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Getting Back On It

I’m back!

Well, I’m coming back anyway. Maybe today doesn’t count as really being back because I’ve got the day iff, so it’s not like I’m fitting writing in with real life, but still, I’m writing – that’s great.

So how am I doing on the ROW80 challenge so far this year? I’m going to create a chart for it, because we all know how I love a chart, and I seem to work better whan I have something to fill in – I guess I’m more accountable. Plus, you know, I get to put a pretty graph on my blog 🙂


Today, like I said, I’ve been writing. So far (I plan to write more) I’ve done around 1,500 words. As I’m off work I’d like to do more. I’d also like to so some shopping and other stuff, so I’m not 100% certain I can, but I’d like to.

1,500 is by dar the best I’ve done so far this year. On Wednesday I wrote 100 words. That’s shocking, but I’m actually proud of myself for it. I knew I didn’t have time for my goal of 500 – 1000, so usually I would have not bothered, but I figured that some was better than none. 100 may not be that many, but it is definitely better than none!

On Friday night I wrote 200 words. I wanted to write more, obviously, but by the time I’d stopped reading, I was tired. Too tired to write more than that.

Yesterday I wrote 236. Not great, but getting better. The best thing about those 236 words were that again, I didn’t have much free time, definitely not enough for my target, but I had some. I took that some and turned it into writing. Yay!

I hope this is a change. I’m getting back into writing The Man of My Dreams now too. I think I’m past the hard bit that I wasn’t sure about, so hopefully it will be plain sailing for the next 10k or so words. I think editing is going to be a huge job, because I think I should have been where I am now much earlier in the story. I feel like too many things are going to happen and I don’t have enough time to resolved them believabley. I guess it doesn’t help that yesterday I added in a major event. Still, it’s good and hopefully will make it a bit grittier. If ‘grittier’ is a word I can use for this romance. We’ll see.

I’m really looking forward to finishing it so that I can read it. I desperately want to know how it flows, if it works and if it’s believable. I just have to write loads before I can get to that stage. Maybe if I carry on like I’ve done today, set myself a goal – NaNoFiMo (National [??] Novel FINISHING Month) for the rest of January… ROW80 is probably enough really,. I’d like to get back to writing 1,667 words a day, and it’s not like I’ve got much money to go out until payday, so no distractions there or anything. Lets see (no goal changing just yet!).


I’m doing really well with reading. I’m more than halfway through When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman. My feelings for it have been a lot like they were for Petit Anglaise – I like it, a lot, but I’m not addicted to it. Having said that though, I keep picking it up. I think it’s reading that I’m really enjoying at the moment, and I’m reading good books, which makes such a difference to the end of last year!

I am reading A LOT. Yesterday we went to the darts world championship (boyfriend works for one of the sponsors, so we get *huh hum* free tickets. Not sure I’d want to go if we didn’t, but it’s a damn good day out!). We had to go all the way out to Farnborough which is about an hour from London. I read there and the way back. Saturday, I spent most of the day in bed reading, and every night last week I came home and read for ages. I’m properly in a reading buzz at the moment. It’s not a bad thing, as long as I can balance it with writing.


Seeing as I wasn’t able to go the gym last week (they haven’t added my corporate membership to their system yet – hopefully tomorrow!), you would have thought I’d be playing on the Wii a lot, wouldn’t you? No. On Saturday I did 30 minutes, today I did 35 both on Just Dance 3, but other than that, nothing. BUT, I have been walking. A lot. Thursday, Friday and yesterday I think I walked more than 4km each day. That’s good.


This is up and down. Some days I’m good and stick to the 1400 calories, others not so much. If I’m honest, there’s more when I don’t than I do. Regardless, I’m trying. This week will be better, it will!

How’s your week starting out? How did last week go? I’d love to hear!

This week, I’ve mainly Been…

This week, I’ve mainly been… A domestic Goddess. I’ve cooked healthy dinners, washed up after dinner (instead of the next day, a really bad habit I’d got in to), cleaned, washed, etc. The only thing I haven’t done is most of the ironing, and to be honest, I’ve ironed my trousers (just no shirts for the Boyfriend).

