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NaNoWriMo Starts Here!

I know it’s a few days early, but in a roundabout way, NaNo is just about to start for me: I’m off to my first ever NaNo event. Yippee!

Last year (my first  NaNo – which I ‘won’ I might add) I planned to go to the Kick off party, but I was working during one, and had won tickets to a comedy evening during the other. I then planned to go to some write ins, but I ended up being more ill than I thought I would be after my operation. There were after parties I could have gone to, but that kind of felt wrong after my non attendance to everything else.

But this year… this year I’m doing it properly! Tonight’s the first Kick off party and I’ll be there with my party hat on (metaphorically anyway). I’ve even cancelled some other plans to go – that’s dedication for you! I haven’t decided which write ins I’ll go to, but I’m going to go to some. This year I’ve got an awesomely light laptop that I can pretty much take anywhere (I don’t think it would be to happy if I took it swimming or surfing to be honest!) so will be easy to drop into any event. Plus this year I finish work at 17.30 instead of 18.30, so the after work write ins are possible for me. All and all it’s looking pretty good.

The other night I made a more detailed plan of what I think the novel’s going to be about. I’ve got the main idea, although I’m still not 100% sure it’s going to work, but it should do. I hope. I need to work on character names (as always), the setting, need some research on school subjects/programs and more. But, I’m feeling really positive about it.

I think I’ve come up with the title too. I was thinking of a little alliteration – Dating Day or Date Day, or something like that, but it wasn’t really working for me. Then I did a little brain storming and came up with The Dating Project. I kind of like it, but I’m not 100% sure. It works for the plot, but I think it maybe sounds like a TV show or something. I’ll decide fully in the next couple of days. What do YOU think of it?

My plan for this year is to try to rack up a high word count at the beginning of the month – it’s my boyfriend’s birthday the last weekend of the month, so I’m likely to be out partying then and I don’t want to fail at the last hurdle! I’ve booked one day holiday next week for another reason, but I’m hoping I can get a high word count in there. Plus boyfriend is away for the beginning of next week, so I should be able to get a lot done then.

I’m also going to be doing some at lunch times – I’ll probably bring my lunch in so I can just sit at my desk and write. Some days anyway.

Roll on 1st November!

Alomst Published

I got an awesome email yesterday. Well semi awesome. It was from the editor of the website my story is going to be published on – woop! Before it can be published I’ve got to make A LOT of changes. When the email first said that I was worried – what’s wrong with my story? But then thinking about it, it totally makes sense, I’m new to this, they know so much more than me, of course there are going to be things they think I can improved. I’m actually really happy that they want me to change things, rather than just rejected my story!

So this week and the weekend, I’ll be making changes to that story. You know, as well as writing my words for NovelPI, plotting for my NaNo, the writing course and work for this family business I’m helping with. Not that I like to put too much on myself or anything. This is going to top priority though – it’s kind of going to make me a published author isn’t it. Woo hoo!

I’m still reading my really good book. Still thinking it’s really good.

I was so proud of myself last night. I really wanted to take a reprieve from NovelPI – 250 words seemed like such a high hill to climb. I’d totally got it in my head that I wouldn’t do anything, until I had a tiny flash of inspiration which caused me to start writing! When I paused for a breath, I found I’d done around 350 words – now that’s what I call a result.

There’s loads of ‘How to NaNo’ and advice on getting through the month on the internet at the moment. I really need to find some time to read through some. I’ve booked a day’s holiday next week, so hopefully I’ll get lots done then!

Tomorrow night I’m going to my first ever NaNo event. I wanted to go to a lot last year, but my operation, illness and birthdays stopped it. This year I’m determined I’m going to go to a couple of write-ins. Plus the starting party tomorrow. I’m really looking forward to meeting crazy people like me who are taking on this mammoth challenge!

Nano worries

Good morning.  I’m feeling surprisingly refreshed for a Monday morning.  But then the sun is shining, the birds are singing (I imagine, I can’t say I’ve seen any in central London this morning) and best of all, I’ve only got 4 working days this week, no working days next week and then 4 the week after.  Nice. 

