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Stalkers by Paul Finch Review

Time’s up. You’re Next.

“All he had to do was name the woman he wanted. It was that easy. They would do all the hard work.”

Detective Sergeant Mark ‘Heck’ Heckenberg is investigating the disappearance of 38 different women. Each one was happy and successful until they vanished without a trace.

Desperate to find her missing sister, Lauren Wraxford seeks out Heck’s help. Together they enter a seedy underworld of gangsters and organised crime.

But when they hear rumours about the so-called ‘Nice Guys Club’ they hit a brick wall. They’re the gang that no one will talk about. Because the Nice Guys can arrange anything you want. Provided you pay the price…

Dark, terrifying and unforgettable.




If there’s anything I love as much as, or possibly more than a good romance, it’s a good crime/thriller novel. I’d seen this advertised on the tube (I think) and kind of knew from the first time I saw the poster that I was going to read it.

Little did I know how much I was going to love it.

The novel gripped me from page 1, where there was a very, very small look into what was going to happen to someone. Small enough to grab my interest.

In the beginning of the novel we see Heck being a very slightly off white police, not quite doing what his superiors would like him to be doing, but not that far away. Then he gets taken off the case of the disappearance of 38 women, but he can’t let it drop, not when he’s finally got a lead. He goes off on his own to try to solve the case, which is where he runs into Lauren.

She shouldn’t be there, he doesn’t want her there, but through a few twists he has her there, and as a reader that likes the MC, I’m glad she was.

It’s quite a gory novel, but nothing that put me off, I’ve read a lot worse anyway (Craig Robertson’s Random anyone?).

I literally couldn’t put it down, I had to pick it up at every opportunity. Sometimes I found myself disbelieving that something was happening, but I think the bit just before the end is brilliant. I was disappointed in the very very end, it didn’t satisfy my want for a clean ending, but I’m hoping that’s to get the reader interested in his next novel. I didn’t need that hook, his next novel is Sacrifice, out in July, and I for one cannot wait.