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[Fiction] Friday Challenge #141 – February 5th 2010

How Fiction Friday works:

  • Spend at least 5 minutes composing something original based on the theme or challenge (below).
  • But, remember, no editing. This is to inspire creativity not stifle it.
  • On Friday, simply post what you wrote to your own blog. Then come back to Write Anything and leave the link in the comment section below.  

Pick a book of fiction you’d never read (e.g., if you read sci-fi, pick a romance). Open to a random page and read the last couple paragraphs of the page. DO NOT TURN THE PAGE. Now continue writing the story. Feel free to change the genre as you write.

 What?  Are you kidding?  That’s hard.  Right here goes then.  My extract is from the novel my boyfriend is currently reading The Stars Like Dust by Isaac Asimov (for information, it was publised 1955).  I asked for page 25, but he said it was ‘wishy washy’ go gave me this from page 24:

The view-room was a bubble on the ship’s “skin”, a bubble of curved two-foot-thick, steel-hard transparent plastic. The retractile iridium-steel lid which protected it against the scouring of the atmosphere and its dust particles had been sucked back. The lights were out and the gallery was full. The faces peering over the bars were clear in the earth-shine.

 For earth was suspended there below, a gigantic and gleaming orange-and-blue-and-white patched balloon. The hemisphere  showing was almost entirely sunlit; the continents between the clouds, a desert orange, with thin, scattered lines of green. The seas were  blue, standing out sharply against the black of space where they met the horizon. And all around in the black, undusted sky were the stars.

Using that and this picture:

I got this…

The second the earth came into view gasps and mutters filled the room like a tide.  Then silence, the passengers were in awe of the view.  No one could quite believe they were actually seeing the early from this high, and all for a couple of hundred thousand dollars. 

A voice came over the tannoy,

‘10 seconds’

The muttering started again.  They all knew they would only have one minute and 20 seconds in position before they had to start the decent back to Florida, but the time seemed to flash quicker than anyone imagined.

 ‘5 Seconds’.

Julie turned to the man to her right, she recognised him as an aging pop star.  20 years ago she’d idolised him, going to bed each night dreaming of him, now, he looked like a washed up has been. 

‘This is the bit I’ve been dreading’ she said smiling at him.  He smiled back, a smile that showed off his brilliant white teeth and more ‘laughter lines’ than Julie’s 95 year old mother had. 

‘It can’t be as bad as the way up…’

As he finished his sentence they felt the bubble detach from the rocket booster – a ungodly sound that they knew would haunt their dreams for months to come – before their whole bodies were thrust back into their seats and the earth quickly got closer.

When I read the prompt my heart sank.  I’d spent half the week looking forward to Fiction Friday, and then it was something that I was sure I was going to hate.  I knew I really had to use sci-fi or horror which I thought was going to be horrible.  I’ve tried reading sci-fi before and I find it hard to read, trying to understand other worlds or other creatures kind of detracts from me picturing the story in my head, which is what I do when I read. 

Even when I read the extract from the book I had no idea what I was going to write.  I actually chose 2 of the 4 paragraphs my boyfriend emailed me from the book.  The other 2 didn’t make sense talking about rockets blasting sideways or something.  I scrapped them before I’d even read half. 

Once I started writing though, I didn’t find it too bad.  Maybe because I took some sci-fi from the 1950s and changed it into what would probably be a thriller or dark comedy or something set in the future.  I nearly didn’t do it when I read the prompt, but I’m glad I did.  Again, I welcome any positive or negative criticism. 

Elsewhere in the NTWG galaxy, I think I’ve made a decision that the first short story I’m going to write for my writing course will be a lengthened story I’ve done before for Fiction Friday.  That’s what I think today anyway, I’ll probably change my mind a few times before I send it off.  Next week.  I’m going to complete this assignment and send it next week.  For definite.  By Friday at the very latest. 