I am however starting to get terrified about NaNo.  I’m going to have to write 1667 words on average a day.  What have I let myself in for?  This weekend I managed about 500 total.  It doesn’t help that I didn’t have a computer all weekend so I had to write by hand, which I hate doing.  I’ll have to make sure I ALWAYS have a computer with me in November.

This week I’m going to aim to do as many words as possible a day – warm myself up for Nano.  Also to get through as much of ‘Holiday’ as I can before I have to give it up for a month.  I’m going to be sad to leave it as I’m really enjoying it.  Although at the moment I’m writing scenes where the MC gets dumped and doesn’t get the promotion she was expecting, so it’s a little sad.  I did get pretty emotional writing it as I had to remember how it felt to get dumped then imagine on top of that  losing out on a promotion to an arch rival.  I hope the emotion I felt comes through when it’s read.

I guess I should also do some more planning for my Nano novel.  There’s just not enough hours in the day!

Back to normal today

After yesterday’s blog on Climate Change for Blog Action Day yesterday, I’m back to writing about writing today.  Sod’s law though, yesterday I had loads of writing things I wanted to write about, today I can’t think of any – yet!

I’ve done the number of words I need to do for NovelPI today, which I’m happy with, but want to do more.  I’m working from another office today, so not had the chance to do as much as I would like; I’m going home tonight, but don’t have my laptop (or boyfriend’s laptop) to do more.  Everything I’ve done today is written by hand, so I could carry on with that, but it’s so much slower than typing and I know that at some point it will have to be typed up, I feel like it’s a waste of time. 

I might do some more planning on one of the other novels I’m thinking about doing.  The Mills & Boon style  book I’m doing has three alternative ideas, I can’t decide which I like the most.  I think I know which will work better for the market, but it’s not as well planned as another idea.  I don’t know.

I was chatting about writing today to someone I know who’s just done a journalism course.  I feel really comfortable talking to people who do or want to do anything related to writing about writing, but not my non writing friends.  It’s weird.  Other than my boyfriend and two of my closest friends, no one knows I’m doing my course.  That might be because I got a negative reaction about it from one of my friends, and I don’t want that again, I need positive people surrounding me for this, not negative ones.  Only my boyfriend, and now this guy I was chatting to today, know I’m writing a novel.  And yet I don’t have a problem telling anyone that wants to see on WordPress, or indeed over on Twitter.  I guess that’s just a confidence thing – I’m not confident about my writing yet, so on here I can hide behind the anonymity of Newtowritinggirl. 

Which brings me on to my writing.  I will post this A-Z game I did the other day, I was going to today, but I don’t have access to it over here.  Damn.  I’ll post it over the weekend, or early next week.  I need to get over this fear of showing off my work – and the sooner the better if I want to get my work published at some point.  

I realised yesterday, I’ve been so caught up this month on NovelPI, forcing myself to write at least 250 words a day on ‘Holiday’ that I’ve forgotten about my writing course.  Not even putting it to the back of my mind, but genuinely forgetting about it.  Oh dear.  I may try and work on it this weekend.  Or I may try to focus my energy on writing a more detailed plan for the next novel.  Especially if I want to do NaNoWriMo.  I’m working a whole 8 hours at the second job tomorrow which I don’t want to do, but I really need the money.  Because I’m always exhausted after it writing tomorrow will be really hard.  I’ve not failed a day yet in October and am not planning on starting now!!!

Weekend procrastinating

I’m awake and up on a Sunday, ready to do some writing.  Or planning really.  I want to do a big chunk of this story board for ‘Holiday’ today.  I’ve started bits of it.  But now I’m procrastinating.  I don’t know why.  I’ve been looking forward to doing this for weeks, so I don’t really know why.  It might be that I’m not feeling 100% today; I had a migraine yesterday (the fourth in 10 days!) and have the after-effect woozy head.

Games, wordpress and Desperate Housewives aren’t helping either.  Sigh.

