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Cold Monday’s woes!

So much for blogging this weekend.  Saturday= hideous hangover.  Sunday= work + helping boyfriend move.  Therefore no blogging or writing. 

I still haven’t made any decisions over what I’m going to work on next.  I want to do holiday, but there’s just something stopping me.  I’d quite like a small project to work on next – maybe a short story or something, but I don’t seem to have any ideas.  Is this the lull that people say can occur after NaNo, or is it just me being lazy?  From tomorrow, no today actually, I’m going to set myself a 250 word a day goal.  I know I can do that pretty easily, I managed it in October anyway, so should be able to do it.  Work’s pretty quiet at the moment so I have the time (although I’ll use the excuse I’m spending a lot of time looking for Christmas presents on the internet so using it wisely!).

I’ve not got very far with the book I’m reading.  It’s Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress.  I like it so far, it’s almost started as a love story, which is a great way to get me hooked!  I’m not sure I’m going to understand it, I don’t understand the synopsis on the back cover, so who knows how I’m meant to understand the book.  We will see.

Meg Gardiner asked her readers on her blog today, what were their favourite books they read this year.  When I first read it I though that would be a great question, that I’d read loads of books, and it would be great fun going through them all to find which were my favourite.  Oh dear.  I’ve actually only read (or recorded here anyway) 17 books this year.  That’s shocking, I swear I used to read about 3/4 a month.  I need to step up on my reading next year. 

I then read through my list of books, and found that I read quite a lot of books that I wasn’t very impressed with, and loved?  Not many.  I wanted to do as other people had done and create a top ten.  I can’t put my hand on my heart and say I have 10 favourite books of 2009.  Out of the 17 I’ve read, I really enjoyed 3 and only loved 3.  6 out of 17.  That’s terrible.  The rest were either terrible (only a couple) or just ok.  The three I loved are:

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner

High Society by Ben Elton

This Charming Man by Marian Keyes

And the three I really enjoyed are:

Singletini by Amanda Trimble

Brown Girls by John Wesley Ireland

Perfect: Pretty Little Liars by Sara Shepard

Not much to show for a year’s reading. But at least there’s six I really enjoyed.  I will read more next year!  Better stop this and go read some….

Nearing month end…

Only a couple of days left until the end of the month.  This poses a couple of questions.

1.  Where the hell is 2009 going?  We’re now 1/3 of the way through it.  Wow.  When I was younger people used to tell me that time started going faster the older you get.  That is so true.  I dread to think how quickly it will go when I’m 50!  Or 70?

2.  How did I get on with my goals for April?  Pretty well. 

Today’s post makes 14 this month – my target.  If I can squeeze in a few more I can go way over my target. 

Last week I reached my total for words written.  I’m really impressed with that.  I thought 6,000 would be a hard target to reach, seeing as I’ve not done any proper serious writing for years.  I found it quite easy though.  It helped that I tried the writing for 5 minutes every hour while at work.  Although I only managed to do this about once, it kept writing in the forefront of my mind.  Therefore when I had some spare time, I started writing. 

I finished reading This Charming Man by Marian Keyes and wrote my review of it (https://newtowritinggirl.wordpress.com/what-im-reading/this-charming-man-by-marian-keyes/)

I read the next three modules of the writing course.  I’ve not made notes which is something I’d like to do, but not top of my priorities.

Assignment two.  Ah.  Um.  No.  I’ve started to review a magazine.  Yeah, not getting on too well with this.  Need to give myself a kick to get me going on this.  I have been thinking about it quite a lot.  I have done some research into the kind of magazines I think I could write for.  Step up on this next month (and the last couple of days of this month).  I do carry  the magazine I’m currently reviewing round with me.  Does that count as a step in the right direction?

Writing down dreams/day dreams. I’m not too sure how I’ve done with this.  I’ve written a few down on scraps of paper lying around as I’ve thought of them.  Or sent myself emails with the details or even saved them as drafts on here.  I’ve not as yet put them in order so I have no idea how many I’ve written down.  I’m getting semi good at it.  I probably write them down every 3 or 4 days.  Better than nothing!

All in all I’m quite happy with my progress, especially as I only really had half the month to action them.  I presume that means I have to double my plan for next month?  Or more than double it to push myself?  My priority must be my next assignment.

Positive feelings flowing

Today I am having very positive feelings.  I’m not too sure of the reason(s) behind this, but it may be one of several (or a combination of them). 

The weather is warm.  I have been told that today is predicted to be the warmest of the year so far.  I was cold on the way to work this morning, but that was three hours ago.  Apparently it’s now warm.  This means summer’s on it’s way.  Summer always makes me feel happy and positive.  Who knows why I choose to live in this cold rainy country!

