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Still Here, Just Not Doing Much

I am still alive, I promise. I’m just not blogging, or checking-in for ROW80, or actually writing, or keeping up with any of my goals. Why? Well I’m not really sure. I’ve got some excuses though – whether they are actually excuses, or real reasons why not, I have no idea.

I started my new job 3 ½ weeks ago. My old job was very, very easy. I could pretty much do it with my eyes closed. This job is different. I have responsibility, I have lots and lots to learn, a ton of different people to meet (and remember) and more work than I can handle.

I’m loving it, but it’s exhausting me. For the first time in maybe a year, I’ve been (sometimes) buying ready meals because I just haven’t always had the energy to cook when I get in. Also, obviously not had the energy to go to the gym. What is good, is that getting the bus to and from the tube to work is pointless – the traffic across Blackfriars Bridge is so bad, that it’s as quick to walk. That means I’m walking 40 minutes a day. Not including walking between my buildings or when I go to head office. Not bad.

Of course there’s this other little excuse, and I don’t know if that had happened because I’m so tired, or if I’ve let the tiredness be the excuse – I’ve really got into Heros. Yeah, that TV series that started years ago, yeah, I know like EVERYONE watched it back then, but I didn’t. I didn’t care. Boyfriend made me watch it a few times while we had dinner (classy us – we don’t have a kitchen or dining table!). I didn’t care much for the first few episodes, but then I really got into it. Really.

We’ve reached the end of the first series (boyfriend has the first 3 series on DVD), so I’m finally able to do something, other than watch it, and think about it for most of my other waking moments (other than when I was working!).

I’m sure I have more excuses, but I can’t think of them right now. Do you want to know what I have done? Not much granted, but every little helps.

On Saturday, I did half an hour work on my writing course. Who even knew I was doing a writing course? I can’t remember when the last time I did anything for it was, but I’m going to put a guess out there at over a year. A year. How mental is that?!

What prompted it? My Mum restarting hers. Originally, back in the 1990s, my mum started doing a writing course. She got a little stumped at the first assignment, and it stayed there. But it put an idea in my head. 4 years ago, I turned that idea into practice, and started doing the same writing course as she had. I got a lot further than she did – maybe assignment 4 or 5 (out of 20), but then I got distracted with NaNo and actually writing novels, and so I let it slip. Suddenly a year (plus) had gone by without doing any.

My mum recently decided to carry on with the course. Or restart it. Her talking about it, and getting excited about it made me think about mine, so much that I got it out at the weekend. I know 30 minutes isn’t a lot (especially as I’ve not done any since), but it’s a start. And to be honest, right now 10 minutes would be better than nothing, so 30 is pretty damn good.

I’m on the writing a novel chapter. I’ve read it all before (over a year ago), but think it’s pretty good and important so am reading again (I need to have read it to do the assignment). The assignment a the end of this chapter, or section, is writing a fully plan for a novel. I’ve decided that, although I’ve written a lot of The Man of My Dreams, I’m going to take a step back, pretend I haven’t, and write the plan for the assignment. Woop!

I also  something really useful from what I read on Saturday. It recommends that while you’re writing your novel, you SHOULD take breaks and write smaller things – short stories. It says that because writing a novel is so hard and long that it can start to get you down. Writing short stories can keep your mind fresh, and give you confidence that you can finish something etc etc.

Whenever I’m in ‘novel writing’ mode, that’s all I write. I don’t let myself write stories, or anything other than blogs and the novel. Right now I’ve been writing TMOMD since November 1st and I’m still ¾ of the way through it. That wouldn’t be so bad if I hadn’t have done NaNo and written 50k in November – it means I’ve done about 23k in 3 months. Bad! Right now I’m feeling a little downhearted about it. It just seems to be going on and on (originally I planned it to be 70k, I’m 3 over that and have a LOT left to write).

I’m going to follow the advice and do some short writing things. Maybe not stories, maybe just bits and pieces from random word generators (which is how I got into writing short stories). Hopefully it will a) get me back into writing and b) get me feeling fresh about TMOMD again, and make me want to go back and finish it.

I’m not going to say anything about my goals. They’re there. I’ll try, but I sometimes wonder if trying too hard makes me stay away from them – weird I know, but then I’ve never professed to be anything but!!!

A Very Busy Week

I’m not really enjoying this week, and it’s only Tuesday 😦

This week is my last week in my current job before I move sites and get a promotion – woop! All good. But it means I have to wrap up everything here, and my company haven’t employed anyone else to take over from me so there’s no one to pass things on to. Not great.

That means that I’m pretty sure everything else is going out the window this week. Last night I was at work until nearly 7. By the time I went shopping then made dinner, I was exhausted. I watched a couple of episodes of Glee* then went to bed. Tonight I’ll probably leave late then have someone’s leaving drinks to go to. Tomorrow I’m out the office all day. I should be finished early though, so might be able to get some writing done then. Or maybe go to the gym. Thursday and Friday I’ll be rammed at work, then a leaving meal on Thursday and my leaving drinks on Friday.

Honestly, I’m tired just thinking about it.

At the beginning of the week, I pretty much decided to give myself the week off writing. I’m stressed at work, and don’t need the added stress of fitting in writing. I don’t want to push myself too much then start my new job a stressy mess, or ill. I’m happy with that, but it could lead to a downward spiral.

What if I start my new job next week, and decide to give myself that week off to, you know, to get used to it and fit in. Then what if the following week I’m too busy, so give myself that time off too? See, slippery slope.

I’m not going to let it happen.

On the days I’ve been writing in the last few weeks, I’ve been writing like a demon, pretty much getting over 1,000 words per session. I want to carry that on, so I’m not going to let myself have ‘excuses.’ Yes, I have a busy week this week, but I’m going to try to fit in writing. I’ve managed to fit in a blog and I didn’t think I’d manage that, so who knows what else I can do?