Ok.  I’ve done some.  I’ve also worked out the time line and how  a couple of things fit in that I was having questions over.  This is so exciting.

Ok, more procrastinating.  Making roast dinner…

Making progress

I’ve just realised we’re half way through the 5th month of the year, and I’ve read I think 1 maybe 2 books all year.  That is terrible.  If to become a writer you have to read read read, looks like I’m not going to get there.  I blame the writing course.  I also blame my job for the hours for not giving me time to read.  I did have a long list of silly things I blame, but I didn’t think it was really funny enough to take up the space.  I MUST READ MORE.  That’s the long and short of it. 

The problem is, if I start reading a book, whenever I do that I’m going to feel guilty about not doing the course.  I need to prioritise.  Or find more hours in the day?

I sat down at my desk this morning and decided I’d do some work on ‘Holiday’.  I opened word and started typing.  Wow.  I had so many ideas.  I planned on writing a brief on the main characters, which I did start, but I got so many other ideas while I was there I’ve now got about 5 different sections on the document with different ideas of things that can go here or there.

I keep getting ideas, but then evolving them so changing them, but then really like the 1st idea.  How do I decide on which one to use?  I am terrible at making decisions when it comes to cutting things out.  Take the 1st assignment for my writing course.  It started as a review of the Science Museum Lates, the first draft was 500 or so words over – not too good when it should have been about 500 total.  But I wanted to keep it all in rather than cut bits, so what did I do?  Start another review of somewhere else, keep in the word count and use that instead.  Another thing I need to learn!

When taking a break from ‘Holiday’ I found a blog on here with a ’10 minute writing’ prompt (http://thesunlitdesk.wordpress.com/2009/05/14/free-writing-exercise-2/).  I did that and am quite impressed with what came out.  I do love these writing for small lenght of time things.  It worries me it’s because I don’t have to finish them and  I think I’m pretty scared of finishing things.  The main thing I need to concentrate on is that I’m writing.  That’s the most important thing at the moment.  🙂

May’s goals


Ok, I’ve not actually decided on any goals yet for this month, but will do by the time I get to the end of this post. 

I made April’s goals on 14th April, so going by that, I should double them for May (as there’s twice the amount of time).  That means –

·        Write 12,000 words (in any format)

·        Read a novel (I was half way through one last month when I said I’d finish it)

·        Write a review of the novel on here.

·        20 blogs on here

·        Write down at least 16 dreams/day dreams

·        Finish module 2 for the writing course

·        Read next modules of the writing course

It’s not exactly double last month’s – but I think it’s a realistic target.  The thing I will struggle with will be the assignment.  I think I’m subconsciously finding other things to do all the time because the idea of it scares me.  The actual writing of it doesn’t, it’s the finding the idea about what to write.  I think once I have the idea it won’t be as hard as I think.

I quite like the idea of writing articles for magazines (once I have ideas) as it’s so structured.  They want things the same number of words, same type of writing, paragraph lengths etc.  For my first writing efforts I think that will be good.

Right then, I’m off to start on these 12,000 words (11,750 left!). 

Quick, quick

I’ve been meaning to write a blog all day (it’s not like I’m busy and can’t find the time!) and yet I leave it until the last 15 minutes of my day (work day that is) to start it.  But I’ve written a plan for it.  Is that excessive?  Writing a plan for a blog?  I’ve heard of writing a plan for a book, for a story or even for a day/month.  But for a blog?  To be honest there’s not really anything interesting on it.  Must get on with it though.

I’ve spent my spare time over the last 24 hours reading through my magazine to analyse it.  I am shocked.  In a 170 page magazine there are only 17 full page or longer articles.  1 per 10 pages (I always knew maths was my strong point!).  Wow.  That’s 9 pages of adverts and mini stories (pages made up of small articles – maybe there’s a technical word for this).  Really that’s not many. 