I’ve just done the Oneword activity for today (use a word prompt to write for a timed minute).  Talk about coincidences, or maybe psychic abilities… Before I start each one I think of the names that I’ll use in that short story.  As I pressed ‘go’ I realised I hadn’t thought of a name.  I closed my eyes before the prompt came on and ‘Joe’ popped into my head.  I looked at the prompt and it was ‘brother’.  Guess who Joe is…

A few important decisions

My goals for September have been set for 2 days, and so far they’re going well.  Yesterday I went on Oneword.com to use their word prompt for a minute’s writing.  Then I decided I’d carry on with that bit of writing to get my goal for yesterday.  I think I made 280 or something.

Today, I had an idea for a children’s story – or collection of stories – so started on that.  500 words later I’m really liking the idea.  It’s cool. I might work on that a bit more for the next few days.  I don’t really know the exacts of what’s going to happen, but I know the set up, how it starts and basically the outline – that’s good enough to work on.

One of my friends sent me some information about a job that she thought would be perfect for me yesterday.  It’s a bit more money, but probably worse hours (I love my 10am start!) and would mean that I’d get paid to work, not get paid to work for a few hours then just look pretty (as the expression goes) on reception for the rest while I surf the net and write. 

I was really torn about whether to apply for it or not, so over dinner last night (in what will probably become our ‘local’  near his new home – awesome food!) I discussed it with my boyfriend.  He pretty much is of the same opinion as me that I’m never in my life going to be in the unique position I am of getting paid for a job where there’s so little work I can write pretty much as much as I want.  If I’m ever going to try to make it as a writer, now is my chance to try.  I’ve always thought that, but when something gets flashed in front of your eyes, it makes you think.  Especially when it would be better money – not loads better, but better non the less.

He said something really nice – that in his eyes, I wake up and want to write, and go to bed and want to write, therefore as I have an oportunity to, I should write.  I like that.  That makes me feel like maybe I am a writer.  In my head a writer is someone who makes money from selling things they’ve written, but that’s not really true.  I’ve just written a novel.  That really should make me a writer, shouldn’t it?! 

That’s the other thing.  I’ve just written a novel.  If I moved jobs now, what would the chances of it ever getting edited be?  Small?  None?  I’ve written a novel, not for my health (I would not have partaken in Nano for my health) but with the intention of trying to sell it.  That is, at the end of the day, why writers write.  I need to try.  If I fail I fail,  but at least I will have tried.  But, I might succeed.  Imagine…

Another thing we discussed last night was his mum’s love of Mills & Boon books.  I said, as an off the cuff comment, that I should give her a copy of my Mills & Boon book for Christmas – he thought it was a great idea, so after a bit of discussion I’ve decided I will.  He thinks that she will give her honest opinion of it, which is really what I need at the moment.  So, I’m going to have to get it into a state where it can be read – in the next nine days.  That means typing up the 2000+ words that are hand written.  I’ve also decided I’m going to have a quick read through just to check it all makes sense.  He he – I’ve found the excuse I’ve been looking for all month not to leave it alone until January.  Woop.

If I’m letting her read it, I feel it would only be fair to let my mum read it too, she’d be gutted if she knew someone else read it before her.  If I’m letting two people read it, I may as well let three.  One of my boyfriend’s friends has asked if he can read it.  As he’s an arty person himself – he acts in small local plays – so I feel pretty comfortable letting him read it.  He even stayed interested in it when I told him it was a Mills & Boon book.  Wow.  I’m letting three people read my, unedited, book! 

Maybe four actually, John from Bikemymoko wants to read it.  Although I think I’d like it to be in a better condition when he reads it – he’s written a novel himself that is pretty damn good I think. 

As a little non writing related add-on – It’s snowing!  In real life and on my blog.  Ahhhhh, I love snow.

This week’s writing

It’s FRIDAY!!!  Yay!  Even better than that though, it’s Christmas Party Friday.  One of my favourite days of the year!  Especially as we’re going to a Moroccan restaurant, and I LOVE Moroccan food!

So, writing then.  I don’t feel like I’ve achieved much this week.  Mainly because I haven’t.  I don’t know if that’s me taking a little break after the madness of NovelPI and NaNo over the last 2 months, or if it’s me not having a goal to meet daily so doing the total opposite and doing nothing.

