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Exciting Stuff

Actually quite a few exciting (to me anyway) things to write about today.  Yay.

Most importantly – I’ve finished reading the modules I needed to for my writing course.  That means I can get on with the assignment now.  Yay.  This morning I read through the first section and have made notes.  Can’t wait to get started, except I have a few ideas and don’t know which one to go with.  It’s only 750 words, so I might try more than one and use the best.  Something I’ve done with every assignment I’ve handed in so far.

Also at the end of last week I finished reading Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl.  Ah, it was great.  I actually laughed out loud at one part.  I think I was on the tube at the time.  Laughing I don’t mind on the tube, it’s crying that I don’t like doing.   

I only wanted to read it because it was by Sophie Kinsella and I love her books.  The idea didn’t interest me all that much.  But, I’m really glad I did.  I actually think it would make a very funny movie.  I can just picture her talking to the ghost, but everyone else seeing her talk to thin air.

So, I finished the novel I was reading; I finished the modules I was reading for my course; I had nothing to read.  Until… I went to my boyfriend’s and he convinced me to take one of his Sci-fi novels.  Somthing he’d been trying to do for a while as I don’t read Sci-fi, and he thinks I should.  He’d only just finished reading it, and the week prior had told me all about it – it actually sounded really good.  I’m a few chapters in, and am really enjoying it. 

BUT, in my mind I don’t classify it as Sci-fi.  It was written in I think the 1960s (correction – 1953) and is about a world in the future.  Which I guess yeah IS sci-fi, but hey.  I’ve just discovered it’s the first in a series… this could be bad.  I-Robot is part of the series too – the book that was turned into a Will Smith film.  From what I remember I really enjoyed the film – it will be interesting to see what I think when I read that book.  (I’m not looking forward to seeing my boyfriend after he reads this – he’ll be so triumphant that I’m not only enjoying this book, but that I want to read more!).

It’s kind of made me realise a few books I’ve read in the past probably go in the Sci-fi bracket.  Well, at least one.  Can’t remember the name, but it was a Ben Elton book set in the future.  Yeah, I guess Sci-fi.  And maybe The Time Traveller’s Wife.  Although I’d class it as romance, I guess the whole time travelling thing is.

Oh oh, something else exciting.  I subscribe to a newsletter from the Creative Competitor website.  because I’m subscribed I can get a free copy of a 20 page booklet called Quick and Easy Creative Writing Prompts.  I’ve just received it.  Woop!

I’m sure there was more exciting stuff going on.  But I can’t remember. 

I’m going to the gym this evening for the first time in about 3 months.  I think I went a couple of times in January.  It’s so much easier to think about doing that when it’s light when I leave work! 

Final exciting thing – Flash Forward is back tonight.  I’m so excited! A Double episode too. Oh yay!

Winning and Losing

First, and most importantly, the results to the Search Term Challenge, ran by ErgoFiction, are out.  As expected I didn’t win, but still really enjoyed taking part.  Congrats to the winner and two runners-up (2nd place went to Merrilee – who won it the last couple of times).  If you’re interested, my story is called ‘A Second Chance’ and you can see it here.  You can read all other 13 stories here – if you’ve got time, I recommend you do – they’re really good. 

The thing I love most about this competition, and Fiction Friday, is that everyone gets the same prompt (or set of terms to get in the story), but their stories go in such different directions.

I’m working from a different office for half of this week (and Thursday/Friday last week).  On both days last week I wrote (the first draft) of a short story.  I want to carry that on this week too.  My tutor said I need to work on stories with a twist – the one I sent in for ‘marking’ wasn’t as good twist as I thought; she saw it coming. 

Eek, that reminds me.  I’ve not done any of my writing course for over a week now.  That’s so bad.  I blame my house mate who’s just leant me Sophie Kinsella’s Twenties Girl.  How can I pick up my module book, when I’ve got a Sophie Kinsella book burning a hole in my bag?  Impossible.  I need to finish it quickly so I can get on with the course.  Do I sound like a broken record yet?  I say that every time I’m reading a book.  I need to control myself and not start one when I finish one, but I can’t resist. Sigh.  Still at least I’m reading, not doing something unproductive like watching TV! 

I’m doing something really exciting tonight.  I won preview tickets to The Blind Side from LoveFilm.  Woo hoo!  Can’t wait – I love Sandra Bullock films, and this one won her an Oscar.  Yippeeee.

Reading and Colds

I’ve started reading another book.  I know that’s really naughty of me as I said I wasn’t going to start another one, but concentrate on my writing course; What can I say?  I couldn’t help it.  My housemate came home with a copy of Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella that she’d just finished.  I couldn’t let a Sophie Kinsella book just sit there could I? 

I’m going to try to be good: read on the tube then do my course during my lunch break and at home at night.  Lets see how far I get with that.  I’d guess maybe three days max before I get sucked into the book and can’t put it down during any free time. 

I’ve got a nasty stinky cold, so not really feeling up to writing.  I’m not the only one that can’t concentrate when they’re ill.  There’s a great new column on the Novelicious website called ‘Confessions of a Wanna Be Chick Lit Author’.  Her post today says that she’s suffering a cold and couldn’t work.  Well, if it’s alright for her, it’s alright for me. 

Think I’ll spend the day reading instead of trying to write. 🙂

For the last few days/weeks I’ve had something in my head I just can’t shake.  Now I know I’m going to have to give in to it.  When I was younger I read the Anne of Green Gables books, and loved them.  And now *mumbles under breath* years later I’m going to read them again. 

Or should I say finish reading them.  I had a look at them today and found out there’s a few at the end of the series that I’d not read.  I don’t know where this urge has come from.  Actually, maybe I do… 

Since being an adult, until recently, it hadn’t even crossed my mind to read children’s or young adult fiction.  A few months ago I started to think about a book I read as a teenager, Summer Dreams, Winter Love which I think I could still say is one of the best books I’ve read.  I looked for it when I was back at my mum’s house, but couldn’t find it. I’ve been thinking about buying it again since then and re-reading it. 

Then, around the same time, Laura Best blogged about adults reading Young Adult books and it struck me, we can do it, why the hell not?! 

Weirdly enough around the same time, maybe subconsciously, I bought a novel which turned out to be YA and really enjoyed it. It’s like everything’s telling me something.  So long and short – I’m going to read Anne of Gables.  And, the library have it – woo hoo.  But it’s out on loan until about 10th.  Which is good because I’m reading 31 Dream Street and have Twenties Girl to read next.

My boyfriend thinks I should read something suggested by someone else.  Something out of my comfort zone of romance, chick lit and thrillers.  I think he’s thinking Sci-fi.  I’m sceptical, but I think he may have a point.  As a writer I should read as much as possible, and vary what I read.  Who knows, I might be destined to be a horror writer. Although I strongly doubt that.  With this in mind, can anyone suggest a something they think I should read?  Out of my comfort zone?  I tried to tell him Twilight was, but it fell on deaf ears as I’d blogged saying it was basically a romance novel.  Must stop blogging what I think (doubtful).