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Week Round Up

I can’t believe it’s Sunday already. This week has gone so quickly. Too Quickly, I didn’t get as much done as I wanted. On Monday I had a migraine, it lasted all evening, so cut off any chance of doing anything that night. On Tuesday I had a headache all day, I always do the day after a migraine. Wednesday I stayed at work till about 7pm. Then today, I’ve had a headache all day again. So really, I haven’t had that much time to write, edit etc. Also, I’ve had to do some work, so again, that took away time from doing stuff for me.

Here’s my goals and what I achieved:

Week 1

Editing: My goal was 7 hours. I did 4 hours. I did an additional hour prepping for a short story (more later), so 5 altogether. Considering I’ve never done any novel editing before, and I’ve been putting this off for about a year, I’m really happy with it.

Writing course: Ah. Well. Um… So I totally have an excuse for not doing this. My next assignment (I vaguely remember) is to write the plot to a novel. I’m going to use The Man of My Dreams, cause I think it would be good to have a tutor give comments on it. But, seeing as I wrote most of it well over a year ago, I can’t really remember it, so I need to go through and write up what happens. Oh, and work out an ending. That’s what I’m doing at the moment in editing, so need to finish that before I can do the assignment. He he.

Book Reviews: I planned to do one for my blog, and one (my first) for Novel Kicks. I did the one for here – The Headhunters by Jo Nesbo. I’ve drafted the one for Novel Kicks, but I’m taking my time, because it’s someone else’s website, so I want it to be perfect. I’ve written up the bio I’ll send over with it. Massively excited about it.

ROW80 Check Ins: 2. Wednesday and Sunday. Done.

Reading challenge Blogs: 2, done. The TBR Pile Challenge blog and the Mystery/Crime Challenge blog.

Burn 1500Kcal on top of normal excercise: 800 done. It’s the fault of the migraines and headaches, I couldn’t exercise with them. Next week!

Fasting Days: 1 of 2. I planned to have my second one today, but because I’ve got this headache, I thought I should feed my body properly. I’ll do 3 next week to make up for it – starting tomorrow.

During the week, I found out about the Belinda Jones Travel Club’s Sunlounger Short Story Competition. You can enter a rom-com short story on the subject of holidays, with the prize being having the story printed in the Sunlounger anthology, along side Belinda Jones, Kate Harrison, Talli Roland, Chrissie Manby, and many, many more. I don’t have an exact idea for a story, but I’ve got a character idea and a situation idea. Closing date is the end of March, so I’ve got time to think about it.

Goals for this week:

7 hours editing

2 hours on my writing course

2 book reviews (one for here, and the completed one for Novel Kicks)

Burn 1,500 Kcal in addition to normal daily walking to work etc.

3 fasting days.

As long as I can shake this headache that’s been plaguing me all week, I should be OK.

The Headhunters by Jo Nesbo

Roger Brown has it all: clever and wealthy, he’s at the very top of his game. And if his job as a headhunter ever gets dull, he has his sideline as an art thief to keep him busy.

At a gallery opening, his wife introduces him to Clas Greve. Not only is Greve the perfect candidate for a position that Brown is recruiting for; he is also in possession of one of the most sought-after paintings in modern art history.

Roger sees his chance to become rich beyond his wildest dreams, and starts planning his biggest theft ever. But soon, he runs into trouble – and it’s not long before the hunter becomes the hunted…



I read my first Jo Nesbo novel, The Snowman, last year, and loved it. I liked the setting of Steig Larsson’s novels, and so thought I’d give Nesbo a shot, I’m so glad I did, Larsson had nothing on him. The Snowman had me gripped, Nesbo is SUCH a good writer. When my step mum gave me this over Christmas I couldn’t wait to start reading it.

Roger Brown is a weird main character, in that he’s not really a very nice person, and you don’t warm to him easily. He loves money, art and his job. Luckily he also loves his wife. If it wasn’t for her, I actually think he’d be a monster. Although I I wasn’t sure about him for a long time, I was gripped by the story almost immediately, and kind of rooting for him.  Having finished it, I can’t say for definite if I do like him or not, but I LOVED the novel.

I is a totally thrilling thriller, I found myself getting really nervous in a few situations, with my heart racing, and that genuine nervous, jittery feeling.

At some points in the novel I thought that it was too much, that it was too unrealistic, but I’m not sure if it was. It’s hard to say anything else without giving too much away, but some of the situations he got in seemed just a little stretch of the imagination. Or he was just damn lucky.

I know it’s been made into a film, and I’m really interested to watch it, I think it has the potential to be brilliant.

I cannot wait to read more Nesbo books, he’s got a massive back list of novels that I’m going to love getting through. I just can’t believe I hadn’t discovered him before now!