Yesterday was pretty good.  I did a bit of writing from a prompt (I blogged about yesterday) then did free writing for about 25 minutes, which, after a bit of blah, ended up being something that could go in somewhere for something.  It’s about a girl who is meant to be meeting a date.  He’s an hour late.  I didn’t get too far, but it’s writing so I’m really happy with myself for doing something. 

I’ve also been writing the Oneword daily one minute writing challenges this week, so I guess I have been doing something.  Just not much, and it’s really all been towards the end of the week.  Lets hope I can keep it going, and start doing more over the weekend and into next week. 

Saying that though, I’m helping the boyfriend move on Saturday then working at job number 2 on Sunday, so I won’t have that much time.  Actually, after doing NovelPI and NaNo, I know you can always find time to write, even if it’s just 250 words a day.  Something that I now don’t think is that much – not when I did 7k on 29th November!

Short and sweet today guys.  Have a good weekend 🙂

Monday, writing and thoughts

I really dislike Mondays.  Not because it’s the start of the week, but because it’s so far from the next weekend!  I really don’t think I’m cut out for this work thing.  Although, on the positive side, I am getting a pay rise this month.  Yay!  Still not worth getting up for.  I hate reception work.  And rainy days.  Ugh.

Ok, rant over. 

I’ve nearly finished that A-Z game poem/story I started at the weekend.  I’m just missing a line beginning with V.  Hmmmm.  I may also have to change a few lines – I think mentioning ‘decorations’ twice and ‘trees’ twice is a little excessive (although not together both times!)! 

I used to get a dictionary.com word of the day delivered to my inbox.  (I blogged about a word I got once – it meant meant forgetting the word you were looking for – I’d tell you what it was, but I’ve forgotten it!)  For some unknown reason, IT have blocked this.  Annoying!  Anyhoo, I found another one from Wordsmith.org, I don’t like it as much, but it’s still a good tool (if I used it!).  They have ‘themes’ to the words weekly – this week, it’s words about words.  Cool!  Today’s word is Rhopalic (silent H) – it means:  (adjective): Having each successive word longer by a letter or syllable.  Cool.  It gives a couple of examples, but I thought I’d give it a go – writing a sentence.  Not now, but sometime soon.  I promise. 

I’ve just realised since I’ve been back at work I’ve not got back into that oneword.com thing.  Where they give you a word and you have one minute to free write using the word as inspiration.  I used to love it.  I need to get back into that.  I felt like it was a daily work out for my creative juices.  I it’s possible one of these one minute writing ‘stories’ may turn into something more… who knows?

My boyfriend and I have talked about an idea he had for a novel – but that he doesn’t want to write.  Now I’ve finished Italian Infatuation, I’m tempted to do something towards that.  I shouldn’t – I should go back to the first one that I was so gutted to put down in November, but the idea of this one keep popping into my head.  Hmmmmmmmm.

Also, Italian Infatuation keeps popping into my head.  I know I’ve said I’m going to leave it until next year, but I’m desperate to read it now, I want to see if it works on paper how it worked in my head.  A thought fleeted through my head yesterday of developing it a bit more into a bigger novel, not a ‘short’ Mills & Boon one.  I don’t think I will, but I like the idea of developing the secondary characters a little more than I have been able to.

Monday Monday

It’s Monday.  Another five days until the weekend (four actually as I’ve got Friday off – yay!).  How horrible.  I’m trying to think positively though, that’s four days of quite a bit of writing.  I hate my job, but how can I really when it gives me the opportunity to write and do writing related things for at least a couple of hours a day.  Today I’ve written 400+ words on ‘Holiday’, written the daily one minute on oneword.com, read lots of writing related blogs and am now doing a blog.  I shouldn’t complain. 

I’ve been doing well with NovelPI.  We’re now on day 5 and I’ve written every one of them.  Most of the days I’ve gone pretty far over my set word count (250 words).  I should do a count up of how many I’ve done total – that would be good.  I went away this weekend so thought writing would be hard.  But, we went by train and I managed to do my writing on the train.  250 words really doesn’t take that long, so it’s not that hard to do.  Much easier than I thought anyway.  I’m really impressed with myself for getting on with it.

