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Being Lazy

I need a project to work on.  I don’t want to start the work for my next assignment until I’ve finished reading all the modules for it.  So something else.  I just don’t know what.

I could start editing Italian Infatuation, but again I don’t want to do that until I’ve read the next couple of modules – they’re all about writing a novel.  For the same reason I don’t want to do anything more for Holiday. 

So what shall I do?  I think I’d like to work on something pretty small – a short story, or just a bit of writing, a scene or something. 

I feel like I’ve not done anything for a while.  I’ve been doing Fiction Friday (can’t wait for Friday!!) every week, but not much else.  When I’ve finished this blog I’ll do some writing, I’ll time 20 mins or so and just write.  See where that takes me.  Question is, should I just write whatever comes to me, or should I use a prompt?  Random word generator? Random sentence generator?

I need to pull myself together and start regularly writing.  I’ve told myself that I can only stay in this boring, low paid job, where I do very little, if I’m using the time well and writing.  If I’m not doing that, I need to find a better job.  Well, no, I need to be writing.  I’m wasting a chance of getting paid for writing while I’m supposed to be doing another job. 

Self pep talk over, I’m off to do some writing!

Another rubbish title

Why do I find titles so hard?  When I do bits of writing with random words, I tend to use the words as titles – yesterday I started something using the words prompts Citrus, Decontaminate, Affection and Tailor from this post.  I called it Citrus Affection.  I quite like the name, but it doesn’t really fit a story where a woman thinks her husband is gay, but finds out through following him he actually just likes cross dressing.  I have no idea where that idea came from.  bizarre!

If you’re wondering how the words fit in with a story like that: the wall beneath the balcony where the husband is standing is citrus yellow; He has an affectionate look towards the men rehearsing the play he’s watching; she wonders who it is he fancies – is it the tailor?; and finally the story takes a little tangent when the wife thinks about her friend who’s currently working in Afghanistan decontaminating something (I don’t really know what!)

Yesterday, I did about 2 hours research for my ‘magazine article’ (assignment 2 for my writing course), a blog here, and then 450+ words on Citrus Affection.  Pretty good for a days work.  Today I’m crazily hungover and tired so not sure I’ll get anything done.  I might push on and finish the story from yesterday.  It’s not going to be very good – it’s a pretty rubbish ending (her confronting him and him telling her he just likes cross dressing not men) but I couldn’t think of any other reason why he’d be where he was unless he was gay.  It’s not believable either.  But it’s writing and that’s the main thing.  Who knows what I may decide to take from it in years to come.

My boyfriend’s decided he wants to write a novel.  A children’s novel.  He is worried (and I am) he’s going to finish it before I get anywhere with mine – then resent him for it.  It’s quite possible he will as he decided on the subject on Sunday night, then started writing it Monday morning!  I wonder if this means I should make a big effort to get on with writing mine?  I made the decision on holiday that the novel would take a step back and I would put most of my effort into getting on with my course.  I think that’s going to be the best plan of action.  So with that decided I’m not going to resent him if he does that.  I promise.  It has made me have thoughts about us both giving up work to write novels, and having life like a permanent holiday.  Slight glitch there is that we’d have to be writing – not doing whatever we want.

I’ve just been looking through my writing folder on the work computer and found a document titled ‘Oneword.com’.  What?  I’d totally forgotten about it.  Somehow I found this website.  Every day they put a random word on the site and you have 60 seconds to write about it.  I love it.  I need to start remembering to do it.  60 seconds of free writing about a word you get to see as the time starts.  It’s brilliant to get the old creative juices flowing.  Strangely enough my 60 seconds of writing, if extended to a story, was Si-fi.  Very strange as I know nothing about it and that really isn’t the kind of thing that would pop into my mind.

I’ve been thinking about writing a Mills and Boon book.  This idea pops into my head every few months.  I’ve got the basic plan for a book I could write.  I’ve got loads of M&B books at home for research.  I’ve been on the website (in fact I go on it every couple of years) to research writing a book for them.  But I do nothing.  I’m not even sure if I’ve got a plan written down for it.  I may do that today (to be honest I’ve already created a document titled ‘Mills and Boon Synopsis’ today – I just wrote the title, saved and closed it).  Seems like a good way to get today’s writing in.  Look at me – I make a decision to focus on one thing and immediately look for something else to do.

Productive day

I am having quite a productive day today (in the writing sense).  Work is ridiculously quiet.  I did most of my work for the day in the 1st half hour, then on my lunch break someone finished the rest of it.  Bad.  But really good because I have done lots of writing.  Well some writing anyway.

A few months ago I got the idea for a short story and make notes for it (the blueberry yogurt story I’ve talked about before).  I decided today would be the day to fill in the gaps.  I’m about 3/4 of the way through and I think it’s OK.  Actually I’m very happy with it.  When finished it will be the 1st short story I’ve written that I’m happy with.  In fact only the 2nd I’ve ever written as an adult.  The other was for a competition which I never heard back from.  Looking back I can see why.  It had a rubbish ending. 

