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Not Writing, but Moving

Well nearly moving. I’m currently looking for somewhere to move to. Do you know how much effort it takes? I really didn’t remember. I was so lucky with my last place as my best mate’s flatmate moved out, so I moved straight in. It’s three and a half years since I last looked for somewhere, and the market certainly wasn’t like this back then! I wasn’t expecting this!

I took a day off yesterday, initially it was for a hangover, but when that didn’t materialise I thought I’d use it for flat hunting. It was 17.00 just as I was leaving the house for some evening viewings that I realised I should have done some writing. 5 PM! Shocking.

I see writing the same as dieting at the moment – I’ve too much on my plate with the move (well trying to find somewhere to move to) I’m not going to beat myself up about not doing any. Tonight is the first night I’ve been in and had a chance to blog for about a week, so I should look positively that when I get a chance to do it I am. Not sure about the actual writing of fiction though. Uh…

One thing I’m really good at the moment is reading. For some reason I seem to be doing lots of travelling (I guess house hunting round London does that), and reading is what I do on the tube. I’ve done my first novel for the Mystery & Suspense Reading challenge and the first for the A-Z Challenge.

At some point, I’ll update the pages for the challenges with the books I’ve read, and the ones that are on my list to read.

For the A-Z Challenge I’ve decided I’m going to read the 26 books in alphabetical order (author’s last name) but then on the side I’ll read other books. I guess the Mystery books can be part of the A-Z Challenge or not. Either way is good.
The book I’m reading at the moment is Cecelia Ahern’s The Book of Tomorrow. I’ve wanted to read it because it’s by her since I heard about it. But, although I’ve been excited about reading it, I’ve also not been. Her first couple of books (PS I Love You and Where Rainbows End) were amazing. I truly loved them and think they are among the best chick lit novels ever written. I’m pretty sure I’d go as far as to say PS I Love You is THE BEST chick lit novel I’ve ever read. But, then her books started getting a little… fantasy-ish. They’re still really good, but I’m not a fantasy person. I don’t want to read about a place lost things go, or imaginary friend that an adult has. Having said that though, I have enjoyed these books when I read them. Hence me wanting to read this.

I’m just under half way through now. In the beginning I found it quite hard to get into. The MC is quite spoilt and I didn’t really like her. But now I’m getting to like her, and the book is getting really good. See, I’m not a big fantasy person, but I like this kind of thing.

Right, off to bed. Another fun filled day of flat hunting and viewing is ahead of me tomorrow – yay!