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Wednesday’s Words

I’m writing this while watching the Paralympic Opening ceremony, so please ignore the bad spelling/grammar/everything. It’s funny to think that it’s happening at the Olympic stadium, which is less than 3 miles from my house where I’m sat now. Makes me really proud to be British. Again. Was massively proud during the Olympics, and so happy we’ve now it’s the Paralympics too. Yay.

So, back to writing then.

If you missed my post yesterday (apologies if you didn’t), I didn’t do anything over the weekend. I hurt my back on Friday somehow and couldn’t walk or do much over the weekend. I pretty much spent the weekend in bed. Good for reading (Loving Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that I’m reading at the moment), but bad for writing.

Yesterday I was determined to come back. I did, I wrote 580 words. Awesome. Even better, all 580 were on my novel. Woop. That’s around 1,600 words in a week – regardless of missing out on the weekend. I’m loving this scene. I don’t want to think about what will happen when this scene ends. Lets hope I get so into the novel again that it carries on.

The writing streak will carry on tomorrow, because, tomorrow is One Thousand Thursday. Not heard about One Thousand Thursday? It’s my new invention, where you have to write 1,000 on Thursday. How brilliant. Well I think so anyway. If I succeed tomorrow that will be 3 weeks in a row. I’m really proud of myself for that. Do you want to join me tomorrow? Let me know and I’ll cheer you on on Twitter (using #OneThouThur) or on your blog.

Right, I’ll get back to the opening ceremony, and of course some writing.

Trying to Get ‘Back’ On It.

I do make myself laugh – that title is brilliant. ‘Back’ on it. Know why it’s so funny? The reason I NEED to get back down to it, is that I’ve done nothing over the weekend, due to a bad back.

I’ve never had back problems, both my boyfriend and Mum do, so I’ve always had sympathy for them, but never experienced it myself (except for a continued trapped nerve in the bottom of my back that manifests as pain in my hip and knee – go figure!). Now I wish I still hadn’t.

On Friday, I woke up, after quite a heavy night drinking I must admit, and my back hurt a little. No idea why (possibly drunken incident, not sure). By the time I left work that evening, I was in agony. Saturday morning was quite bad, but lying in bed most of the day pretty much fixed it, until late Saturday night, at a party I think I turned funny, and the pain came shooting back. Sunday, I couldn’t walk, or move even. yesterday was a little better, and today it just aches, no shooting pains or anything. Just ache, which isn’t great, but I’ll take that over the pain I had over the weekend.

Needless to say, I got no writing, or blogging done over the weekend. Pretty much the only position that was comfortable was lying down – pretty hard to type like that.

The only positive is that I got a lot of reading done. I’m reading Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer for my reading group – it’s brilliant, really enjoying it.

Today is a new day though. I’m back at work after the long weekend (what great timing to get ill!), and raring to go again.

Especially since last Thursday, for One Thousand Thursday I wrote over 1,000 words, on my novel The Man of My Dreams. Woop!

Because I have this theory that I need to read it back before I can carry on writing it, someone suggested I should just write random stuff in character – not necessarily for the novel, but just using the characters, so I stay in their minds etc. I started, but then realised that it would make a great scene in the novel.

Yes, I’m brilliant I know.

And with that revelation (huhm), I’ll get on with some work so I can leave on time tonight to go home and do some more writing – woop!

One Thousand Thursday – The Challenge Begins

Late last night, as I wrote my ROW80 check-in blog, I came up with the idea of One Thousand Thursday. It’s quite easy really, One thousand words written on Thursday. As soon as I had it, I realised how brilliant it is, and that I need to start doing it every week. You know how I love a challenge.

So tonight, I’m attempting to write 1,000 words. It’s not easy: I left work later than I planned to; Then I walked most of the way home; Then I had dinner; Then, once I turned on the laptop, I had to surf Facebook, Twitter, blogs, everything, anything.

Then of course, I had to decide what to write. I’m not writing my novel now, I’m going to read it to decide what direction to take it, so I had to find something else. I remembered Fiction Friday that I used to love (I love writing from prompts, in fact, I can pretty much only write from prompts – except novels, they’re always my ideas), until it stopped. I saw a while ago the ex-owners of Fiction Friday have a new home, Write Anything, and a new prompt type thing, Prompted, so I went there.

I cheated. I looked at a few prompts and decided I couldn’t get anything from them, so moved on. Maybe not cheating, but in my eyes it’s cheating! I shouldn’t have done it, I should have written from the first one I saw.

I got to like the fourth or fifth, and found one I liked: He tied the towel around his neck, a makeshift superhero cape and pulled a pair of red underpants over his jeans. How awesome is that. Especially because I imagine it to be a 5-year-old kid, but actually when I wrote, I made it a 30 odd year old man. Brilliant.

I got to 400 and realised 1,000 words is a lot, I was struggling, but I pushed through. Then, before I knew it, I was at 557. Then I made the mistake of stopping. Tweeting, chatting to my boyfriend, and writing this. I wanted to go to bed at 11pm, but I’ve got another 443 words to write, and it’s 3 miuntes to. And, now this to edit. Ah. Maybe I’ll go to bed by 12.

I’ll update when I finish, because I KNOW I’ll finish. I can’t fail at my own challenge can I?

Do you like the idea of One Thousand Thursday (#OneThouThur on Twitter)? Wanna join in? (if you’ve got time ‘today’ that is – obviously no Aussies, or British can apply) I’m going to have it again next week – that will keep pushing me to write won’t it – so if you want to join in let me know. I’ll give you a push on your blog or twitter…

Oh on a last note, if this blog was the fiction I have to write today, I would have hit 1,000 about 20 words ago. Sigh.

*Add on Alert*

I did it, in fact, once I got back into it, I really did it. I’m the proud owner of 1123 words today. WOOP!

Massive well done too goes out to Laura Parish and Mike Paulson for getting over One Thousand today too! Go us!