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December Plan Making

My Mum asked my yesterday if I felt relieved that NaNo was over. My answer? No! No because I know the story isn’t finished yet. And no because now I don’t have NaNo to kick my butt, I have no idea if I’m going to finish the novel or not. Sucky eh?

No, I need to be more positive. I will finish the novel. The fact that I have done no writing in December means nothing. It’s not even the end of the second day yet!

I’m just about to go to the TGIOP. Any guesses what that is?? It’s the NaNoWriMo Thank God It’s Over Party. Woop! I’m actually really tired so half don’t want to go, but I’ve had such a blast meeting new people over the last month, that I’m going to force myself. And I know I’ll be happy I went once I get there. I just hope I’ll still be happy about it tomorrow when I’m suffering from a hangover!!!

As this blog is titled, Plan Making, I really should make some plans for December. Ok, how about this:

  • Finish reading 12 books for the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge
  • Finish Reviewing 12 books for the Thriller & Suspense Reading Challenge
  • Finish reading Her Fearful Symmetry
  • Participate in Fiction Friday 4 times
  • Participate in Rowan Coleman’s Status Short Story Competition
  • Write another 5,000 words for The Dating Project.

I think I can happily focus mainly on reading this month. I really want to complete the T&SRC, and I’m already really into HFS. I hardly read anything in October and nothing in November, so I’m happy with that to even the months out. The Dating Project can stay in my life, but just take a little step back for a while.

I’ve got a day off tomorrow – yay. I’ve not decided what I’ll do, but I imagine reading, reading, reading maybe with a little writing sprinkled in too!