I finished the book I was reading last night.  Yes, I stayed up too late finishing it last night, yes I am very tired because of it, but it was worth it. 1am isn’t as bad as 2am or later.  Really enjoyed it.  Marian Keyes – The Charming Man.  This is the kind of thing I want to write.  If I can do it even half as well as her, I’ll be happy. 

Finishing the book means I can cross one thing off my ‘to do’ list for this month. YES!  That always makes me feel good.  Just another eight million things to go (exadurate? Me? Never!).

I read a blog yesterday where the author had made a decision to set a timer for once an hour at work, and when it goes off, she will write for five minutes.  I think that is such a good idea, I have decided to do the same.  That will really help towards the 6,000 words I want to write this month.  I started it an hour ago.  I planned a scene from the ‘holiday book’, and started writing it.  After five minutes I wanted to write more.  So I did.  Half an hour and 600 words later I stopped.  Nice.  I am lucky (today I feel happy about it anyway) that my job is so quiet I can do it.  Yes, I’m interrupted by having to answer the phone every few minutes, but at a quick transfer and they’re gone.  I’ve started both the novel and my word count for the month.  Excellent. 

My touch typing is also going really well.  I don’t need to look at the keyboard.  Yay.  Also not looking at the keyboard means I’m looking at the screen so picking up spelling mistakes as they happen not at the end.  I’m saving loads of time correcting the spelling at the end of writing anything.  My spell check must be in shock at the lack of work.

So all in all today’s a good, positive day.  And it’s not even lunchtime 🙂

(Plus 450+ words on here, that’s a daily total of more than 1,000 today.  At this rate I’ll go well over my 6,000 target!!).

April’s goals

As I decided last week, I have made myself some goals for April.  It’s half way through, so I have taken this into consideration.  It’s a lot, but as I’m pretty broke this month I won’t be going out which will leave me with lots of time to complete.
  • Read the current book of modules (3) for my writing course.
  • Complete Assignment 2 for the writing course (start and finish should I say)
  • Write 6,000 words in any form (on here, fiction, assignments etc)
  • Complete x blogs on here (this being number one)
  • Finish the book I’m reading
  • Write review of the book I’m reading on here.
  • Write down 8 night’s dreams/day dreams.
Not too much for 16 days.  Umm……  Not to make excuses, but I’ve got a horrible cold, so don’t see myself doing much over the next few days.  Except the reading. 
I’m reading Marian Keyes ‘This Charming Man’ – still.  I’ve been reading it for maybe a month.  It was really hard to get into, because to start with I hated one of the main characters, but now I’m into it I can’t put it down.  I even gave up my 20 minute walk at lunch to read it.  I’m probably going to have to finish it tonight (lack of sleep will not do the cold any good, but I am addicted to it!!)
I really should have done some of this over the (long) weekend.  I did however do two days’ waitressing, I figure I can’t do everything (yep, excuses!).

And now for the planning…

I didn’t do as much of my course this weekend as I would’ve liked.  Or as much reading.  Oops.  To be honest it was to be expected.  I never do that much over the weekend.  I managed to find time to do some gardening and playing on the Xbox though, tut tut me.  At least the gardening is worth it (carrots and lettuce in a few months time!).


I did start reading Module four of the course.  One section of it was on titles.  YAY. The Bain of my life (in writing anyway).  It’s still going to be very hard for me to make them up.  I’m going to try doing them at the end of the piece of writing not the beginning (just use a working title while writing) because then I’ll know what I’ve written about.  What I also need to do is plan my writing.  At the moment I just write what write as I go, which to be honest I’ve always known was wrong but now I’ve been told!  So planning is the way forward! 


I also stated to read my new book – This Charming Man by Marian Keyes.  I’ve not found it as engaging as I usually find her books from the off.  But, it’s written as kind of a diary and a lot of the sentences start without ‘I am’ (e.g. it would say ‘Back at home’ not ‘I’m back at home’) and I’m finding it a little too… casual maybe?.  I’ve just realised it’s written in the present tense (I think – I will need to check that).  Don’t get me wrong, I am enjoying it – it’s a good story, and I’m only hearing one person’s view at the moment – there are three more to come. 


On Friday I was messing about on the internet, I wanted to write something, but had no idea what I wanted to write.  I found this site that suggests things to write to improve your writing, ranging from rewriting a fairy tale from another person’s perspective, to writing an excuse for not working today.  There’s literally 100s of ideas.  It’s such a good website.  Not that I’ve actually done anything from it, but I will.  If I can work out how to add a link I’ll add it (if I can’t it’s creativewritingprompts.com). 


I’m going to make a plan for this week.  Things I want to achieve this week.

  • Read modules four, five and six of the writing course.
  • Make notes on what I will write for assignment two (this may be harder than I think as I might need to do a lot of research before hand.  If I do, this can change to doing the research for it).


That seems to be my list.  It looks so short and easy.  I bet it won’t be.  I have decided I’m going to make notes on the course in another note book for easy reference.  I keep saying these things.  I need to start doing them!