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Post 618 (cause I can’t think of a better title)

I’ve planned a blog.  How very rarely that happens.  It’s usually what comes into my head when I type.  I’m sure I’ll deviate a little as we go along.

Lets start with how much writing I’ve fitted in during the last two days.  I’ve done nearly 3k – and hope to get to the 3k mark tonight.  Hope to do the same tomorrow – how good would that be.  Kaitnolanwho’s organising the NovelPI is doing a count up tomorrow of how everyone’s getting on – mine’s going to be pretty good.  I’m really looking forward to it.  I know I can count myself, but there’s something kind of exciting about someone else revealing your results.

I am having a few worries about my novel ‘Holiday’.  I know it’s the first draft so I shouldn’t worry too much now, I should just get the words out, but I can’t help it.  Firstly I’m worried about the amount of dialogue.  There’s loads.  Absolutely loads.  I know dialogue’s supposed to be really good, but I’m not too sure.  As it’s 1st person POV I guess it’s ok as that’s the only getting into other people’s head that’s going to happen.

My other worry is that I’ve not got many descriptions in there.  I think that’s just down to the scenes I’m writing not needing that much, but it does worry me.  I’m writing the scenes out of sequence so when I get it all down and together hopefully I’ll see what’s needed where.  For instance I’ve just written a scene with the hero and heroine are driving to go shopping (shopping – how cliché chick lit can you get).  There’s a section in it that would be a perfect time for a description of what he looks like, but I think it’s going to end up pretty far into the novel, so I should have had a description before.  In fact I think writing this I’ve worked out where it will go.  Wow.  I think that just proves I need to get the words down then worry about it later.

I’m really enjoying being part of the Twitter community (follow me on new2writinggirl).  I’m getting so much help and encouragement from other people – I wish I’d started it months ago 🙂


Tuesday’s Tantalizing Talk

Ok, I (now) know Tantalizing’s not a good word for this.  But it works with the alliteration of Tuesday and Talk to make a good title (come on, I am terrible at making up titles, at least it’s not something really boring!).  Get me – I actually remembered that was called alliteration, I obviously did learn something in GCSE English!

My boyfriend sent me this link this afternoon to a newspaper article.  The reason being that it was originally written as an online blog, and the author decided to test how good his writing was by sending it in to the Guardian to see if they’d publish it.  They did.  I love stories like this.  Ideas that ordinary people like you and me (presuming you are ordinary!) can get things published and do well for themselves in the writing field.

When I first told my housemate (who incidentally is also my best friend) I was doing a writing course she was so negative.  She asked why and what was I going to do with that.  She thought that only people who studied journalism at uni are able to publish anything.  Unsurprisingly I’ve hardly mentioned the course to her since.  Her negativity and lack of belief in me is going to make it oh so much sweeter when I get an article published, or maybe a short story, or even a novel.  I’ve just remembered she also said she thought I didn’t have a big enough vocabulary to be able to do any serious writing.  Hmmm.  Friends like these… eh!

I’d forgotten she’d said that.  And not really realised how mad it made me – mad or upset, I don’t know.  At least I do have people who do support my plans: my Mum is the main one, she’s encouraged me forever to do writing, saying that she thinks I can do it; my boyfriend, except for the fact he takes up my time when I could be writing (which I love and wouldn’t change for anything – no ideas on seeing me less there Mr!), he tries to encourage me to do my course and sends me things like the article above that he thinks will inspire me; a friend from work who is also quite into writing, she too encourages me and spurs me on.  It’s good to have people who believe in me.  Especially as I don’t always myself.  I’m learning though. 

There is another group of people who inspire me, as much, if not more than anyone else.  Two groups of people really:  the people who read and comment on my blog and other writers here on WordPress.   I’ve had some great comments on my blog, both for building my confidence in myself and for learning more about writing. I’ve been told on a few occasions that people enjoy my blog.  That makes me happy and makes me want to write more and give more enjoyment to people – after all as writers isn’t that our purpose!  Other bloggers here are showing me the trials and tribulations of writing, that there are others going through what I’m going through, and in the case of those published people – we can do it! 

I wasn’t expecting this blog to be so deep.  I was expecting the usual ramblings. 

I decided this morning that I have to do some writing (other than blogging).  Last night I did some timed writing and just rambled.  The same this morning.  But this morning while doing it I decided I’d do some more later on today, but write fiction instead of ‘Brain Dumping’ (a brilliant phrase I got from this blog).  So I started with the plan to just write for 10 minutes.  I decided I’d write a bit from the mind of the secondary character in my novel ‘Holiday’ – the hero who you will never hear from as it’s going to be first person POV (yes, I’ve made that decision).  I wanted to see if his voice was different to the heroine’s – check I’ve got in his head to know his motivations etc.  This is a (slightly modified) exercise suggested in this blog (writing from another character’s POV, not the timed bit).  Well, that 10 minutes ran on and on.  I finished when I’d finished the scene (700+ words later), not when a clock told me to.  How did it go?  I don’t know.  I’m going to leave it for a few days and read it fresh, hopefully it will sound different to the rest I’ve written for the novel.  It’s hard getting into a man’s head.  Never tried that before.  If only it was really easy – could have saved me so much heartache, he he.

I think that’s a long enough blog for today.  Phew!

Lots and lots of words

I’m torn in my head about whether the words I’ve written today count or not. I’ve re-written a scene I wrote a few weeks ago for ‘Holiday’, but in 1st person, present tense.  I think I’ve pretty much decided it’s going to be 1st person now.  I just need to decide between present and past.  I’ve always had problems writing present in the past, I seemed to always slip into past accidentally – but somehow in this 1,000 word scene (the beginning of a scene anyway) I’ve kept it consistent.  Initial reaction from me is I like it.  I know there’s a couple of bits in it I don’t like, but for a 1st draft it’s not bad.

I didn’t do much writing over the weekend, bits and bobs on Sunday, but I wasn’t feeling too good again.  I got another migraine on Saturday so felt kind of funny on Sunday, then yesterday I didn’t do anything as I was feeling dizzy all day.  Even had a day off work because of it.  Shame, I could do with a day off to work on some writing. 

God, I’ve just realised I’ve not started reading anything this month.  My goal is to read 2 novels.  Damn.  I think if I don’t get too far with that I can be quite lenient on myself – I know it’s because I’ve been getting these migraines and headaches so don’t really feel up tp reading.  I’ll get on it when I’m over this spell.

The good thing is though, that it’s making me do writing.  When I’m at work time really drags if I’m not doing anything, whereas if I’m writing, my concentration is taken, so it’s like I forget I’m not feeling too good. Every cloud and all that….