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Competition Time

I’ve just found out about a competition that’s right up my street – Mills & Boon New Voices. The prize? Your novel published, an editor for a year, an Ipad  AND a Mills & Boon Hamper. I’d be pretty happy with any one of those, so all four… All you have to do is enter your first chapter. All you have to do… Ha!

The closing date is 22nd Sep. Eek! That’s next Wednesday. Eek! Obviously without a doubt I’ll use Italian Infatuation – it was after all written to be a Mills & Boon novel. However, I NEED to delete the first chapter. It’s irrelevant to the rest of the novel, and I’m not sure it does much for the MC. But it’s not as easy as just using the 2nd chapter. There are bits in the 1st that need to be taken out and put into the second. And I haven’t worked out how to do that yet. Hense it’s 10 months since I finished writing it, and I’ve not done a thing to editing it.

I also haven’t worked the chapters yet. At the moment it’s 52,000 words (ish, I can’t remember) in one go. No separation. Hmmm. I’ve got a challenge ahead of me. And less that a week to do it. Which really means I should be starting on that and not writing a blog right now. Still, I always say I work better to a deadline, so maybe it will push me to get it done.

No, not maybe I HAVE to do this. People can go on and comment and rate on your entry so that’ll be good. Although I’ve just had a little look and the ratings seem really low – there’s only a couple that are above 50%. Hmmmm. Lots are around 20-30%. Do I really want people to be able to give my first chapter a percentage? Scary. But of course the answer’s yes!

I’m not going to that Chick Lit Book Group tonight. Damnit. I’m still not even half way through the book. I’m enjoying it, but it’s put-down-able. I’m reading it because I’m reading it, I’m not drawn to it, wanting to not doing anything else because I want to read it so much. I often think that’s a good thing, when I HAVE to read books, I don’t get much else done, whereas at least with this one I’m having a life outside of reading.

Which is good at the moment when I’ve got to be editing my first chapter. Agh! Ok, I’m off. I’m gonna do it. Yep, NOW!

Back to Normal

Upsettingly, I’m now back from holiday. Sigh. Unsurprisingly I feel like I need a few days off to recover from my long weekend off. Isn’t it always the way!

I had an awesome weekend though, in more than one ways. First it was great to spend time with my family – growing up I spent a couple of weeks in every summer with them so we’re really close, but we don’t see each other all that much now. We stayed up late chatting and slept in late in the mornings, it was great (and probably why I’m so tired now, I’m used to still being asleep at 10am!!!)

I really wanted to spend some time writing and reading over the weekend, and set myself a task of writing 1,000 words of Holiday a day. I actually did it. I’m so happy with myself for it too. Not only that, but I thought up a new twist for the story. AND I did a bit of a plan for the whole story to work out where I need more story. That’s nowhere near finished, but I’ve started at least (I think maybe I should have started it before 30k words, but hey, better late than never.)

I also spent a little (literally a little) time thinking about my NaNo novel. I’ve got the main character’s names. Result. I’m really excited that I’m going to get to use a character name that I’ve wanted to use for ages, but has never fit anyone – it’s totally going to fit my American 16 year old. I’m not too sure about the story line, but I know the overall idea. I’m not 100% sure it will work, but hopefully!

I wanted to get a lot of reading done, which I didn’t manage. I’m a little upset about that, I only managed half of Mini Shopaholic, but I did as much as I could. It’s not like I wasted any time watching TV or anything.

The problem is it’s Tuesday and I’ve not read the book for the Chick Lit Book Group I’m supposed to be going to on Thursday. Eek. I’m busy tonight and probably tomorrow, so not sure if I’m going to be able to go. Damn. I’ll try anyway. I’ve got half the book to go, so I might make it.

I entered Rowan Coleman’s Status Short Story Competition on Friday. Guess what? I was a runner-up. That’s the second time I’ve been a runner-up. I’m so happy – especially as the other stories are so good. Also four people ‘like’d my story – that’s pretty awesome too.

Also, very excitingly, I got offered the job I want on Friday (seriously, Friday was one of the bets days ever), so I got to hand in my resignation. I was due to get made redundant in 5 weeks, so I’ll now be leaving a week before that happens. Result. Unfortunately I’ll actually have to WORK at the new job, so won’t be able to write and blog during the day. But, the hours are better and less, so I should be able to do it all in the evening. I just need to get into the habit of doing it.

3 1/2 weeks left then of writing as much as I can and doing as much of my writing course as possible. Lets see how I go…

Holiday Countdown

I don’t think I’ve been very vocal in mentioning my upcoming holiday. Or long weekend should I say. My Aunt and Uncle have a couple of holiday flats in Bournemouth, so this weekend my aunt, cousin and myself are having a girly weekend away. I can’t wait.

I’d really like to read loads. But I’m not sure if they’ll let me. They’ve probably got plans to go for long walks, and runs and even get in a bit of surfing (I’ve been told the sea’s warm cause it’s had the whole of summer to warm up? I’m not convinced). I’d also like to do a load of writing, but again, not sure if I’ll be able to.

No, you know what. I’m going to MAKE time. I might even do some of my writing course too!

