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Cold Monday’s woes!

So much for blogging this weekend.  Saturday= hideous hangover.  Sunday= work + helping boyfriend move.  Therefore no blogging or writing. 

I still haven’t made any decisions over what I’m going to work on next.  I want to do holiday, but there’s just something stopping me.  I’d quite like a small project to work on next – maybe a short story or something, but I don’t seem to have any ideas.  Is this the lull that people say can occur after NaNo, or is it just me being lazy?  From tomorrow, no today actually, I’m going to set myself a 250 word a day goal.  I know I can do that pretty easily, I managed it in October anyway, so should be able to do it.  Work’s pretty quiet at the moment so I have the time (although I’ll use the excuse I’m spending a lot of time looking for Christmas presents on the internet so using it wisely!).

I’ve not got very far with the book I’m reading.  It’s Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress.  I like it so far, it’s almost started as a love story, which is a great way to get me hooked!  I’m not sure I’m going to understand it, I don’t understand the synopsis on the back cover, so who knows how I’m meant to understand the book.  We will see.

Meg Gardiner asked her readers on her blog today, what were their favourite books they read this year.  When I first read it I though that would be a great question, that I’d read loads of books, and it would be great fun going through them all to find which were my favourite.  Oh dear.  I’ve actually only read (or recorded here anyway) 17 books this year.  That’s shocking, I swear I used to read about 3/4 a month.  I need to step up on my reading next year. 

I then read through my list of books, and found that I read quite a lot of books that I wasn’t very impressed with, and loved?  Not many.  I wanted to do as other people had done and create a top ten.  I can’t put my hand on my heart and say I have 10 favourite books of 2009.  Out of the 17 I’ve read, I really enjoyed 3 and only loved 3.  6 out of 17.  That’s terrible.  The rest were either terrible (only a couple) or just ok.  The three I loved are:

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

High Society by Ben Elton

This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

And the three I really enjoyed are:

Singletini by Amanda Trimble

Brown Girls by John Wesley Ireland

Perfect: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Not much to show for a year’s reading. But at least there’s six I really enjoyed.  I will read more next year!  Better stop this and go read some….

September’s results

Here we go with how well I did achieving my goals for September:

  • Write 6,000 words.  As per normal in any form: stories, scenes, blogs, comments etc etc. I wrote a total of 13,390.  And remember I was on holiday for 9 days of that.  I was on fire.
  • 14 blogs right here on WordPress I did 18.
  • 2 weekend blog posts Yes, 2 weekend posts
  • Read 2 novels.  I’ve started three, so if I can finish 2 of them that would be good. I did read 2 novels – Meg Gardiner’s The Dirty Secrets Club and Mr Toppitt by Charles Elton
  • Work on my writing course.  Like last month I’m not going to add a specific goal.  I’d like to reread the last module booklet and continue with the next assignment.  Basically if I can do SOMETHING I’ll be happy. Finishing the assignment would be amazing, but lets not hope for too much.  I did lots of research for it, have pretty much written the questionnaire and decided how I’m going to get the interviewees.
  • Continue with the Storyboard for ‘Holiday’.  I didn’t get any further with this. 
  • All in all, that’s a pretty good months work I think.  Considering I was on holiday and did NOTHING while I was away, I’m really happy with this.  I’ve done so much random little bits of writing, which really got my count up.  I also did more writing for ‘holiday’.  Yes, September was a good month.  I want all months to be like September.

    I’m pretty hopeful October will be like it.  I’ve signed up to do a Novel Push Initiative.  You have to say that you are going to write 250 words at least a day on your novel.  (For more experienced people who have done this before, it’s 350 words).  So, I’ve signed up to write at least 7,750 words on ‘Holiday’ in the next month.  No excuses.  No duck outs.  This is serious writing time.  I’m really proud of myself for signing up for this, it’s going to be hard motivating myself to write at weekends, and on ‘holiday’ every day, but I think I’m up for the challenge.  Yay.

    In other news, I’ve started a twitter account for my writing.  It’s called new2writinggirl (original huh!).  I do have a personal account on there too, but hardly use it, so I’m not really sure what I’m doing on there.  I guess now’s the time to find out 🙂

    I think I’ll do October’s goals as a separate post – I find it easier to refer back to it that way.  I’ll even try to get it out today.  No promises though, I do have 250 words to do on ‘Holiday’ too. 

    Nearly October… eek!

    That is really scary.  Where has this month gone?  I’ve been good this month and not counted up my words written yet.  I think that when I reach my goal before the end of the month I get a bit lazy and can’t really be bothered to do any more.  So this month I’ve purposely not counted.  I know it’s going to be my higher than my goal though – I’ve been on fire this  month.

    Yesterday was my day to my self – that I was going to spend (partly) doing some writing.  I didn’t.  But, I did do some good things so I’m not going to beat myself up about it.  I went for a run (the first for about 2 months and I did pretty well – my aching muscles today show that!), ate healthy proper cooked meals and had a spring clean.  I feel refreshed because of it all so hopefully that will propel me on my way to do some writing.

    My laptop is possibly on its way out; I know I’ve been saying that for a while, but last night the screen was flashing on and off for about 20 minutes.  Luckily for me I have a lovely boyfriend who A. has a massive external hard disk that I can save my stuff on, and B. a nice new laptop that he is happy to let me use.  I’m going to have to get a new one, just not right now.  I’ll probably get one through a mobile broadband package thing – spend x a month and get a free laptop.  It’s not really something I can afford, but it’s a necessity when I’m doing a writing course. 