This week, I’ve mainly been… Reading. I kept saying that although I was really enjoying Petit Anglaise, it wasn’t un-putdown-able, but, I kept going back and back to it. I finished it last night, so read it in well under a week. I think it was un-putdown-able. I read (as normal) on the tube to and from work, but I also read when I got home from work. I’ve now started When God Was A Rabbit. I’m not far enough in to give an opinion, but feel pulled towards it. I may read a lot this weekend.

This week, I’ve mainly been… Trying to go to the gym. My corporate membership should have kicked in on 1st, so three nights in a row I tried to go. The first, I found out I wasn’t on the system yet, but he said I could use it anyway, I was feeling rotten so didn’t. The second I found I’d left the confirmation in the office, so couldn’t go. Then the third they said I wasn’t on, and wouldn’t let me in. Today I called them up, they haven’t put me on the system. AGHHHH! Next week, I’ll actually be going to the gym.

This week, I’ve mainly been… Stressing about the second interview I went for today. It went well, but I bet all weekend I’ll be stressing about the result of my second interview.

So with all these things I’ve mostly been doing, what’s the BIG thing I haven’t been doing? Oh yeah, writing! On Wednesday I wrote just over 100 words, but nothing else. (I’m writing this Friday night, but not posting until Saturday, so this may have changed – I may do more now. I want to do some now anyway!). *Saturday update – I wrote 200 words yesterday. Rubbish*

I’ve often said there’s just not enough hours in the day, and can’t I feel it this week. The thing is though, if this week, I’m finding time to wash-up and read, but I thought I didn’t have time for these things before, what was I doing? And if I think I don’t have time for writing now, maybe I really do, I just don’t know it.

I’ve always know I’m pretty rubbish at time management. At work I’ll spend ages stressing over how much I’ve got to do, and when I’m going to fit it all in and trying to think which is most important right now. I just know that if I was better at it, I’d get more done. I think the same’s true at home. Right now though, I just can’t see how. At work we have internal online training mini courses. One of them is Time Management. When I heard about it, I decided I HAD to do it. The problem though, is finding time to do it.

Maybe next week I’ll do less reading and more writing. Next week though, I’m going to be going to the gym once or twice, so I need to fit in more than just making it to their reception. Maybe if I actually do something, rather than wonder when I’ll have time for it, I’ll actually get things done more? We’ll see.

January Books Clubs

Last month, having gone from none, I got myself involved in two book clubs, and it seems I’ve done the same again this month.

A friend of mine, her sister and work colleague decided in November to start a book club, so December was month one. We read Amrita by Banana Yoshimoto, which unfortunately none of us enjoyed. I chose that book (I needed a Y for the A to Z Challenge), this time it was B’s turn to choose. Like me she gave the rest of us a choice, and we decided on The Tigers Wife by Tea Obreht. It sounds slightly depressing, but hey, I’ll give anything a go. I’ll read that after the next one, our next meeting isn’t until 25th, so loads of time!

The second book club is at NovelKicks, a website that my ROW80 buddy Laura runs. A year, or maybe 18 months ago, I tried to get involved in the NK book club, but at the time they were reading The Little Stranger by Sarah Walters. I got the book, I tried, but it just bored me. I promised myself I’d get involved the following month, but you know me, life got in the way.

Last month I saw Laura had chosen The Gift by Cecelia Ahern for the book. As it happened that was on my TBR pile, and I wanted to read it around Christmas. I joined in. Well, I commented that I’d started it, and I read the book. No more comments. How rubbish am I?!

I promised myself if I got involved again, I’d do better. This month the chosen book is When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman – a book that I’ve wanted to read since it came out last year (I’m not sure if it’s because it’s got a wicked title, or the actual story). Of course I’m joining in again. This time, I promise I’m going to join in with NK and comment! That’s the next book on my list. If you’re interested in joining, please do, everyone is welcome, Laura would love to see you HERE.

I’ve nearly finished Petit Anglaise. Yesterday I arranged to meet my other half in the library before we went shopping (gym clothes, not all that exciting). There were no computers free, so I sat in one of the chairs (that isn’t as comfy as it looks) and read for half an hour. It was great. I can’t wait until summer, so there’s a nice view of the water from the library (Canada Water water – the water the whole area was named after – small, but cute with swans and ducks and stuff!).