I’m trying to keep up with exercising too. I was too tired yesterday to go to the gym, and I left my trainers at home today (honestly it was a mistake). I WILL go tomorrow, and I’ll try to go over the weekend. When I can’t go, I’ll carry on walking lots.

On days I haven’t been going to the gym, I’ve not been playing on the Wii either. Walking yes, Wii no. That’s not good. I was in a great habit of playing on Just Dance 3, but I’ve slipped. I need to get back on to that. Especially as I’m not actually losing weight. Or I am during the week, but then I put it back on at the weekend. How rubbish is that.

I also haven’t been updating my chart. I know that’s because I’ve not been doing well and don’t want to have RED-RED-RED, but that’s not helping. If I fill it in and see the sea of red, maybe I’ll be shamed into exercising and writing.

I hope everyone else’s week is better than mine!

*I’d watched a couple of episodes of Glee before and quite enjoyed it. I decided it’s time to go back and watch it from the beginning. Hopefully this plan won’t stand in the way of everything else…

The Next Few Months

Yesterday I posted about my new job (yay!). I don’t know if it’s really sunk in yet. I’m really excited though – just another 3 weeks and 3 days to go!

Last night I starting thinking about what the new job will mean for my writing, reading, exercise and eating – my ROW80 challenges. I haven’t come up with anything conclusive, but lots of different thoughts.

When I first started talking to people about where my career could go, a few people warned me away from my new job (Building Manager of an office block for a property management company) because they thought I’d get bored. Great, I thought, most people would get bored, I’ll get writing!

In reality, I don’t know if it’s going to work that way.

My job is actually going to be split over two buildings, so not sure if I’ll actually get time to ‘get bored’ like I would (could) in a single building. Also, I’m not going to be based in my own office, I’ll be in another Building Manager’s office, with her directly behind me, with full access to seeing my screen. No skiving to write a novel there then!

What I am thinking though, is that the property is going to be closer to the shops, so that quick duck out to get a sandwich can actually be quick, rather than the 20+ minutes it takes now. That will free up some of my lunchtime, which will give me more time for writing (and surfing). I guess in reality, I will get more free time, but will probably use it for blogging and surfing rather than actual writing. You never know though.

Exercise will be the interesting one. I THINK that the best way for me to get to work will be to get the tube, then walk to the office – the office that’s maybe a 22 minute (brisk) walk away. Everyday. Hmmm.  The other way would be to get the Hammersmith and City tube line, but I think that’s pretty unreliable, and only goes every 10 minutes (compared to the Jubilee which is every 1-2 minutes in rush hour!). I don’t know.

I’ll definitely walk back to the tube after work – so that will increase my daily exercise by 4 ish minutes (it now takes 18 minutes to walk to the other station I go home from).

Of course there’s always a bus… But I’m really not a big London bus kind of person.

The gym will be the interesting one. My current gym is next to the station I currently use – 18 minutes/1.7km away. Across the road from my new office, there’s another gym I can use, but it’s not as good. The current gym I use is 2.7km away from the new office. Either I’ll start using the closer gym, OR I’ll walk to the one I use now. I like the latter idea – more exercise. But then it will be more time too.

Hopefully it won’t affect my eating at all. Actually it will – for the better. At the moment we have a canteen that sells chocolate on the 6th floor of the building. In my new office, I won’t have that. There is a newsagents a few doors down, but hopefully having to leave the office will put me off doing that. We can but hope.

With all these logistics, I’ve not really been thinking about the job itself. It’s going to be a great move, and the job is going to be so much better than my current one. I can’t wait. Hopefully it will be a positive move in the right direction for all aspects of my life.

Not Much Work, But Lots of Celebration!

I’ve not got much done in the last few days. By ‘not much’ I pretty much mean nothing. Ah, oh dear. I have  a pretty good excuse though.

I applied for a new job in December and had an interview just before Christmas. They told me I’d hear when I got back from the break. When I did, they decided they wanted a second interview. After that they said they’d let me know the beginning of last week, then on Tuesday they told me I’d find out Thursday. On Thursday I couldn’t concentrate on work for the whole day I was stressing that much, but still heard nothing. Thursday night all thoughts of writing were out the window – I was so nervous.

On Friday I got told, unofficially as they were still waiting for sign off, that I had the job! Woop! Yay! Hoorah! Cue a weekend of celebration – Champagne and shots on Friday, Saturday recovering and a roast and more champagne on Sunday.

Today I got told officially, but I think I’ve celebrated enough now!

Because of all that, I pretty much got nothing productive done – obviously! On Friday I did go to the gym. Yay! I spent 30 minutes there and burnt 400 calories (plus 100 to walk there from the office) – AWESOME! I don’t know if I’ve ever done that well. Totally makes me want to go back. Soon!

I did bits and pieces of reading over the weekend. I think I read quite a lot on Saturday, but pretty much none yesterday.

Diet and writing went out the window.

So now, I need to get back on it. I was going to go to an evening of writing tonight – the NaNo London crew meet up on Mondays to write for a couple of hours in Pret. I’ve not actually been since NaNo, and keep wanting to, but something always comes up. Typically, today when I was planning on going, I’m not feeling all that good 😦 Maybe the week after next I’ll finally make it (I’ve got plans next week).

I’m not going to post my progress chart because 1) I don’t have it with me and 2) it looks so bad (red). I’m going to spend the beginning of this week pulling it back – maybe have a couple of totally green days (good days) then post it. I’ll be much happier when it’s back to green than almost all red. Seriously, whose idea was a colour coded chart? What an idiot they are!!!