    Speaking of the writing course.  I accidently read my next assignment yesterday.  Well, part of it anyway.  It genuinely was an accident – I thought it was my current assignment.  Oh well.  It looks interesting anyway.  The course is structured so you do non fiction first, then move on to fiction.  I cannot wait to get to the fiction bit.  Must hurry!  I’d ideally like to have the current assignment finished by the end of the month so when I’m off for that week after my operation, I can work on the next assignment.  That’s the plan anyway. 

    I think I’m all ready to interview people for the assignment.  I think I’m all prepared.  I know it’s being a bit of a wimp, but I think I’m going to do these ones via email.  It is me being a wimp completely, I’m scared to do it face to face or on the phone; the way I see it though is it will build my confidence in interviewing so next time I’ll be braver and do it face to face or on the phone!

    Oh, finally, I finished The Dirty Secrets Club.  Loved it.  Really happy as now I’ll read the Memory Collector – which was really the one I wanted!  Also I’m now going to read something very chick lit-y.  I haven’t done for ages – can’t wait.

    Remember when you’re on the tube girl

    So there I am, on my way home on the tube from my second job today.  I’m reading The Dirty Secrets Club, totally enthralled with it, and start crying (very emotional part).  Well, nearly.  I caught myself just before the tears flowed over.  I hate it when I’m in public when I’m reading a book that  has an effect.  I’m complaining, but that’s what I love about reading.  When you get so into a book the where, when, who you are, are irrelevant.  This is why I want to write.  This is the effect I want people to feel when the read my writing.

    I’m really glad I’m reading this.  The last few books I’ve started having drawn me in all that much.  The last I only got through my sheer determination.  It does help that I’ve lots of free time.

    I’m home alone tonight.  I’m thinking about chilling in a bath and reading my book.  If I can drag myself away from NCIS.  Ooh, I might do a face mask – proper girly night in.  I’m not going to do any writing tonight – but gonna have a reasonably early night then get up in the morning and do some then.  I’ll probably work on the writing course a little more; I did quite a bit yesterday too.  At some point I need to back up everything on my laptop, you know, just in case it decides to die one day soon *sigh*.

    Every cloud has a sliver lining

    I have to think about it that way or I’ll go mad!  About what you ask?  Well.  I had a hospital appointment this morning.  Was just about going to be on time, but the bus didn’t turn up.  Well, it sat at the other end of the bus stop for fifteen minutes – so it picked everyone up at the time the next one was due.  I was starting to get stressed at this point.  Then, on the way, we found we had to go a diverted way as the road was being dug up to replace gas pipes or something.  I got there half an hour late.  As I sat down one of the other patients told me I shouldn’t apologise for being late – no one’s been in yet.  Fine. 

    Five minutes later someone came up to me and told me I needed to go have blood taken.  I’ve been there before.  You take a ticket with a number and get in line.  I was there three hours last time.  I cried internally.  When I got there I took ticket number 185.  I looked at the board – they were on ticket number 103 (to put this in perspective I was number 1 8 _ *something* last time and they were on about 80 when I arrived!).  82 people were in front of me.  I bawled my eyes out internally. 

    Luckily lots of people disappeared – their numbers got called but they weren’t there.  Result.  An hour later I got my blood taken.  Then I had to go back downstairs; I have to wait around again before I see the doctor.  Basically what should have been a quick in out visit lasted 4 hours (including travel).  My internal eyes have cried themselves dry.

    What then, possibly could be a silver lining?  Is it possible?  Why yes.  I started a new book last night and all these things conspiring against me meant I had lots of reading time today.  I’m now half way through the novel.  And loving it.  It’s Meg Gardiner’s The Dirty Secrets Club.  It’s a proper ‘can’t put down’/’page turner’.  I cannot wait to finish work so I can read it on the tube home.  I’m willing time to go faster!

    I think that’s really all I have to say today.  Other than my plans for the weekend.  I’m not actually going to make firm plans.  I just want to read lots, do at least one blog and some kind of writing.  Maybe something towards my assignment too.

    Library user

    I am now an official user of the library.  I went there during my lunch break and got out 5 books.  I was pretty impressed I didn’t get more – you can have up to 12.  12 books – imagine…

    I got a couple of books for holiday preparation: one on France and one on North Italy (anyone guess where I’m off to…?); and three fiction books:

    The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

    Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern and

    Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married by Marian Keyes.

    I’m so excited!  Lots of reading.  They’re not all to read on holiday (I’m sure the man will be glad to hear!) but it gives me a choice of reading material (if I get a chance to read at all).  The Meg Gardiner is off my ‘To read’ list, so that’s good, the others are just ones I saw there and fancied.  I just need to finish the book I’m reading now. 

    I did something I’ve never done before yesterday.  I was waiting for some family members at the tube (we were going for a drink), with nothing to do.  I was a little bored and looked down at the folder I was carrying and found a note pad.  So… I did a little bit of writing.  Granted not much, but every little helps.  Maybe this could be a start of extra writing.  If I can remember to do this every time I’m waiting, or have some spare time I could increase my word count a month by loads.  And probably think up quite a few scenes.  I was proud of myself. 

    Well that’s about it for today – short and sweet as they say.  I’m going on holiday Saturday morning, so may be too stressed/busy to blog tomorrow, then who knows when I will after that.  As I said before I’m not going to put any pressure on myself to blog when I’m away, but who knows, I might really want to.  We’ll see…