I’d like to get the 2 books I’m reading now read by the time I come back. I can’t believe I’m reading two books at once. I hate doing that. But there’s a good reason. The first one is Mini shopaholic. It’s hardback which is heavy to carry round, so I’m reading that at home exclusively. Also, Sophie Kinsella signed it herself (at the How To Get Your Book Published event I went to a few weeks ago), so I don’t want to damage it by carrying it round all the time. I’ve had to therefore, start another one to have on the tube, at lunch etc.

Even though I should be concentrating on my writing course at lunch time… Uh… Yeah.

You know what, I’m going to keep this blog really short. As I’m away on Friday, I’m going to write my Fiction Friday piece now, then post it tomorrow so I don’t miss it. It’s a great prompt this week. Have a look.

I’ll see you the other side of the weekend. Enjoy peeps 🙂

Today’s Trashy Titled Blog

I am in a serious bit of agony, and not too sure if I’m going to be able to write a whole blog, let alone anything else today 😦

Over the weekend I may have spent a little too much time playing on silly Facebook games on my laptop (yes the one I left at my Mum’s – I seriously hate that laptop at the moment!). I think that’s caused the back of my shoulder and tricep to be in extreme pain. I can’t think of anything else it could be anyway. *sobs* If only I’d spent the time writing instead of gaming 😦

I did a load of writing yesterday. When I say ‘a load’ I mean something like 350 words. But considering how little I’ve written recently, I’m pretty happy with that. Other than the stories I write for Fiction Friday, I’m pretty much not doing any writing at the moment. It’s rubbish and I can’t seem to break the cycle of not doing anything.

I should be doing so much at the moment. Every other day at work, I do NOTHING (except try to look busy!). I’m going to get to the end of this time here and hate myself for not doing more and wasting such a great opportunity to write etc.

I am doing pretty well with my writing course though. I’m in the middle of reading (well, re-reading) six modules before I can do anything else. Reading’s easy. I can do that. The next bit’s going to be fun too – plotting a novel. I should aim to get that done before I leave this job…

I seem to be spending an almighty amount of time having interviews at the moment – I’ve had one today and have another later on. It’s crazy. Good crazy though. Well, it will be if at least one of them pays off and I get offered a job!

I’ve started reading the book for the Chick Lit Book Club that I’m going to get involved in. I can’t remember if it’s next week or the week after. I’m really excited about this. The book we’re reading is The Wedding Party by Sophie King. To be honest I wasn’t too excited about reading it. I think the cover’s a little to bland for me. Maybe not bland, but… something. It’s not vivid enough, the colours look like they’ve faded. That was my first impression anyway. I’m about 50 pages into it and quite enjoying it. Just goes to show – don’t judge a book by it’s cover!

Just A Friday Blog

No Fiction Friday today. I will do it, but it will more than likely be tomorrow. I do have an excuse for not playing today – I’ve not done the ‘homework’ for it yet. Well I’ve started,  but not finished. We have to listen into others’ conversations to get 10+ line of dialogue then get them in our stories. I’m up to about 8 line of dialogue heard around the office, but need a few more. Other people have done really good jobs of their stories – check them out here.

Just to make all you non UK peeps jealous, we’ve got a nice long bank holiday weekend this weekend. No work until Tuesday. Total result! I’ve been up before 7 every morning this week – for someone that usually gets up after 8 that’s early. I’m sooooo looking forward to 3 lie-ins. Bliss.

I’ve hardly done any writing or writing course work this week. I blame it on the early starts and resulting tiredness (cause me being me hasn’t had any earlier nights – stooopid!). I’m going to try and get some done now of one or the other – I’ve 1 1/2 before I leave work and no work so should be able to. If I can pull myself away from Facebook (I was going to say and Twitter – but I’ve not got that open. WHAT? Why’ve I not got Twitter open? *goes off to open Twitter* )

I’ve just finished Poor Little Bitch Girl by Jackie Collins. Somehow, this is the first Jackie Collins book I’ve ever read. I don’t know how that’s possible! It’s really good. I finished it pretty quickly, but then I’ve been reading at work a lot (seriously I have NOTHING on for most of the week at the moment!).

I don’t know what to read next. I’ve got:

  • The Wedding Party by Sophie King (which I need to read for a book group mid Sep),
  • The Girl Who Kicked a Hornet’s Nest (really want to read this, although slightly less having watched the movie of the first one which made me realise how much pointless stuff is in the novel)
  • Spotlight by Ilana Fox (which I won in a competition and really want to read) and
  • Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella.

I’m torn. I have a feeling the shopaholic might have it. I’ll read the book group one closer to the time, I’ll read at least two before I go there, and want it to be fresh in my mind when I go. I’ll prob go shopaholic now, then next the book group one. Maybe I can squeeze another in? Hmmm.

Book group then. Not said anything about this have I? When I went to the Chick Lit evening at Brixton library a couple of weeks ago, I saw this thing about a Chick Lit Book Group. Sounds like fun eh? Brixton is totally the wrong area for me to be going to book groups, but I thought why not.

I need to look for a writing group. I’ll do it next week. Yes! Next week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