I did a little reading this weekend.  Not much, but every little helps.

I went shopping with my boyfriend on Saturday.  When we walked past a charity shop, he suggested going in to look at books for me.  I decided that as I’ve got about 3 million books (I may exaggerate – but only slightly) on my To Read pile that I really shouldn’t.  I then had a ten minute rant about how there’s not enough hours in the day for me to do as much writing and reading as I’d like to do. 10 minutes later we walk past one of those cheap book shops and without saying a word he walks in.  15 minutes later I walk out with three books. That’s three more to add to my To Read list.  Sigh.  That’s pretty good though, I wanted five!  They’re all chick lit, so I figure it’s research for the book.  He he.

Another rubbish title

Why do I find titles so hard?  When I do bits of writing with random words, I tend to use the words as titles – yesterday I started something using the words prompts Citrus, Decontaminate, Affection and Tailor from this post.  I called it Citrus Affection.  I quite like the name, but it doesn’t really fit a story where a woman thinks her husband is gay, but finds out through following him he actually just likes cross dressing.  I have no idea where that idea came from.  bizarre!

If you’re wondering how the words fit in with a story like that: the wall beneath the balcony where the husband is standing is citrus yellow; He has an affectionate look towards the men rehearsing the play he’s watching; she wonders who it is he fancies – is it the tailor?; and finally the story takes a little tangent when the wife thinks about her friend who’s currently working in Afghanistan decontaminating something (I don’t really know what!)

Yesterday, I did about 2 hours research for my ‘magazine article’ (assignment 2 for my writing course), a blog here, and then 450+ words on Citrus Affection.  Pretty good for a days work.  Today I’m crazily hungover and tired so not sure I’ll get anything done.  I might push on and finish the story from yesterday.  It’s not going to be very good – it’s a pretty rubbish ending (her confronting him and him telling her he just likes cross dressing not men) but I couldn’t think of any other reason why he’d be where he was unless he was gay.  It’s not believable either.  But it’s writing and that’s the main thing.  Who knows what I may decide to take from it in years to come.

My boyfriend’s decided he wants to write a novel.  A children’s novel.  He is worried (and I am) he’s going to finish it before I get anywhere with mine – then resent him for it.  It’s quite possible he will as he decided on the subject on Sunday night, then started writing it Monday morning!  I wonder if this means I should make a big effort to get on with writing mine?  I made the decision on holiday that the novel would take a step back and I would put most of my effort into getting on with my course.  I think that’s going to be the best plan of action.  So with that decided I’m not going to resent him if he does that.  I promise.  It has made me have thoughts about us both giving up work to write novels, and having life like a permanent holiday.  Slight glitch there is that we’d have to be writing – not doing whatever we want.

I’ve just been looking through my writing folder on the work computer and found a document titled ‘Oneword.com’.  What?  I’d totally forgotten about it.  Somehow I found this website.  Every day they put a random word on the site and you have 60 seconds to write about it.  I love it.  I need to start remembering to do it.  60 seconds of free writing about a word you get to see as the time starts.  It’s brilliant to get the old creative juices flowing.  Strangely enough my 60 seconds of writing, if extended to a story, was Si-fi.  Very strange as I know nothing about it and that really isn’t the kind of thing that would pop into my mind.

I’ve been thinking about writing a Mills and Boon book.  This idea pops into my head every few months.  I’ve got the basic plan for a book I could write.  I’ve got loads of M&B books at home for research.  I’ve been on the website (in fact I go on it every couple of years) to research writing a book for them.  But I do nothing.  I’m not even sure if I’ve got a plan written down for it.  I may do that today (to be honest I’ve already created a document titled ‘Mills and Boon Synopsis’ today – I just wrote the title, saved and closed it).  Seems like a good way to get today’s writing in.  Look at me – I make a decision to focus on one thing and immediately look for something else to do.