The other reason for it, is that I’d quite like a nicer place than I can currently afford. If I get a job which pays better than this one, I’ll be able to afford a better room, in a better house, in a better neighbourhood than I currently can.

So what does that mean for writing? Well, short-term it means I’m going to have to be very disciplined. Last time I looked for a job it took up all my spare time (and more). So this time I’m going to set aside specific hours in the day to write, and to job hunt. Hopefully that way I’ll be able to carry on writing while I look for something else.

Long term – well, that all depends on the job I find. Most of the writing I do at the moment is at work. My job’s so quiet that I get so much time to do it a day. If I get another job like this great. However the chances are slim (and I’d quite like a more interesting job where I’m actually doing something). So again, I’ll have to be disciplined. I’ll have to spend x minutes a day writing – during my lunch breaks or whatever, then will have to set aside specific times in the evenings (maybe two or three times a week) and at weekends just to write.

This could be a good thing. At the moment I can get a little complacent – I think I’ve got all day to write, so will do it later, later, later. Then when later comes I find I’ve actually got work to do or something that stops me from writing. This way if I make myself write at specific times, I may well get more done!

That’s all my news for today. Tomorrow’s Friday which can only mean Fiction Friday over at WriteAnything and Rowan Coleman’s Stauts Short Story Friday. Yay! Love Fridays!