I’m happy with this one though as there’s a little twist in it which makes it quite good.  I think anyway.

Also this morning I asked for some words or idea to create a story around.  The words I was given were:  ”A white dog”, ”Cheeseburger”, ”The number ‘3’ ”, ”Running” and ”half”.  From that I created a children’s story in my head, which I now have in note form.  Maybe by Christmas it will be a story.  I do have a slight problem with it.  The children do something they are not allowed to do, but don’t really get punished for it, promoting the idea that it’s ok to something you shouldn’t.  I do not want my story to give children the impression they can get away with being naughty.  I’ll have to put a bit more weight behind them getting told they can’t do it.  The other tiny problem is that they get told they can’t tell anyone something, I don’t think it’s a good thing to tell children they aren’t allowed to tell their parents.  Although it’s a policman who tells them, so maybe it’s ok?  As I say it probably won’t turn into a story for months, so I don’t need to worry.  Plus, there will probably never be any children that read it.  Positive aren’t I!

The  other day at work I decided to start writing down bits of conversations people had as they walked past my desk.  I thought it would be pretty easy, but it’s harder than I thought.  I don’t know if it’s because there’s a lot of other noises going on so hard to concentrate on one thing, or maybe because people are facing away from me half the time, but it is quite hard to do.  I think that’s probably more of an exercise for somewhere where the people around are sat sill.  I’ll persist anyway.

I’m really impressed that for the 1st time in ages, I’ve actually got something to blog about.  Maybe this is a change and I’ll start doing lots more writing.  Fingers crossed please!

Inspiration returning

I’ve now been inspired enough to do some writing 2 days in a row without MAKING myself write.  Yes, that means that I did some writing on a Sunday – do do do!  I’m still in shock myself! Very proud of myself – lets hope it’s first in a long line of writing at weekends.

I really should write about how well I did with my goals for May, but I left my book at home that had all the details.  Damn.  I’ll do it tomorrow.

I’ll also do my June goals tomorrow – I think I need last month’s results to plan this month’s goals.

I’m really excited about Thursday and Friday – I’ve got them off to do some work on my course and to get my writing ideas in order (including ‘Holiday’).  The weather is so nice at the moment, and looks like it might be then too!  I’m going to take my laptop in the garden and do some work there.  Cannot wait!

I did another bit of writing using a random word generator today.  I love them.  It’s like I don’t need to think of the beginning of a story – it will do it for me.  My words today were ‘annual’, ‘party’, ‘flip’, ‘believed’, ‘crash’.  I wrote the beginning of a story where a girl was driving to her annual work party when the car in front of her crashed and flipped down a hill.  She’s going to not be able to see it when she goes looking for it, neither will the police – therefore no one believes her!  What story would you have written from these words?  It may go on somewhere else – who knows!

Random word generators

These are positively my favourite things at the moment.  Got some spare time on your hands?  Want to write something?  No idea what?  Generate a random word (or more) to create a story.  I do try not to ‘cheat’ and skip the words that I can’t think of anything for straight away, but I had to pass on ‘title’ today.  TITLE?  What?  I have enough problems with titles (see this post https://newtowritinggirl.wordpress.com/2009/04/24/i-hate-titles/) to create some writing around that word.  Ugh.

Woman and disagreement were the next two words that came up on this site http://watchout4snakes.com/creativitytools/RandomWord/RandomWordPlus.aspx  So I wrote a 1,000 word short story encompassing them.  I’m not too happy with the ending and think I need to change it a bit.  But I’ve done it.  Yes, I finished the first draft of SOMETHING.  This day will go down in history as the first time I’ve actually got to the end of something without giving up or moving on to something else. 

It’s not just the disagreement story I’ve done today.  Oh no.  I got woken up ridiculously early this morning by bright sunlight coming through the window  (The one and only time I hate sunshine) and remembered my dream.  So I actually wrote it down. Which is good, because I can’t remember it now.  (I had another 2 which I didn’t write down, but let’s forget about those!).

On top of all this – I also did some of my course during my lunch break.  I am on fire today.  It makes up for the weekend where I did nothing I guess  🙂


I decided I was going to do some random writing today.  I found a random word generator (googled to find one) and got ‘Limb’ .  I was so upset I got a rubbish word.  Until the story of Thomas the school skeleton with a new arm came to me.  Yeah, no idea where that came from.  I should be glad my imagination is in fully working order.  Unfortunately he didn’t get to do anything more as my hangover prevented me from being able to continue – one for a later date.  I want to know what happens to him!

I always used to find it funny when writers said that (not that I’m calling myself a writer quite yet).  I thought that they (we) should know what’s going to happen in a piece of writing as it’s coming from their head.  I now know it’s just not like that.  Things can change at any point.  I read someones blog today who had thought of a way to do something, so it meant going back and changing about 1,000 words.  I would cry (I’m sure it will happen to me, and I WILL cry).  As I said yesterday, I’m not good at changing things.  Or more to the point, deciding between a couple of choices.

I’m going to try very very hard to do some writing over the weekend.  Or some of the course.  Or some reading.  When I decide which one…