I had just been shocked at the small amount.  Writing this has made me think that with only that few articles in each month’s magazine (presuming every month is the same) there must be some very very strong competition to get published.  I think this is something I need to NOT think about too much.  I don’t want to start getting bogged down with ‘How the hell will I ever get published?’ thoughts.  Above all I’m doing this course because I really enjoy writing – anything I get from it is simply a bonus!!

I planned to go out at lunchtime to buy a notebook.  I need something I carry round 24/7 to put ideas in.  The seem to be coming through at an alarming rate.  It’s great.  I’d also put dreams in it.  And other (non writing stuff).  I just need to get one.  Tomorrow.

These thoughts that are coming through at an alarming rate – I’ve actually done something with them.  This morning I had two random ideas that I thought would maybe make good short stories or something, but when I started writing them down, realised they would fit really well into Holiday.  Holiday, I have decided, is what I’m going to call the book I’m writing – a working title that is.  Will maybe confuse when I tag ‘Holiday’ that I mean holiday, but that’s something I’ll have to live with. 

Writing’s gone really well today – I’ve tried that write for 5 minutes every hour.  For 5 hours I actually remembered to do it, and managed over 800 words.  If I carry on at this rate Holiday will be written in no time at all.   Not to sound negative but IF is the important word there.

New way of thinking

Yesterday I wrote the basic plot for the whole of the holiday novel.  I need to do it more detailed with scenes etc, and need to make a few decisions on things that will happen, but the basic plan is there.  I’m hoping that this new way of thinking (planning ahead of time) will mean I’ll get a little further than the 6,000 words I wrote for the last one. 

I told someone the plot yesterday, and they thought it sounded good.  Woo hoo.  Just hope I can make it good on paper.  I’m still feeling very positive (even though I have the worst cold – no man flu – ever, and it’s raining).  It is helping that I’m doing well for my word count this month.  Also that I get time to write when I’m at work is brilliant – if I didn’t have time, god knows where I’d fit time in.

I’m nearly through all the modules I have to read before I can start on my next assignment for the writing course.  I’m going to try to read that at lunch time so I can maybe make a start on it over the weekend.  I have a rough idea what it is.  When I first (accidentally) started reading about it, it scared the life out of me, but now I feel much more positive and like I will be able to do it.  I think it is analysing a magazine I regularly read and think I would one day like to try to sell articles for.  We’ll see though. 

This plan for April really seems to be helping.  I’ve managed to cross a few things off it already, which is inspiring me to do more to cross off more.  It also means I have something to blog about again.  It was hard to make an interesting blog when there was nothing to write about.  Now I have something I’m excited about I feel like my blog is interesting again (if only to me).

I guess that’s all for now (really want to add ‘folks’ to that in some kind of thing like that rabbit that says it.  Oh dear!).  I’ll try to blog over the weekend – I really should get in the habit of doing that – my track record is terrible for it!

April’s goals

As I decided last week, I have made myself some goals for April.  It’s half way through, so I have taken this into consideration.  It’s a lot, but as I’m pretty broke this month I won’t be going out which will leave me with lots of time to complete.
  • Read the current book of modules (3) for my writing course.
  • Complete Assignment 2 for the writing course (start and finish should I say)
  • Write 6,000 words in any form (on here, fiction, assignments etc)
  • Complete x blogs on here (this being number one)
  • Finish the book I’m reading
  • Write review of the book I’m reading on here.
  • Write down 8 night’s dreams/day dreams.
Not too much for 16 days.  Umm……  Not to make excuses, but I’ve got a horrible cold, so don’t see myself doing much over the next few days.  Except the reading. 
I’m reading Marian Keyes ‘This Charming Man’ – still.  I’ve been reading it for maybe a month.  It was really hard to get into, because to start with I hated one of the main characters, but now I’m into it I can’t put it down.  I even gave up my 20 minute walk at lunch to read it.  I’m probably going to have to finish it tonight (lack of sleep will not do the cold any good, but I am addicted to it!!)
I really should have done some of this over the (long) weekend.  I did however do two days’ waitressing, I figure I can’t do everything (yep, excuses!).